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Love yourself for who you are because you’ll never be anyone else. Yes you might not like things about you but no one is perfect, everyone has something that they don’t like about themselves. Be happy that you got the chance to even exist. Be kind to everyone even people who you don’t like because two wrongs doesn’t make a right. If someone doesn’t like you then they’re just missing out. If you go through life being sad and negative about everything then you’ll never get anywhere. It’s okay to be sad, but every story has a happy ending. Spread positivity.❤️ - comment something that you love about yourself, NOTHING ISN’T AN ANSWER!!!!💗
Prensesim benim 😍😘
Fooling around one of my favorite songs and I actually experienced this song in real life lmaooooo Ya know what to do... #followforfollow #likeforlikebackandfollow
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