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Yo soy Abrahamer 💪👌
First photo💞
shadow or rainbow
My beautiful love.😻
🍃💫Sé que cuando el destino quiera juntarnos, no existirán barreras ni imposibles✊😻 @abrahammateomus
Andar com fé eu vou, que a fé não costuma falhar. Saravá! ❤⚡🌞
QUE LINDOS😍💙 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @abrahammateomus @abrahammateomus ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Abrahamers #TCNST 📷: @qiaojuan_dance
CAN'T WAIT ME TOO... GUYS I READ SOMETHING BUT IDK IF ARE TRUE...BTW 1) SELENA IS PLANNING SOMETHING FOR EUROPE AND SUD AMERICA 2) MAYBE THERE WILL BE A COLLABORATION WITH ZEDD AND NOT WITH "THE WEEKND" 3) THE NEW ALBUM WILL BE OUT REALLY SOON 4) THIS YEAR WILL BE OUT THE MOVIE OF REVIVAL TOUR 5) MANY PERFORMANCE THIS YEAR COMMENT WICH YOUR FAV NUMBER ,WHO WAITED MORE! #like4me #like4tags #likeforme #likeforfollow #like4follow #likeforlik #like4follower #likeforlikeback #like4shoutout #likeforfollow #like4followers #likeforcomment #likeforafollow #likeforliketeam #likeforashoutout #likeforfollowers #likeforlikealwaus #tags4follow #followme
Me encantan😍💜 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @abrahammateomus @abrahammateomus ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Abrahamers #TCNST 🎥: @elenaloppeez 💕
My sportive love💙. @gregoryvanderwiel @rose_bertram
En 2 hs me voy😭😭😭😣 Pd:amo a este chico😍😍😍 Evan peters😍😍😍 -Agus🐼
Tantissimi arrivi Rosefield Watches
Oh yes....our find @niallhoran moment, almost forgot ....well....find @niallhoran ...
No me arrepiento de mi pasado. Pero si el tiempo perdido con la gente equivocada.👏💕
My brother @germano_de_gregorio . not blood brother, but I have known him my whole life. Please follow and support , he is a wonderful base player and singer
😇masallah 😇ozaman gunaydin tatlisler👀😳💞☺️🎈💤😍
Nuovi arrivi Rosefield Watches
U like braids ?
Sorry, will be playing My Horse indefinitely.... SO getting into this....
It's like having a wife all over again, really....
3,2,1 ... andiamo!🙈🙋
Nuevos posters de la revista @bravoporti . -Agus🐼
@svendvries you all grow up so fast. ...
I would have preferred Daniella the Stablehand , really . alas , no such luck 😏😒 Be that as it may, I have a digital equine to raise 👉🐴 and I don't foal around when playing My Horse, so , if you dears will excuse me now ...
Not @derekzoolander good , perhaps...but my Blue Steel game is solid enough , je crois....
Kim furas👊✋ #kimkardashian
Take a closer look at perfection.
Love in landscape 💕 Elopement Wedding 👰 - Bia & Jonn
Love in landscape 💕 Elopement Wedding 👰 - Bia & Jonn
"Verso cose più grandi."
Besok pagi gays SETIA BAND di Dahsyat Rcti jam 07.00, Jangan Lupa ya .... #setiakuindonesia #setiaku #like4like #like4follower #charly #eyes
Love in landscape 💕 Elopement Wedding 👰 - Bia & Jonn
Abraham esta por llegar a los 2M en Twitter😆😆!!!! -Agus🐼
Beautiful Angel ❤ Always Smile 😍💕 #eleonorabrunaccidivaio @eleonorabrunaccidivaio @marianodivaio
If there is an underdog, then there has to be an undercat , no? Disparity against felines must end TODAY!
Buenos días 💕 Me encanta cuando abraham canta "Mi Vecina" en acustico😍😍😍 -Agus🐼
Isn't it awe-inspiring how some things in this life just click into place perfectly , like in a puzzle...
80. Elevation
🌹🌹🌹 #happybirthdaytome #day2
I was already hyped about the women's steel cage match but with all these rumours about Mickie returning tonight I'm more hyped this will be my fav smackdown of the year and it's just january
One of my few serious posts , and I am being dead serious now. It is fundamental that I explain a few points , thoroughly , at this stage. I assure you that Lord Rothschild is a man of great integrity and immense charity and compassion. I guarantee you , that a Freemason is the exact opposite of a satanist , and all "Illuminati" conspiracies are laughable , and can only be embraced by intellectually inferior or utterly deranged , highly paranoid minds . it is important that I stress the reason for my aversion and deep hatred of satanists at this point. While I welcome ALL creeds and beliefs , Satanism is one that encourages pedophilia , bestiality and the shedding of the blood of innocents . (terrorism) . there is no logical argument that can justify any of the three in my eyes. If I perceive you as an individual who condones either or all three , I will use any means available to me, through my network of connections , to find you and persecute you till you are no longer a threat to society . I call @markus_monster and @ivanmbart 's models my protegees, but all models really are , as models are predominantly of very young age. I appeal to @jonathannewhouse and all leading fashion industry figures to support me in the persecution of those who have infiltrated the industry with an agenda. The agenda of preying on young male and female models by exploiting their position of authority. If you are one such, do know , your days are counted , you have nowhere to hide. This is a Christian page that sustains , serves and supports his holiness and Opus Dei in full. If you have less than honorable intentions in viewing it , and hope to find models to prey on , do know , you WILL be found and made an example of. I have said what needed be said. Let those who have ears hear me. That will be all. G.G.G.
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