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Awesome cardboard Art. To @afrolovar
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IRON LADY β–«She was born into this, her father was kingpin, her mom an empress, three brothers who knew nothing but wars to fight and drugs to take. Though she doesn't hate the life she lives, she knows how lonely she is. Her tattoos her identity, drugs and weed the only friends she knows. But they make her strong, she's an ironlady, no one crosses her path, she's the tiger on a lone city, feared by all but respected by none. That's the life that she lives and she doesn't hate it. By Kelvin. Photograph by@castefasolo Follow us for more @wynn_media #greatergriters #photography #blackandhandsomeasever #time machine #blackboysrock #time #active #gain #recent #rfr #spamforfollow #spam4spam #like4like #lfl #recent4recent #recentforrecent #sfs #likeforlikes #tbh #beautiful #Snapchat #cfc #cashfollowplane #jaygainplane #jaylegit #followtrain #gainpost #photography #fashion #mixedarianafollowtrain #godlygaintrain #gaintrick
Deep😒😒FF @lit.dannii
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Such beautiful art 😍😍 ff: @apocalypse_side
Water selfie❀❀FF @lit.jessy
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