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Work essentials! With this fuel and piece of equipment, I earned enough this month to rent a beach house for a week! #sothankful #makingmemoriesnotmoney #becauseofsenegence
Since winter is hanging around, I guess I'll hold onto winter lip colors as well. 💄 #mulledwinelipsense
➕Skin➕ In addition to cosmetic injectable procedures, I am also qualified in a variety of skin treatments so feel free to ask me about your skin concerns at your next treatment
➕Marionettes➕ This client has had 2ml of Hyaluronic Acid filler over 6 months to reduce the prominence of her marionette lines. Marionette lines give the mouth a down-turned look and make people look sad, tired and older than they are
➕Pineapple➕ Not only does this tropical fruit boost energy and immune function, it contains enzymes that can assist in preventing bruising and swelling. Enjoy some before your next appointment to minimize potential side effects
Both kiddos asleep at the same time?? Coffee for Mama!! ☕️
➕Lips➕ Both photos are of the same client immediately after 1ml of dermal filler
Any other mamas feel like you can never get ahead on chores because just when you've finished picking up, you turn around to this??? 🤦🏻‍♀️ #momlife
➕Muscles➕ It is important as an injector to know facial anatomy to provide quality & safety to all clients. Our muscles play a crucial role in allowing us to animate, therefore understanding how each muscle works allows injectors to create balance, symmetry & harmony to facial features
Photo shoot day for the new business page calls for bright lipstick, don't you think?! 💄 #lipsbyella #blured #redlipstick
Love this boy! ❤ #boymom
➕RePost ➕ Thank you to this stunner for sending me a post lip filler selfie 🖤
This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you never judge a LipSense color by its tube! #3cheersforpeach #lipsense #lipsbyella
➕Cheeks & Lips ➕ Injectable Fillers to the cheeks restore volume & create structure while improving nasolabial folds (smile lines) & minimizing sunken tear troughs (under eye circles) ✔️Lifting ✔️Contouring ✔️Volume ✔️Defined ✔️Youthful
So glad we went outside last week when it was 50 degrees! 16 degrees today! Brrr! ❄️ #nhweather
➕Key Hole Pout ➕ I has the pleasure of creating these beauties today 🖤 The popularity of the key hole pout is quickly growing. It involves creating a cute hole between the top and bottom lip to increase visual plumpness
When this is the breakfast spread a teammate makes for you all, your morning smoothie suddenly doesn't seem nearly as satisfying. #spoiled #teamteatime
Kids are napping, so mama, who would love to nap, is sipping on coffee and working right here on the couch with my fur babies! #momboss #glossboss #lipsbyella
Family walk! Loving this warm stretch! #newenglandweather
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