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Ayye I'm Carson, I'm 23 I have 3 kids, Bentley,Arabella and Aniyah All my pride and joys, love all 3 to the day I take my last breath, anyways I'm currently single not really looking but wouldn't mind having a girlfriend, could use some friends HMU! Relationship tagged on gold tooth Comment where you wanna be tagged for a tbh!ยก #openrp #singlerp #closedrp #cleanrp #cuterp #couplerp #bigseanrp #jaibrookesrp #justinbieberrp #arianagranderp #drakerp #anyrp #magconrp #shawnmendesrp #camerondallasrp #maggielindemannrp #kendalljennerrp #celebrityrp #jackgilinskyrp #gilinskyrp #jadisonrp #jackjohnsonrp #johnsonrp #madisonbeerrp #kyliejennerrp #maiamitchellrp #camilacabellorp #gainpost #gaintricks
_ { @jcmpman_ } Okayyy soo I know this is really random but I'm feeling sweet for some reason to be grateful you have me :) anyway, holy shit Wes it's almost been a year just think before we dated we'd never think we'd be with eachother because you were a hoe and you were blind as shit to see that I really liked you whore :))) (damn I have issues) but then shit happened aye we're dating (kaskksks ) im trying to be like quick with this background story cause that's for our year post :) but I fucking love you so much and I'm so glad you're mine and you make me vvvv happy (cringe bye) and I sound 10 so Ima stop but I love you so much and I hope this makes you smile :))
That picture is part of my theme dw im not sellingmy body yet
i can be smooth with anyone that's not cierra and that's how i know she's the one.
all i have for my dumbass intro rn because i'm too horny to function
mani's skills are finally being recognized #fifthharmony #dancingwiththestars
but guess who i wanna ride tonight?
Comment with what model I was when we met.
I s2g if Instagram does the whole copyright shit imma throw a tantrum!!! jk but whatever if you are reading this that means im safe and insta loves me. dear Jagger, I promised you would find out what was in the making and its this. this cheesy lame edit that isn't pro or whatever but I swear I tried & struggled. but that's all because of the love I carry for you. I have an endless amount of love for you and I dont think that'll ever change. Yes I've loved people but I've never been IN LOVE with someone. And that all happened to change the day I came across you. You were such an amazing kind person to me from the start and I love that about you. You care for people and I love that you do. I never really knew what it meant to be loved, not gonna lie in the very little relationships I've had I always felt like some sort of option. But when I'm with you I feel like its just me and you. And when I get to hold you, everything around us becomes something that I dont need to worry about because I got you and it feels like just you and me. It feels like anything around is some kinda blur, and I know that sounds so sappy and cheesy but its because I've always been such a cheesy person. You put up with my pickup lines and my lame depressing talks. You have put up with my lame self!! And I dont know how you've done it but you have. I'm so thankful for you and I make sure to remind you every single day how much I love you. I know I know I'm such a clingy gal and I probably annoy you from the constant spams but that's because being apart from you is hard shit. Because you are mine mine mine. You are my reason to smile and look forward to everything and anything. I love it when you call me princess. It gives me some butterflies and this just ahh this feeling that I adore so please never stop baby. Now to make it "official" , JAGGER WILL YOU BE MY BOYFRIEND?ยฟ - #f4f #openrp #takenrp #allrp #anyrp #aesthetic #tbh #tbr #instagood #model #rate #tumblr #camilacabello #straightrp #openrpforgirls #openrpforguys #cleanrp #closedrp #camilacabellorp #theme #harrystylerp ย  #likeforlike #singlerp #maggielindemannrp #kendalljennerrp #kendalljenner #jennajoseph #jennajosephrp
WE ARE RUNNING AWAY TO VEGAS AND GETTING MARRIED ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ - - #newopenrp #openrp #stassiebabyrp #sammywilkrp #kyliejennerrp #kendalljennerrp #haileybaldwinrp #arianagranderp #like4like #likesforlikes โ™ก
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