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@coachjim4um lookin for a new recruit?? Shoutout to Winthrop's biggest fan #Doug #k .
Saremo amiche per sempre, altrimenti dovrei ucciderti perché sai troppe cose. ❤ #k
I want women and every girl to know that they can shape the body with hardwork and consistency💪 I was once very petite at 105lbs and I was happy, but I decided to change it up and started learning how to lift weights. I am so happy with my results this far. I am 120lbs. F*#k the scale. Do what makes you feel good. I feel happy with myself besides my physique it has given me self love, confidence, discipline and focus. Work for it and you will see how amazing you feel💪💗 Also, I'm a firm believer that it's hard to do things on your own. Get a great support system. What better support can you have than other women that on the same journey as you. To love yourself and live a healthy lifestyle😘💗. Why be alone when we can do it together? Let's empower each other 💪✨!!! #positivevibes
This boy is hard as f##k !!! I Spot money 💰 @leagueoflegends_bullycamp
Miren lo que me ha hecho 😂😂ella por eso es que yo la amor ❤️ #te_super_quiero #BFF #K &C
Aku tak kan pernah tau kapan ajal akan datang Yang ku tau hanya terus berdo'a dan terus berusaha hingga terbukanya pintu surga 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Amin #surga #like #in #k
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