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Начинаю делать запасы.
Reunited for the weekend, but this picture is hella old doe😂
The weather is quite hot to go out just like that 😈 #hot #sunny #south #france #sexy #girl #longhair #heels #megadeath
When it comes to smoothies 🍶, it can be difficult to choose delicious ingredients to add to your morning smoothie. While a green smoothie, strawberry 🍓and mango smoothie and banana 🍌 and strawberry smoothie are all great options, sometimes you may want to try something more unique and more delicious. Your morning smoothies 🌤never have to get boring since the possibilities are endless and there are many yummy ingredients to use. Fresh mint 🍃 is one of the best ingredients to add to your morning smoothie. Mint promotes digestion and it has healing properties. Even if you add just a few leaves of fresh mint, it will give your morning smoothie a unique flavor that you will definitely like. You can also use frozen mint, if you don’t have the fresh one. #wna_advice #wna_health
Saturday in #Tyra 🔥 #ALLYN #SS17
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