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Eliminate anche voi la cellulite, diminuite i vostri interno ed esterno coscia, alzate i glutei e snellite le gambe. Solo con il nostro kit Cc-Cell☝🏻☑️ Feedback positivi per le mie clienti💁🏻💥 Info WhatsApp 3458491732💌 #ilovemyjob #fitline #pminternational #loveyourself #beyourself #amati #ilbenesserechecipiace
Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. 💫
Imperfección es belleza, locura es genialidad y es mejor ser absolutamente ridículo que absolutamente aburrido. #photo #loveyourself #loveyourbody #marilynmonroephrases #beyou
Starting this morning with a coffee and showered up. Taking my dad to his doctor appointment. Feeling way better this pass weekend. I did learn a lot of positive things and I did also learn that people will not listen to you cause they are so stuck in their negative issues. If I walk away is because your doing it wrong. I'm looking for positive people to chill with and enjoy my life with. It's never to late learn positive things. I did enjoy my weekend even if I was a little sick and very tired. I still manage to be with family and laugh. Enjoy this beautiful Tuesday. #learningtobemorepositive #negitivestaybehind #smilebig #loveyourself #changeisworthit #teamlivingitwell
The only thing we should feel off of is the idea that we are not enough. The only person you should compare Your Self (if ever) to is Your Self. We will never be the same as we were at this moment nor we will ever experience the same moment. Appreciate the forms we dance through in this body and mind There is literally no time to waste No time at all . Do not seek or lure as if what you desire in life is seperate from you . You are all you need. Everywhere eye go, there eye am, waiting for thy Self . From there, we may actualize synchronicity of you. . all is one*one is all You are where you are meant to be Love is what is always meant to be . May you realize this hue-man being is a temple May you realize the architect is you Decorate and immortalize the most high . #loveyourself #selfawareness #selfrealization #perceptionofreality #synchronicity #bodyandmind #metaphysical #yoga #collectiveconsciousness #brahmam #atman #hereandnow #humannature #acceptance #higherconsciousness #highervibes #transcend #selflove
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