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I saw a picture of a baby and didn't get triggered for a solid five minutes IM GROWING IM HONESTLY SO PROUD OF MYSELF
Guess who didn't go to school today because of their crippling depressionnnnnnn:)))))))) I got to school and got in my seat then saw we have to write a paper on the hardest time in our life and how it affected us and I started crying and just left
Woke up in the middle of a panic attack how fun
Alright. I'm gonna start getting on more. I'll post an intro tomorrow. If anyone's on, please talk to me. I'm lonely and bored.
Maggie has some amazing ass songs. I wish more people actually listened to them. She's such a dork as well
Ashlynn🌪 ; Lost, Sad, Youngest of 3, Pansexual.
excited to start my new theme but i'm so proud of this one i don't want to stop it
What are people's opinions on Jesy Nelson
[i think the audio fucked up oops welp] Parker Gray Montgomery. ~ a 16 y/o | born in 2000 | sagittarius | she's single & pansexual | stelena, klaroline, & noorhelm stan | she likes listening to music, food, tvd, skam, shameless, tacobell, hanging out with friends, sleeping almost 24/7, traveling, old disney shows, tøp, p!atd, justin bieber, & animals.
Kendall Nicole Jenner: A twenty one year old Little who loves spontaneous adventures, animals, and coloring. She can be seen gallivanting down the beach; or strutting her stuff in the latest fashions on Paris runways. She believes that one day; when her time comes, that she will be reincarnated; and hopes to become a butterfly. If not found; check in her blanket forts, where she will be binge watching Shameless. Say hello, and remember to be kind!🌸 Edit by- @edits4rp
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