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Dats y la i❤my messy hair. Farkkkkss 😂 #staygorgeous #loveyourself #peacenowar #goodnightpost #countingdays #homesweethome 🏡💕#4moredaystogo #sriaman #
no need to compare ourselves to others in this super competitive world. we can all be beautiful 🙏🏼 💕 #loveyourself
Giá trị của bản thân phải do mình tự đánh giá Không bao giờ để bất kỳ để kỳ ai có quyền định giá bạn Nếu không bạn không trân trọng bản thân thì không ai có thể trân trọng bạn #loveyourself
הרבה פעמים אני נשאלת למה אצלי יש רק את האפשרות לשיעורי יוגה פרטיים ולא קבוצתיים. כמטפלת גוף אני מאמינה שכל גוף הוא שונה בדיוק כמו נפש האדם- כל אחד עובד אחרת. במפגשים אחד על אחד אני מתאימה את התרגול לגוף שמולי, תרגול מדוייק ומשחרר שיקדם את הגוף לתמוך בנפש. בנוסף בתרגול נלמד הקשבה לגוף והכרה עצמית ומתוך מקום יותר קשוב לגוף נראה יותר שינוי פיזי- גוף בריא יותר, חזק יותר ומשחרר משקל עודף. לפרטים נוספים 0548002260. שני אדרי מטפלת הוליסטית ומורה ליוגה💙 #yoga #yogateacher #bodymindsoul #bodymindspirit #loveyourbody #loveyourself #lovelive #listenyourbody
When you're single, it's really tough to have a good comeback to "why are you single?" It's sweet that people genuinely believe you are awesome enough not to be - but I want to know why "not being single" is the goal. . Of all the married people I've met, few are sincerely happy. And it's not because they aren't with the right person, it's because they never took the time to truly get to know themselves. They didn't do the deep work it takes to love who they are before they could learn how to love someone else. And so many realize this way too late. . I was recently told (by a man) that the reason I don't have men picking me up is because I look "butch." Because I wear big glasses and have short hair. (My friends had a field day with that one.) . At first, I wanted to know why he even bothered mansplaining his position on my looks, but after thinking about it for a bit, I couldn't understand why "men picking me up" was the goal. He had no idea how many men picked me up or if they did at all. I definitely attract guys who really love a confident woman - who love tall women with short hair and tattoos. Since when did I choose my hair, my glasses, my style to attract men? Never. I choose how I look because I am beautiful just the way I am. . I know exactly who I am, what I want, and how I'm going to get it. And it's my goal in life to make sure other humans have that same confidence. I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself you're sexy. I want you to spend whole days alone without feeling lonely. I want you to take yourself on a date and thoroughly enjoy that time. I want you to feel confident enough to throw up both of your middle fingers and walk out of the room when anyone tries to explain why people aren't "picking you up." Because you've got enough going on in your kickass life. . Next time someone asks you why you're single, tell them you're overqualified. Because you are. ❤️ . #kickasshumans #rockstars #hardcore #lovemylife #single #mansplaining #singlelife #singlehood #overqualified #kickass #yourock #loveyourself #motivation #inspiration #inspired #love 💕
These are the lips of a black woman...no fillers...no serum...all natural...sculptured by the perfectionist...#TheMostHighlovehispeople #Hemakesnomistakes #blackbeauty #loveyourself #melaninpopping #queen
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