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Comment some Words to describe #Angelinajolie ❤🔥
they exiled me from the steps.... just call me little J xoxo GG #RKETAKESNYC
I finally got to watch the finale and here are my thoughts on it; - I was so sure A.D would be Twincer because in the past few episodes many things led up to that but I was really shocked that basically all of their [Spoby's] kisses weren't even 'real' - I still somehow liked that story line even though it seemed rushed and improved, like it hasn't been planned for long but it's pll so what do I expect😂 - Wren. Died. For. Absolutely. No. Reason. I fucking hate this part sm he deserved better all he did was falling in love with the wrong person, someone who only used him - Emison and their twins are so adorable but - What does the show have with twins? Okay I get that it's more likely to expect twins if it has run in your family for some time because of genes and everything but Jessica+Mary, Spencer+Alex AND Lily+Grace? That like a lot, especially because we only got to know these twin parings this season - EZRIA WERE ENDGAME and I couldn't have asked for more their scenes were so so adorable I would literally die for them!!!1!! - I didn't like Haleb/Caleb in this episode because they fought and then suddenly when Hanna got pregnant everything was okay again? - Glad Spoby got endgame as well but bitter they didn't have a single scene in the end - Again: Wren deserved to have a better storyline. He could've been so important but 💩 - The liars' friendship is better and more amazing than it ever was before and I'd gladly die for their friendship - Mona's ending and Twincer and Mary being her dolls was kind of like the perfect ending for her but I'm sad she still didn't get to be part of the 'gang' - Again: EZRIA EZRIA EZRIA EZRIA EZRIA - All the parallels (like the ezria / bedsheet one) were perfect - I like that they somehow did it like in the books and referred to the Alison twin storyline but didn't make it exactly alike - The moms were the best and the basement scene lol 😂 - Also: Marlene King's scene during the wedding was so awful to watch because somehow I felt ashamed for her acting I'm really sad there's never going to be another episode of pretty little liars ever again but they show made it so far and they ended it in a god way. — cr; @multibushs
~day 3~ favorite female character My favorite female character is Blair 💕💍👑 #gossipgirl #blairwaldorf #gg30dayschallenge
オシャレしてgossipパーティー٩( 'ω' )و 高層マンションのワンフロアでのパーティーで、綺麗めな服着てウキウキで行ったけど、色んな意味で面白かった😂 もうクセの集まりやった👏笑 クセが100以上おった。みんな職業謎。ここはアッパーイーストサイドじゃなかった。大阪のミナミやった。でも、気分はSとB♡まっこと居ればなんでもおもろい、安定♡ #xoxo #gossipgirl
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