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hoping I get to reunite with him soon :( #aaroncarpenter #magcon
so it's been a year since I met Aaron and I miss him, I still remember having a short conversation with him and remembering everything makes me even miss him more 🙁#aaroncarpenter #magcon
I need me a manzzz. Pre period has me feeling hella sad, hella lonely, and hella mad. Lotta hellas.
hey guys, I'm Hannah, nice too meet u:)) im so happy that I finally had the confidence to create this account for Aaron.. hopefully you guys will love my account and yeah ❤ #aaroncarpenter #magcon #camerondallas
Via cams ig story 😍 #camerondallas #magcon
missed it, but my 11:11. to met cam and have a decent conversation💗
why is this mans so adorable
aww four years w/ bossy 😻@rickyrozay TAG HIM !!
In color :')
i'm sHOOK
aYEee this is coolll
Awe it's the magcon group💙 tag them if you want to☺️sorry I want very active today. I had tennis practice @hunterrowland @huntersnotice @jacobsartorius @johnnyorlando @camerondallas @aaroncarpenter @blakegray @brandonrowland #magcon #hunterrowland #rowlandgirls #hunter
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