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Oh please give me 🍦 Model: @lesleyxue_
“I want to spend more time with my friends on top of juggling between family, kids, work and sports, which is a bit tricky. I’d also like to develop a new talent like singing. I wish I could learn how to sing better.” Read more about Irina on #Shentonista at the link in our bio. #theuniformsg
Meagan + Seth ❤️. One of my favorite Summer weddings of all time!
Gato de monte #lookslikefilm
You know me - I don't use full color, especially for an entire series. But there were so many great shots where it hurt me to make them black and white. So, here you go .... welcome to Oz. #portrait #portraitphotography #makeportraits #candid #primarycolors #bridge #downtowndetails
the daily stroll
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