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legit back in primary school • • • #haikyuu #haikyuumeme #tsukishmakei #karasuno #volleyball
So.. Today I'm so BORED AF so watched some Vines and smh inspired me to draw this Pretty shitty but feel free to repost if u want (credit ofc) #haikyu #fukurodani #karasuno #aobajohsai #nekoma #fanarts
This took like 4 hours and it still looks basic :,) Dt: @/pinktracer and @/animelegs bc Shouyou ● ● ● #hinatashouyou #haikyuu #karasuno #anime #animeamv
MAJOR FLASHBACK TO SILLY HAIKYUU TIMES WITH FRIENDS IN 2014!! 🙌🏻🏐 fond memories~ I miss you all. Next Weekend, (29th&30th), I'll be bringing the special boy, Hinata, back for some fun at KuroNeko con! I haven't been my little cheetos-head sunshine volleyball son in YEARS. Anyone else going to Kuroneko? If so let me know! I'd love to see you there :) 🙌🏻☀️ I'll be posting my costume lineup soon~ looking forward to slipping back into the cosplay world for a weekend with friends and family!
I'm going to have to stay up late today and I can already feel the headache coming on.
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