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Y/r pov: "You couldn't put bra on?" Jason said. I looked at him, he was sitting on the couch smoking weed. "It smell so bad in here" I sighed and walked to him. "It smells good, you don't know what's good" he laughed. "What is so important when u had to wake me up before 8 am?" "Get down on your knees and you'll see" he smiled at me "Why should I get on my knees?" I raised my eyebrows up. I seriously didn't want to do it. "I said, GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES" he said again with an angry voice. I didn't say nothing and got down on my knees on the cold floor. As soon as my knees touched the floor, I got goosebumps all over my body cuz of how cold it was. "Good girl, now my jeans are kind of tight because of my morning wood which is caused cuz of your ass which was pressed on my dick for the whole night" he said with a normal voice, like what he said right now wasn't weird at all, like it was normal.Β  I unbuttoned his jeans. "Good, now put your hand on my dick through the boxers, feel it and rub it, feel what you caused me" he smirked at me, I never did this and I seriously didn't want to do it. Part 2 ?
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