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i wanna meet @taylorswift so bad and actual hug that precious woman and tell her that it makes me so happy that shes happy and just make her smile cause she’s so precious
EUTONIA tag 2-3 editors who would join Must follow the LEADERS @asthral.ve @mysticxllen enter max. of 2 edits ( one can be old ) use the hashtag #eutoniafallrct 3 GROUP RULE must have WhatsApp or willing to get Deadline : NOVEMBER 4th If you don’t get chosen it doesn’t mean you aren’t talented or creative GOOD LUCK!! #omgpage #omgselena
Happy birthday, Anne. Thank you for everything ❤️❤️
fc;; 1.350 🥀 all I've been playing is Niall's album lmao 😂. Also Halloween theme coming soon 👀. qotd; have you heard Niall's new album?
Jerrie and Lesy for @tmrwmag 🔥
This jumper is literally like a teddy bear
( YES THIS IS MY PHOTO HOW PRETTY IS IT ) current update!! : my exams are over for now, I've split up from school for half term and I'm going on holiday to the south but I should be posting/ spamming regularly😁 i also have a gymnastics competition tomorrow so wish me luck!! #openrp #anyrp #onedirection #flicker #niallhoran #harrystyles #liampayne #louistomlinson #selenagomez
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