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i'm tired hhhh i added onto the ref this morning lol sshjsjs #fb_adm2flowershop #fb_adm2bakery bc idk ye t sjsjs
Cerise is so happy to have gained a friend. ❤️😁 Inku - @pyokoexzs . . . . . . . . #fb_adm2bakery #animestyle #chibi #animeart #digital #digitalart #drawing #sketch #draw #instaart
Art trade with @savas.de.fish I'm sorry i dont do ur daughter justice 🙏 #fb_adm2bakery casually tags bc it was supposed to be AT for the adm anyway wud rejoin if i didn't have exams in a week and still no motivation 🤔
Planning to flesh her out more. . Presenting my OC: Cerise, a fox spirit. . She hated her red eyes. People ran away as soon as she's in sight. . "Please don't go. I just want to be friends." . Then her beloved grandma brought her contact lenses to hide the despicable color. . She was happy. She made friends. But whenever she faces the mirror, her eyes start to glow melting her lenses and revealing the much hated deep red color. . When her grandma died, she said to Cerise that she will soon find someone else or maybe a lot of them who will learn to love her real color. . ---- Cerise is very sensitive when it comes to her eyes. She only speaks about it when she's ready to open up. . She is also very expressive. She can become a very energetic and excited one minute and become overwhelmed with negativity the next. While she talks to everybody, she's very choosy as to whom she can open up. And when she's chosen someone, she tends to be clingy and overprotective. She also loves to do pranks (all harmless) to those she's close to (taught by her Grandma). . She shows enthusiasm and passion when it comes to physical activities and baking. . Now, are you willing to be her friend? 🤔 . #fb_adm2bakery #animestyle #oc #originalcharacter #rj_ocs #animeart #animegirl #foxspirit #digital #digitalart #instaart #anime #draw #drawing
-Nemuyu's backstory- It always feels suffocating. I did everything. Excelling in sports, getting good grades, i did everything everyone has wished to do in their lives as a student. But there was always something missing inside of me. What does people normally dream of? Girls? A lot of them always flocks around me but that wasn't it. Money? I wasn't interested with it. But i always found my eyes locked onto the dresses displayed on the boutiques around the streets. It's weird to hear this from a healthy, male, high school student, right? But it was the truth, and everytime i try to deny it, i suffocate even more. I drown even more in this pain. To see myself in clothes that i actually prefer for once was my only wish. But i don't want to ruin everyone's expectations. Those eyes that always look at me with admiration, i don't want them to stare down at me with disgust on those eyes. The stressful thinking keeps on repeating, and one day i couldn't keep on holding it all. Deciding to cool down my head, i went down the streets to find myself a light coffee to cheer myself up. Thats when i found Flower Bakery. The sight of everyone with so many difference gathering as one amazed me. A half unicorn, a demon, you name it. Everyone got along well without looking down on anyone. It was so peaceful. So warm. I feel like i could breath again on that day. Once i got home, i made a decision to myself. I went to look for people who accepts dress commissions, and found myself a college student who's willing to help even with my gender. Inspired by the warmth and softness of the chiffon cake i had on that day too, i tried learning to bake. Slowly but steadily, i started getting a hold of it, with the goals of getting into Flower Bakery to be achieved. And now the time is here. I smiled as i read the flyer stating that Flower Bakery is accepting new workers. No matter how quiet or awkward i am, i mustered up my courage to walk proudly into Flower Bakery with a frilly skirt and a feminine hoodie.
i cant draw food to save my life but i guess i tried.. "It's.. supposed to be a Milk and Peach flavored Mille Crepe with an Orangette, but it.. ended up looking more like pancakes..? I am still a beginner in baking so i'm sorry.. The soft feeling of a mille crepe and the taste of fresh fruits like peach and oranges just reminds me of you! I've looked up to you ever since i first visited Flower Bakery and i wish i can express that enough.. And i feel like orangettes really captures your appearance! Uh.. once again.. happy birthday!" #art #digitalart #food #lined #colored #fb_adm2bakery
I finally finished it OTL GenBen Celestyna here to steal your girls //slapped// Gdi it's so bright though xD --- #wintaa_oc #wintaa_celestyna #fb_adm2bakery
FB Art trade with @cmaharani2 ~ Sorry I took a while and I hope I didn't butcher her 😭 --- #fb_adm2bakery
#fb_adm2bakery #fb_marguerite Seojoon: "It's almost the birthday of the one and only fb mascot, Marguerite! This shortcake will be my gift for her. Between the cake is a layer of vanilla yoghurt and strawberries, enclosed with 2 layers of raspberry jam. There is a green apple flavoured glaze on top of the first cake layer. There is also whipped cream and mango slices above the glaze. My sister bought some candy, again... She's gonna get a cavity one day I'm sure... So anyways, I used those candies for the tiny colourful flower petals and the white flower. The flower was actually made out of marshmallow pieces put together! Ah! There was meant to be tangerines in the cake too but I accidentally ate them all... Sorry... I tried to make a fruit-themed cake since Margeurite does gardening! The flower and petals idea were actually kinda last minute! But it's good because the shop itself, is called 'flower' bakery. Okay, I've used a spell on it! Now the freshness can be preserved until the actual day. Hope she likes it!"
