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Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise. - Ram Dass Model: @frankiepinky
| Couldn't love those nose crinkles any more 😍✨|
Hello All! My name is Brendan Ryder - I haven’t talked much about myself on Instagram so I thought I’d tell about my life. I’m going into my Freshman year at The University of Washington, I am majoring in music and potentially design. I am planning on pursuing photography more in college. My main life goal is to work for a church, whether it be as a musician, creative or pastor. If you’ve read this far into an Instagram caption I thoroughly commend you. - Stay Stoked 🤘🏻
Currently editing Christina and Joe's wedding. Yes, it's gonna to be a good one! 🖤
~ S M A R T Y ~ . . . . In Frame : @harshiv_97 DM me If you are interested in a shoot.
@lojatres By @roncca 💕
Photo by: @owlcturnal With: @ftrns Selected by: @777luckyfish SO GOOD 🍋🍋🍋 #cityports
Watching National Parks Adventure has me craving another trip to the mountains 📷 @jordanchedalavada
Being the older brother can be tough sometimes especially when mom asks me to sit right beside her and take her picture!! . . . . . These two 😍😍😍!! . . . . . #heyheyhellomay #tribearchipelago #lookslikefilm #childhoodunplugged #clickinmoms #chasinglight #momswithcameras #mom_hub #wanderingphotographers #childphotography #lifestylephotography
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