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One of my new Jacob lambs. #sheep #lambs #jacobs #jacobsheep
~Summer brake is starting in a day! You can wait for it. There are so many adventures waiting for you out there...~ * Morning 7 a.m. - your phone rings... * Y/n : oww, whyy... wait... oml, tomorrow is star of a summer brake! I need to get ready for today 😄 * ~You went to your closet and put on your riding clothes and makeup. Your mom and dad were still in their bedroom, so you just let them know you're going and went downstairs. Than you went to destination.~ * Y/n : hello Alice! ~She's your riding teacher~ Alice : hey y/n ! Are you ready for today ? 😃 Y/n : I'm born ready 😉 Alice : than go and get Storm ready! Meet you in riding hall * ~You went to stable~ - Y/n : hey boyy 😄 I missed you since yesterday 😂 tomorrow is start of a summer brake 😊 I can't wait... ~You put saddle and all set on Storm and went to riding hall~ Alice : okay, so today we won't do anything special, you will just practice for a competation 😃 Y/n : oh, I'm so happy about that 😆 Alice : I'm so glad you are ☺ I'll leave you here now. If you need me, you know where I am Y/n : of course 😃 ~she left~ let's go Storm! * ~The training lasted for 3 hours~ - Y/n : you was so good Storm! I'm so proud of you 😄 let's go to stable ~You two left the area~ Alice : you two had fun ? Y/n : yeah, a lot of fun 😊 Alice : was he a good boy ? Y/n : no... he was the best one ! Alice : haha 😃 one information... next two week we won't have trainigs, cause directors are going on a business vacation Y/n : aww, you're going too ? Alice : no, I'll be at home with my family 😊 Y/n : well, have fun! But... who will take care of horses ? Alice : don't worry, they won't all go 😂 Y/n : ah, sure 😃 cya Alice, bye Storm, I'll miss you Alice : bye y/n ! Have fun 👋 * ~You went home~ - Y/m : heyyy honey 😏 Y/n : hi mom! Y/d : we have some news to tell you... Y/n : ohh, me too 😃 Y/m : you go first Y/n : I won't have riding lessons for 2 weeks cause  they are going on a vacation Y/m : ohh... than you'll be able to play piano 😄 Y/d : y/n, sit Y/n : okay... whats up ? Y/m : we found out something before 5 days... Y/n : oml, pls noo ! Y/m : noo, calm down Y/n : huh 😥 ⬇More in comments⬇
А як вас запрошують на круті події?) Сьогодні телефонують після ефіру: - Володимире, доброго дня. Я з компанії #Jacobs . Чи не могли б ви вийти і отримати запрошення? Ласий до безкоштовного я, ясна річ, виходжу і отримую (тим паче, цю каву я зазвичай беру додому, а тут - сама прийшла). Словом, привітна дівчина вручила мені коробку розміром з привітну дівчину.)) - Це, - каже, - і є запрошення! Усередині купа квітів, кава (хо-хо-хо!) з тим їхнім фірмовим горнятком, еклери неймовірної краси і, власне, запрошення. Кличуть до Співочої кав'ярні Jacobs. Це буде така фан-зона біля Оперного на час #Eurovision2017 (11-13 травня). Обіцяють, крім прямих трансляцій багато всього. Ну, сходжу. ;) #JacobsLviv #welcomejacobs #coffeevision #coffee #coffeetime #lviv #green #Eurovision2017
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