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True❤️ - - - - - - - - - -B ^^ this means it's Brooklyn so Hailey will also post on this profile#jacobsartoriusfanpage #jacobsartorius #loveyou #besties
Wooow I can't wait I am so proud😱👀, my boy looks excited 😊❤❤ @jacobsartorius #jacobsartoeiusfandom #jacobsartoriusfanpage #jacobsartorius #byyourside #byyoursidemusicvideo #song #musicvideo
Chapter 3 broken heart🙁💔 U ran away from ariel and bumped into your brother Brandon Brandon=BR BR:what happen sis? Y/N:sorry I was running away from ariel BR:well at least she didn't hurt u Y/N:thx bother I love u U hugged brandon really hard u are lucky u have a brother like that U stop hugging brandon and u told him Y/N:its lunch time come on bro BR:coming sis U and brandon went to lunch and grab some lunch and u sat with Brandon, Hunter, Mark, Joey, Carson, and much more boys u didn't have that much friends but Joey was the one u trust because he's been your best friend since first grade so u sat next to Brandon and u guys talked but then u saw Ariel kissing Jacob and Jacob wasn't pulling away so u said to yourself "he must like ariel oh well🙁" so u told Brandon that u liked Jacob but u told him that it seems he has a girlfriend Brandon told u BR:its ok sis at least u have the greatest brother to support u You hugged Brandon really tight and he gave u a kiss on the forehead Joey said (Joey=JB) JB:awww... sis and bro time You stop hugging Brandon and u hugged Joey because he was the best friend u could ever have... *End of chapter 3* #jacobsartoriusfandom #jacobsartoriusfanpage #jacobsartorius
Chapter 2 -crush- U were looking at the cute boy so u asked him Y/N:umm..do u need help? ?:yes plz... I'm Jacob Y/N:hi J-Jacob I'm Y/N (Jacob=J) U looked at him in the eye u had butterflies in your stomach...😍 J:hello?Y/N? World to Y/N Y/N:Ohh sorry... J:its ok😂 Y/N:I'll show u around J:Ok U showed him around and the bell rang so u ask Jacob Y/N:What's your first class period? J:science Y/N:oh I have math class well...um see ya... U knew this girl named Ariel (I don't hate her in real life but just pretend u hated her in the story)*back to the story* U hated Ariel because she was the most popular girl in school but she will sometimes be mean to u but u didn't care... U were walking in to the class and Ariel push u into the bathroom and she told u (Ariel=A) A:hey leave Jacob alone he's mine not yours nerd Y/N:BTW I'm not a nerd and I won't let leave Jacob alone A:Fine just watch when it breaks your heart😈 *End of chapter 2* I'll do 3 more chapters or more if I have time #jacobsartoriusfanpage #jacobsartoriusfandom #jacobsartorius
CHAPTER 11 *Jacob leans towards you and... ....... Touches your bruise* Jacob: I noticed you had a bruise on your cheek.... Y/n: It's just a "mark" it'll go away... Jacob: What happened though? Y/n: Nothing-well I mean, something cause if nothing happened it wouldn't be there..... ~BRANDONS POV~ I saw Jacob leaning towards y/n..... I got to admit... Maybe I'm a little jealous... Or a lot.... I still like y/n even though we're "best friends", but I still wish we could be something more ... ~END OF BRANDONS POV~ ~BACK TO Y/NS POV~ Jacob: seriously y/n, what happened? Y/n: I fell and I hit my cheek on the wall.... (Lie) Jacob: My bad, I thought it was something more serious *You and Jacob go back to where Brandon is* ~When You Get Out Of The Mall~ *Jacobs phone rings* Jacob: Sorry, I gotta take this *He walks away a little bit then answers the call* Brandon: Hey, uh what happened on your cheek? Y/n: I fell (lie) Brandon: It looks like it hurts.. Y/n: ..I'm okay though, it doesn't really hurt that much Brandon: That's good, but um after this do you wanna come over? Y/n: Sure *Jacob comes back* Jacob: I have to go somewhere right now, but I can drop you guys off somewhere Brandon: Can you take us back to my house? Jacob: Sure ~At Brandons house~ Julie: Hey y/n Jay: Hi y/n Y/n: Hiii Juile and Jay *You go up to Brandons room* Brandon: So digi tour is in 2 days, do you need help packing?😏 Y/n: I could use some help... But we'll do that tomorrow Brandon: Okay :) (I forgot when digi tour starts so..... It doesn't actually start in 2 days) *You get a text from Mark* Mark😛: Come home Y/n: What's going on at home? Mark😛: Just come, and when you do, come through the back door Y/n:Okay... I'll be home in a few ~End of texting~ Y/n: Sorry Brandon, but I gotta go home... Come over to my house tomorrow? Brandon: I will *Brandon drops you off at your house* ~At your house (duh😂)~ *You go through the back door like Mark said and you can hear your mom and John arguing* END OF CHAPTER 11 #JacobSartorius #jacobsartoriussupporter #JacobSartoriusFan #JacobSartoriusFandom #JacobSartoriusFanpage #JacobSartoriusPage #JacobSartoriusFanfics #JacobSartoriusFanfiction #Fanfiction
His haiiirrrr❤️❤️😍😍😍 guys were nearly at 600 YAY😂❤️ #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob #l4l #lfl #jacobsartoriusfanpage @jacobsartorius
Chapter 1 A morning day when u woke up from your alarm u got up took a shower, brush your teeth, wearing your favorite cloths, did your makeup, and got downstairs for breakfast Y/m:hey sweetheart can u tell your brother to come downstairs for breakfast Y/N:ok U went upstairs and told your brothers to come downstairs but hunter said (Hunter=HR) HR:No it's too early Y/N:no its not dum dum now wake up HR:Fine *sighs* U went downstairs and eat (your favorite breakfast) Then your brothers came down and eat breakfast U went upstairs to use your computer so u waited until your brothers were done eating. Mom left a note in your room and it said "I'll be gone for 2 weeks becuz I needed to go to a business trip"love, mom. Y/N:yay staying with my brothers😒 U got your book bag and went downstairs and left for school but when u got to school u saw something caught your eye it was a cute boy he was new to your school *end of chapter 1* I'll do chapter 2 in a minute #jacobsartoriusfanpage #jacobsartoriusfandom #jacobsartorius
Is anyone going to the Philadelphia digi tour. I really want to meet up with some one 💕I LOVE YOU!💕😪 Tag: @jacobsartorius - - - #jacobsartorius #justdoitforjacob #jacobsartoriusfanpage #lunablaise #lorenbeech #tylerbrown #blakegray #zackclayton #hunterrowland #bruhitszach #brandonrowland #lunablaise
First post 😂❤ Let's get back our FAM!!!!❤🌹 #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanpage #jacobsartoriusfanfic
Even in black and white he is gorgeous😍😍 but anyways broke my leg, fun(^~^) #jacobworldtour #jacobsartoriusfanpage @jacobsartorius @jacobtours
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