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My kitchen prep time! Nice melons! I'm told frequently by others they don't know how I do it but believe me it's easy when you have a why! When you have a dream that has become a vision of who you want to be and where you're heading. I have off days plenty of them but I know I have to keep going - there is no opt out clause for me! Commitment and loyalty to my decisions are important unless I have a strong rationale for change! Otherwise it's follow through! Tony Robbins Said something profound for me - in a nutshell all suffering is due to focusing on ourselves and some sort of loss - instead focus on gratitude and what we have! Eternally grateful for the opportunities that have come my way - my ponies my cars my friends and family and so much more... God bless ❤️☺️ #fitnessjourney #bikinibody #abarocks #fitchicksandmusclecars #takeaction @performfitness_auckland
Wasn't in the mood to workout today but I did! 45minutes aerobics, 15minutes abs! Can someone please just volunteer to buy me an iPhone 7 please? My phone takes such shit photos. 😒😒
This took 10 mins to make! Prawn and potato salad. The huz wanted to take me out for dinner but I said no, even though I couldn't be fucked cooking! On non gym days I really need to be careful with my diet. 🦐 🥔 🥗
Леди Спарлк damn
BOOTCAMP! Vi har stadig pladser til opstart d. 16 og 17 oktober! Mangler du motivation, en træningspartner eller bare lysten til at træne? Så tilbyder vi ALL INKL. til en pris af 2500,-. (mulighed for at betale over 2 rater) DU får: ⭐️ 6UGERS FORLØB ⭐️ Din egen personlig træner og ernæringsekspert ⭐️ Et tæt sammenhold med de andre bootcamp deltagere ⭐️ Skræddersyet kostplan ⭐️ Skræddersyet Træningsplan ⭐️ 8 x PT SESSIONS ⭐️ 4 x Formtjek (1x Mental coaching, 3 x Fedtprocent, Cm-måling, Holdningsanalyse) ⭐️ Kost og træningsforedrag ⭐️ Vælg hold mandag & onsdag kl 19:00 - 20:00 ⭐️ Vælg hold tirsdag & torsdag kl 19:00 - 20:00 For tilmelding eller info: https://superiorcph.dk/kontakt/index.html ellers: 📞 41814161 / (SMS er også godkendt) E-mail / Bootcamp@superiorcph.dk https://superiorcph.dk/kontakt/index.html
Day 2 of the @fitazfk challenge... our #postworkout #selfie finally got one of him smiling haha see my story of what I was dealing with hehe. Wow today's HIIT I loved but gee the workout was tough. I think it might be because with the cleanse part of this program I don't feel like I have much strength right now. Physically feeling weak but still pushed through and we got it done. We've had killer headaches the last two days due to the detox but it's good our bodies have been getting rid of all the toxins and we'll see results and I feel like mine might be easing now ☺️oh I'll be posting a warmup video of us later and my food diary. Xx
Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people thing about you. In the first place, if they had better things going on in their lives, they wouldn’t have time to sit around talk about you. What’s important to me is not others’ opinion of me, but what important to me is my opinion of myself. . . . . . . . #bodybuilding #fitness #physique #lean #workout #mensphysique #fitnessmotivation #gym #igfitness #igers #igmy #igdaily #instamen #instahealth #instagramhub #gymlife #gym_idols #fitnessjourney #potd #picoftheday #webstagram #instagramhub #vsco #vscocam #photooftheday #fitspiration #muscular #fitfam #lifestyle #goodvibes
Gotta be able to hit that reset button everyday. 💯
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