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@agrcnde is giving away her 11k! [One] : I would love to spread the fact that everyone should love themselves the way they are, that they don't need to change for anyone or anything, that they don't need to have a new personality to make someone else approve of it. _ [Two] : Family vibe! This acc would be like one huge family. l'd support everyone and be nothing but nice. I want them to know that arianators are one big family, even if you support another artist, I'll still be there. I just want love honestly. I want people to feel welcome and to feel comfortable. I want it like this big family. _ [Three] : Every post will have quote to find out more about the followers and get to know them more. I love making friends, knowing I'll have people that would support me and I'll support them. _ [Four] : Gaining! I know a lot of people on lnstagram want a nice big following spree, not going to lie, It'd be nice. I would help people gain and grow their acc. And, I'd make sure there was no hate with gaining. Like people being rude and demanding for shoutouts. Kind, gentle environment. _ [Five] : A lot of people are being bullied on the internet , and some of them are even considering to commit suicide, and i know i can't help them in real life but i just want to give them the attention they need , want and deserve . I'd like to talk with them and spread the world that they're all worth it & that everything will be alright . Cause everyone is worth it . With 11k followers it'd be much easier to spread the world .This is truly what i want the account for _ So, they're my reasons. I do hope they were okay. I was being honest and truthful and that's all you can really ask. Congrats to the future winner and wish luck to everyone #gaintricks #accountgiveaway
This is so cute
I'm gonna make a HUGE group chat. Comment if you want in
» siga @rony_alvess se possível; » dê like nesta foto; » siga todos que deram like também; » siga de volta todos que te seguirem; » avisa nos comentários que seguiu tal pessoa (opcional); » curta várias fotos da tag #ftbond  e poste sua foto com a tag também; » não minta em nenhuma etapa, se seguir direito vai render pra você e para outros também, aproveitem! /pah #후식  #커피  #좋아요  #이태원  #사진  #맞팔  #힐링  #푸딩  #온더테이블  #먹방  #불금  #먹스타그램 #경리단길  #가을  #퇴근  #커피스타그램 #kyliejenner  #gaintrick  #gainpost  #gaintrain #gainparty  #gaintricks  #gainlikes #gainfollowersu
youtube → GeorgeDatDragon subscribe ! ↓ new video coming soon!
youtube → GeorgeDatDragon subscribe ! ↓ new video coming soon!
youtube → GeorgeDatDragon subscribe ! ↓ new video coming soon!
{@katyperry } Words have the power of destroying, use them correctly. Those people is so mean, like boi, how could they ever tell all those things to her, maybe you will say: "she's a celebrity, she won't give a fuck about it" but tbh they are people too, they feel too. K let's stop here with this. Also, is this that bad? well idk, i had to post so here it is. #weloveyoukaty
Happy birthday mel! I love you! @littlebodybigheart @littlebodybigheart Stop growing up so fast! I remember her being like 18😩💕I remember first listening to her songs and I fell in love. Then I listened some more and now not only does she mean the world to me , she's like my idol. Melanie's songs are like therapy they have helped me so much. I'm so happy for how far she has come. Happy bday Melanie Martinez.💕
ATENÇÃO: sua quantidade deve ser a mesma para comentários e likes! » curta algumas fotos da @_larymonteiro ; » comente aqui uma quantidade (até 16); » faça a quantidade de alguém, se a sua for alta, faça muitas de outros; » marque a pessoa e diga com gentileza que já fez a quantidade dela e diga a sua quantidade; » não deixe sua conta privada para realizar isto; » não deixe privado, ninguém é obrigado a te seguir; » sejam educados e cumpram tudo isso!/pah #후식  #커피  #좋아요  #이태원  #사진  #맞팔  #힐링  #푸딩  #온더테이블  #먹방  #불금  #먹스타그램 #경리단길  #가을  #퇴근  #커피스타그램 #kyliejenner  #gaintrick  #gainpost  #gaintrain #gainparty  #gaintricks  #gainlikes #gainfollowersu
fc: { 111 } blocking all ghosties now so make sure you like! HOW TO GAIN? READ👇🏻 ♡| If your nice... you don't have too.. FoLlOw Me💓 @agb.ifb ♡|Comment "ifb" and like the picture! ♡| 2 WAYS! 👉🏻Follow everyone who likes or follow everyone who comments! ♡| New posts daily! Turn on NOTIFICATIONS FOR A FREE FOLLOW💓 ♡| Don't Cheat✨ Only way for this too work is if you help too!! #gainparty #gainpartys #gainfollowers #gain #follow4follow #gainpartys #LOVEYALL #gaintrick #gaintricks #actualgaintricks #actualgainpost #actualgainparty
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