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A bunch of new items being listed onto my eBay store! Link in bio👺🙏🏽!
💫 Tamar Strauss Benjamin we love this #finishline capture you shared with us and it's a perfect fit for this for this week's #52frames_signs album. The colors, lines and perspective is supurbe! Week: 42/2017 💫 @tamarsb 🔸Theme: Signs 🔸 Selected by: @ladybecken 🔸Do you wanna see the whole album? www.facebook.com/52Frames 🔸 Do you wanna join us, receive a photo challenge each week for free and get the chance to be featured? Please follow the link in bio
Way back Wednesday? At the finish line with the love of my life and the Spartan World Championships! You did amazing babe I love you!! #fbf #wbw #tbt #spartan #aroo #trifecta #beast #worldchampionship #finishline #kissing #gf #couplegoals #fitcouple #ocr #trifectatribe #tahoe #nothlaketahoe #fun #adventures #memories @arenitaha
JD had a tough day on the big island, however never gave in! . . #Repost @james.debenham (@get_repost ) ・・・ Kona 2017... - Madame Pele 2 - JD 0. I'll take this one as an honourable defeat though. Went into the race in the best shape of my life and make no excuses. Even though the heat got the better of me, im proud that despite the race getting away from me, I was able to adjust my strategy and dig deep, getting across the line as quickly as I think I could on the day, and with my dignity in tact. It's an absolute privilege to do this race and I'll never take that for granted. My sincere congratulations to those that prevailed on another epic day at the Big Dance. I'll lick my wounds for only a little while, then it will be back to the grafting and soon I'll call "best of 5?" . . . Thanks to @like_a_gir1 @xavier_coppock @teamtriwa and everyone else for being cool dudes. . . . #ironman #triathlon #kona #imworldchampionship #racing #swimbikerun #finishline #nevergiveup #illbeback #teamtricoaching
Get your bike clean and ready for the weekend with the Pro Care Bucket Kit 8.0 from Finish Line Bicycle Care Products! Not only does a clean bike look good, but you'll also notice how much quicker and smoother your bike feels to ride after giving it a good clean and oiling the chain. Pro Care Bike Bucket includes everything you'll need for the total care of your bicycle.. 4oz WET Lube 8oz DRY Lube 1 Liter Super Bike Wash 17oz Speed Degreaser Grunge Brush Scrub Brush 20oz Multi Bike Degreaser Bicycle Maintenance Guide ...all in one convenient storage bucket! Pick one up in store, PRICE Aed280.00 #Weekend #CycleAbudhabi #Raceday #Mycyclingweekend #YasCycles #finishline #bikecare #InAbuDhabi #loveeverymile #outsideisfree #Cycling #ridebikes #swimbikerun #triathlon
Got to finally meet the goat @mrfoamersimpson super chill dude
😭SEND HELP😭 ... Send help guys! I really feel like I've lost my running rhythm. It's been over a week since the #chicagomarathon and all I've done is lay around and eat. My legs don't feel sore anymore so I have no idea what's going on. I've either lost motivation after training/completing the marathon or the weather is getting to me...OR BOTH... 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ It gets so dark once it hits 6pm...and sometimes I'm not even home from work by then. Running outside is a no-go now, not because it's cold - I could just put layers on. It's too dangerous to run outside alone in the South Loop, especially when it gets dark. So now I'm practically forced to go on the treadmill and that's just a whole other obstacle I need to overcome... 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏻‍♀️ Not only is the running rhythm lost, but my diet is worse than it ever was before. Today my liquid intake was 1 cup of coffee...for the entire day. I had 1 freaking cup of coffee and not a single cup of water. I came home and hopped on the tread and SHOCKER, I got a dehydration cramp. It was so easy to get the right amount of food and water in me when I was training, now I'm just a blob. After running only 1 mile, I ordered a Domino's pizza and ate half the pizza; bacon and pepperoni. I already hate myself for it... 😡 😡 I'm literally at a loss for words. I don't know if I should start going to fitness classes or something because I'm really starting to lose my groove... 😤 😤 Side note: posted the second pic because I did 15 lifts of that leg extension machine thing on that 9 number. I don't know how heavy that is but I'll assume the blocks go by 10s so 90lbs guys. Also, I think they say reps instead of lifts but I don't know the lingo so sorry in advance for saying lifts!!!
@towomens_runs thank you for your help in organizing my #RUNposal on Saturday. @naomiionwudiwe now has two rings but I think I prefer the first one ;) #RingPOPproposal #Maninawig #finishline #GoingTheExtraMile
Finish Line🏁 @teamneuera9one6
She is 39 days shy of her 9th birthday and this is the very best she’s ever read anything...right here, posted (with her permission) for all to see and hear in hopes you will celebrate with us. She’s never read this before and tonight she breezed through dozens of words she’s never tried to read before. I am blown away. If you’ve been one of my numerous traditional and non traditional schooling Mama peers that has innocently said to me: “yeah, I really don’t know how he/she learned to read. I think he/she taught him/herself,” I might have wanted to strangle you...but only for a split second, or two. 🤣😬 I’m a teacher! Teaching her to read is supposed to be my wheelhouse but for.tha.love!!!, no, it’s never gone as planned. So, let me confess right here: I don’t think I taught her how to read. I think she taught herself (painfully, slowly) as she’s been ready. I’ve tried. Oh.how.I.have.tried to teach her to read!! I believe I’ve added some basic phonics and I’ve finally found something that resembles patience while I’ve waited for her to be ready but I don’t think I taught her to do what she did tonight. She did it because SHE was ready. So, my friends, if you too would rather watch goat poop turn to compost verses teaching your struggling/late reader to read, I want to say that I get it!! I really, really do! Just keep reading to them and wait. They’ll read. I promise 💕 #thebestthing #breakthrough
Not sure what kind of face I'm making, lol. But loving that leg muscle definition #running #famouslyhotpinkhalf #finishline #halfmarathon #keto #instarunners #womensrunningcommunity #womenrunnerscommunity
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