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@Regrann from @pink.poppyseed - Ready stock Pixi Glow Tonic IDR 520k "REALLY good product I have rebought this three times now and I go into a state of panic when I see it running low. It has really helped with my acne scars and if I get a spot breaking out ill put this on and it will be gone much quicker. It has also evened out my skin tone and made it much sooner. Unlike most products, it does what it says on the tin." - #regrann
@Regrann from @pink.poppyseed - Ready stock 💕💕 All variants Best price Original IDR 270k Cacao 290k Peppermint 290k Coconut 298k Line: pinkpoppyseed - #regrann
@Regrann from @pink.poppyseed - Ready stock Sugarbear Hair Hello, my name is SugarBear. I'm a bear who loves hair. I love all hair types. Not only do I love hair but I also love helping babes take care of their sweet locks. I know how to make your hair stronger, longer and shinier. I decided to make you a hair vitamin to help you enhance the natural beauty of your gorgeous hair. I formulated a vitamin using clinically proven ingredients that have been shown to promote faster hair growth, increased hair shine and reduce hair breakage. I also made the vitamins cute and sweet, like me. I made sure to make these vitamins so easy and enjoyable to eat that you'll look forward to taking them every day. No more missed hair vitamins means faster results for you. I think we can all agree that's a beautiful thing. - #regrann
@Regrann from @pink.poppyseed - Back in stock Lucas Papaw 25gr IDR 80k Lucas Papaw Ointment is made in Australia from pure Australian papaws. Lucas Papaw Ointment has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Lucas Papaw ointment may be used as a local topical application for; Chapped Lips, Minor Burns, Chafing, Cuts, Gravel Rash, Minor Open Wounds, Nappy Rash, Scalds, Sunburn Splinters and Thorns, Temporary relief of the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema Line: pinkpoppyseed - #regrann
@Regrann from @pink.poppyseed - Ready stock Hello Hair mask IDR 265k Hello Hair hydrating mask is a treatment which uses the benefits of Coconut, Argan and Almond Oils. It is a 100% natural, vegan free product, free from chemicals and unwanted nasties. It also has the added benefit of being Australian made and owned. Order Line: pinkpoppyseed - #regrann
READY STOCK✨Kylie Blush 1. X-Rated 2. Virginity 3. Hot and Bothered IDR 380.000
Candy k 😻 READY STOCK!!! Available to Order Kylie Cosmetics here ladies 💋 💕MATTES: •Mary Jo K •Kourt K •True Brown K •Dolce K •Candy K •Ginger •Exposed 💕GLOSS: •Like •Literally •So Cute •Poppin •Posie K 💕METAL: •Reign •King K •Lord 💕Kyshadow (675.000) 💕Birthday Edition (Limited Edition): •Poppin •Lord Super long lasting lipstick 💋 Ready Stock Termurah ✔️ Transfer=🚛✈️ Resellers are very welcome! 😊 100% authentic! Be careful of fake products😱 Contact: Line: clarissaeunice Wa: +62817190998 Website: www.jadebyclarissa.com . . . . . #jualkylielipkit #juallipkitbykylie #jualkylielipgloss #jualkyliecosmetics #jualkylielipkitindo #jualkylielipkitmurah #olshop #olshopjkt #olshopindo #jualanku #jualmakeupmurah #jualkylielipkitjkt #kyliecosmeticsindonesia #jualkyshadow #kylielipkitindo #kylielipkitjkt #jualkylighters #jualkkw #jualkkwxkylie #jualkylieblush #kylielipkit #kylielipkitready #kylielipkitoriginal #kylielipkitmurah
Hey girls 😘 Open Pre Order Kylie Cosmetics until next monday (24/04) ETA End of June Kim x Kylie creme liquid lipstick  will launch this Wednesday! (LIMITED EDITION) LIP - KKW Créme Liquid Lipstick (4 pcs) 899k - Lip Kit (Mattes/Velvets) 525k - Koko Kollection 365k - Single Matte 365k - Gloss & Metals 350k - Metals 350k EYES - Royal Peach Palette 800k - Kyshadow 725k - Kyliner Kit 475k FACE - Kylighters 425k - Blushes 400k go grab yours!
We are trusted!! Thankyou for shopping with us❤️🔥 #beautelogic
KYLIE JENNER GLOSS READY STOCK ORIGINAL! IDR 360.000 Available shades: Koko K Posie K Candy K Like Literally So Cute ORDER VIA WEBSTORE (24 hours): www.poppincolour.id (direct link in the bio) ORDER VIA TOKOPEDIA: poppincolour . #jualkylie #jualkylielipkit #jualkyshadow #juallipstickkylie #jualkylielipkit #juallipkitbykylie #jualkyliecosmetics #kylielipkit #jualkylielipgloss #jualkyliemurah #jualkyliegloss #jualkyliekyshadow #jualkylieliquidlipstick #kyliereadystock #kyliejenner #kylieliquidlipstick #liquidlipstick #lipkit #lipliner #lipkitbykylie
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