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Yessssssss. In love with my new #lipsense what a life changer seriously!!! All I have is a clear chap stick over it right now, I put it on at at 330 and have ate (pizza) and kissed my boys all over just to prove to them it doesnt come off 😙💄💋 thanks @missa1814 👍
Snapped this on my way out the door this morning. Yes, that is my backpack strap on my shoulder. 🙈 I stumbled across this GORGEOUS lip cocktail by accident. I had my 2 Roseberry one and wanted to tone it down so I threw on some First Love. Talk about a win! I have only ONE of each in stock...RUN don't walk to DM me to order your color. Mulberry ShadowSense is my blush and is all over my lid. Garnet ShadowSense is on the outer corners, is my eyeliner, and is what I filled in my brows with. I have both these colors and more ShadowSense in stock and ready for a new home!
🚨Alert🚨 Amazingly awesome video that will blow your mind. Eh, it's just regular. Make sure you are in our FB group of see the whole thing.😘 • • • #beautybestiesmc #lipsense #lipstick #lipsenselipstick #lipsticklove #kissproof #smudgeproof #waterproof #lipstickjunkie #alldaylipstick #dreambig #lovewhatyoudo #girlonthego #momlife #currentlywearing #beauty #glam #motd #blogger #styleblogger #whatiwore #wiw #ootd #bblogger #stayathomemom #goodvibes #shadowsense #lipsenseblending
Have you heard about the "lollipop lips" trend? 💄🤔 Let's just put this trend to rest 😬 #notwithlipsense #nolollipoplips #nervebeauty #senegence #lipsense #lipstick #lollipoplips #nerveliplounge
◂ | i n . s t o c k | ▸ you guys these are in stock and ready to go! i will put them in the mail tonight for you! dm me with your orders💋💄 #lipsense #liplifeelevated #lipsthatlast
Currently crying over the fact that I ate my last box of Girl Scout cookies already 😭 Why don't I have self control when it comes to those cookies?!? #lipsbyaimee #lipsense #lipbiz #lipsensedistributor #alldaylips #girlscoutcookies
❤️FEELING GRATEFUL❤️ Do you all know how LONG it's been since I was able to go and do a little splurging ON MYSELF!!!??? #toolong ••••••••• When I joined SeneGence 9 months ago I joined because as a stay at home Mom with a growing family our budget was getting too tight and I needed some extra income to help cover the bills and help make ends meet. SeneGence was the perfect fit! ❤️I get to be home with my babies ❤️ I get to play with and sell fabulous makeup and skincare! ❤️ I get to make new friends ❤️I get to coach an amazing team and watch them achieve their goals! ❤️I get peace of mind knowing my all bills are covered and I don't have to stress anymore. •••••••••••• I have not only been able to meet the the extra monthly income I was needing, but double it (and growing👆🏻) AND have $ set aside for emergencies AND now even a little splurging $ for myself.🙌🏻 I LOVE BEING A MOM, but we all know how our needs tend to come last, that's just what moms do! All my mamas out there 🙋🏼raise your hand if you know what I'm talking about!!❤️ ••••••••• So as I was doing a little shopping today I couldn't help but have a huge smile on my face! I believe $ doesn't buy happiness but when you get to have a GUILT FREE shopping spree just because, that's definitely something to be happy about!💁🏼I just had to share my excitement and gratitude! #thankyousenegence •••••••••• Curious on how SeneGence could change your life too!? Message me! #watchmeorjoinme
Expecting a refund check........you know where to find me! 😂😂😂 Use your extra money to buy a product you've been saving for or sign up for your own wholesale membership account for only $55. It would be a pleasure to help you! 😘💋💄 #senegence #lipsense #loveyourlips #beauty
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