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. - @jacobsessors_2.0 will be appearing in the story as Talia. Congratulations and sorry for not posting🙃 - Venus pov Boy: by the way my name is Edward, nice to meet you Venus: nice to meet you too Edward:You want to hang out later Venus: I have a boyfriend and I'm not sure, maybe Edward: incase you change your mind He hands me a piece of paper with his number And winks I put it in my pocket And go up to the teacher Venus: can we sit anywhere Teacher: not exactly, I have a seating chart Venus: oh ok When everyone comes in she assigned us our seats I seat on the opposite side of Edward ~After class I texted Jonathan and Sienna to meet me at the bench underneath the weird but, beautiful tree I sat waiting When I turned and seen two boys smack a book out a girls hands I immediately get up and walk over their The boys seen me walking towards them Boy1:what do you want Venus: I want you to leave her alone Boy1: well to bad He threw her backpack on the ground Venus: can I ask a question The boys scoffed Venus: Why do you bully others? The boys stay quiet Venus: oh, I know why. Because you both are miserable. Now leave before I call Mr.Parks(Principal) They leave Venus: do you know them Girl: yeah I've known them since 2nd grade. Their names are Dylan Rodriguez and Mathew Duke Venus: I'm so sorry I help her pick up her things Girl: it's not your fault Venus: why don't you do anything Girl: because I can't Venus: sure you can Girl: I'm scared Venus: scared of what Girl: getting bullied even more I stay quiet Girl: my name is Talia Venus: nice to meet you Talia Talia smiled Venus: you want to hang out with us Talia: sure We walk to the bench Jonathan and Sienna were talking Jonathan sees me and Talia Jonathan:hi, I'm Jonathan Talia: hello I'm Talia We sit at the table explaining what happened when the bell rang Venus : what class do you guys have All of us: Gym We look at each other We giggle And begin walking to gym class - - Again congratulations @jacobsessors_2.0 - Comment "Me" to be in my story - {#jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius }
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