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Continuing this gallery experiment to create panoramas with image slices. Apparently, #InstagramGallery will resize only into squares at the moment. Assuming other sizes will roll out later, like they did for stills. I can see this would be useful for telling stories which requires a hook, middle, and end photo in a panoramic stitch or gallery. Animated strips, storyboards, visual look books, and panoramic, are a few that come to mind. Could also be useful and interactive for the commercial photo, where messages/codes/images are revealed at the end as you swipe right. . . . . If you like this content, give a like, it's totally free. Or comment below with what content you wanna see next.
O captain! My captain! Swipe left to see the seafood savagery @thecaptainsboil. #foodie #seafoodie #chriselleeats #thecaptainsboil #instagramgallery #swipeleft
Trying out the latest IG feature on this Jörmungandr tattoo by @josf_ink
There's a new update and insatgram has released something called #InstagramGallery . Now I win have to spam your feed with pictures.just looks one pic and swipe to see the rest. - #LetItShine @yazdanqafouri
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