i drew this like a week ago but never posted it rip,, but enjoy this small sketch i did uh — ; ☁️ #art #drawing #illustration #sketch #traditional #sasucchi_support #kmoc_jayce #fb_adm2bakery
A Giant Flowery Cupcake for Marguerite. 🎉❤️ ---- Ceris overdid the icing. "Eh? But it's sparkly! So sparkly it is!" "Cause I see her sparkling like when the sun rays hit the morning dew in a garden full of vibrant flowers." ---- Actually my first time to draw cupcakes. 🤔 #fb_adm2bakery
[ ART TRADE? ] . [ OPEN! ] . Open for FB adm and non FB Comment your oc tag and choose between Chibi,thigh up or Halfbody. I'll DM you if i choose you.💕 . I'll start my part after your part done! . List of people who AT 1. @/kyleechii 2. @/ryukiiro 3. @/cooxkie_ 4. @/pandam0niu_m 5. @/emu.png 6. @kazurichii 7. . #mienaoc_rosemint #art #illustration #drawing #draw #picture #photography #artist #sketch #sketchbook #paper #pen #pencil #artsy #instaart #beautiful #instagood #gallery #watercolor #creative #photooftheday #instaartist #fb_adm2flowershop #fb_adm2bakery #sasuchi_support
Cakes and Flames ▸ ✦ SELECT SKIN Young Seojoon ▸ RHSMA Uniform {LOCKED} Civilian Outfit {LOCKED} ✦ STORY MODE ▸ Prologue ▸ Ep. ii ▸ ✦ PLAY ▸ ✦ ⭐️Welcome to Hoshizora Kingdom ⭐️ ✦ ⭐️ LOCATION ⭐️ South Portal Station - Yonggam Kingdom ✦ "The next trip to depart from gate 7 will be the 10:45 portal to Hoshizora. Thank you for travelling with us." sang the announcer over the monitor. ✦ Finally! ✦ "Come on, Mina. Let's go!" I called to my sister, who was asleep on the chair adjacent to mine. ✦ "Wa- We going already?" She sighed, not moving from her seat. "I'm gonna miss home so much!" ✦ "Let's. Go." ✦ In a spark of irritation, I yanked her arm, pulling her up from her seat. ✦ "I'm sorry, passengers. There has been some difficulties that we won't be able to fix within a week. The portal to Hoshizora will not be functioning until further notice. Your money has been refunded. Please step away from gate 7." addressed the staff. ✦ "What do we do now, brother?" Mina queried. ✦ I paused and thought carefully. There should be an alternative travel method. ✦ "Mina, do you know if our realm is linked with Hoshizora?" I wondered. ✦ "I'm not sure..." she pondered. "I know that we're linked with some of the other South Korean realms. But Hoshizora is a Japanese one... Are you actually thinking of taking a plane?" ✦ "No way," I answered, "We should travel by boat. It'll give us more fresh air, and plus, wind magic would counter your plant magic. We can't risk running into any wyverns. Is that okay?" ✦ "But then water counters fire. What'll you do if a sea serpent appears?" ✦ "Remember, plant counters water. I think you'd be able to handle it. Also, I have a "golem's ring". I want to test it out, since I just got it." ✦ "Good point! Okay then, off to the wharf!" ✦ GAME SAVED. GO TO SOUTH WHARF? OK ▸ ✦ {CONTINUED IN COMMENTS}
__ #fb_adm2bakery #BTD_Connections __ Bio: Alexander's family lived on heavenly green hills in the middle of nowhere and had all kinds of natural, fresh produce to work with. They cultivated gorgeous, glistening vegetables in the back farm and kept a luscious barn housing chickens, cows, goats, rabbits, sheep and horses all on their very own territory. All assortments or deliciously fresh produce. And, that isn't the end of it. A couple acres away is a dense assortment of almond-brown trees that hide away precious gems that reside in the forest. Fish, fungi, and fruits are just examples of the wonders that can be found there. The Millers' are a very well known family in the food industry for their outstanding quality ingredients, grown with care and concision and picked during the best of times. Alexander had always been interested in cooking. His interest grew when he was 6 after being given the chance to help his mother out with a family dinner for the first time. He was originally only able to watch her cook from the sidelines, but after having a try at the craft himself, the little things his mother let him partake in sparked something in him. He's been cooking ever since and improved drastically, his passion ever bubbling. He also occasionally competes with his mother to make the best food, however always he fell short. She was still the best chef in the household. Even though he enjoyed competition from time to time, the thing he loved most about food was the excitement of experimenting and making new dishes, as well as refining his work. However, while his savoury dishes were always top notch, his baking skills were a little left to be desired. He seemed to struggle a little with technicality when it came to desserts. He could do simpler ones of course, but they were generic. Without a solid foundation, Alexander finds it difficult to incorporate his creative ideas with his sweets.
Let's be friends! -Cerise. And maybe do trades and/or collabs lol. #fb_adm2bakery
Celestyna for the Hogwarts AU uvu --- • Gryffindor • Thestral • Elderwood with Phoenix feather core 12 1/2 surprisingly swishy flexibility --- #wintaa_ref #wintaa_celestyna #fb_adm2bakery
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