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Love with 11 letters? Hildegardis.❤💆🏼‍♂️#inlove #sonice #hildegardisschule #fanfiction
This is awesome💜 #Repost @kliuwong with @repostapp ・・・ Illustration I did for the hilarious essay "Learning to Appreciate My Chamber of Secrets" by Kendra James now up on @lennyletter !!! A really fun look at how fan fiction helped the author learn about sex& sexuality, thanks so much @geometricsleep for the job!! Link in bio to read #illustration #art #harrypotter #fanfiction #sexed #color
Part 1 who will you choose - - You're a force sensetive and comander for the first oder. You worked with kylo and general hux for a long time. You've worked hard for starkiller base until the resistance attacked and blew it up. Now you're heading with kylo and general hux to seprime leader snoke... - - You walked with kylo and hux to a big black room with a huge windo where you could see over the hole secret base where snoke was hiding. When you where in front of the chair it turned and you're leader looked at the 3 of you. I'm diseponted at all of you he said frustrated. General hux took a step closer. I take full responsibility si-. GENERAL! Snoke jelled at hux before he could finish his sentence. Silence filled the room until snoke said general get everything ready to make a new base and dont disepoint me again. Hux gave a slight nod and head off. Comander y/n go help hux and make sure he doesn't get distracted. And kylo I'll complete you're training. Then snoke stood up and gave a sign that kylo should follow him. Kylo gave you one last stare and walked out the room aswell. When they where gone you headed to hux and the rest of the officers and lieutenants.... - - - #starwars #kyloren #generalarmitagehux #fanfiction #kylorenxreader #huxxreader #starwarsep8
" Is It Right? "- #29 L:" ich hab dir doch gesagt es ist nichts schlimmes" nuschelt er mir ins Ohr. Hab ich wirklich geschlafwandelt? Aber wer ruft denn dann immer an? So viele Fragen und ich habe keine Antwort auf sie. O:" aber wieso bin ich dann heute nicht geschlafwandelt?" L:" weiß ich nicht. Vielleicht weil ich da bin. Komm schon gehen wir frühstücken. " zusammen gehen wir in die Küche, wo Mandy schon den Tisch deckt. Nach dem Essen gehen Lukas und ich in den Park spazieren. Hand in Hand laufen wir durch den Park, bis wir uns auf eine Bank setzen. Lukas küsst mich, doch ich bin nicht ganz bei der Sache. Er scheint das auch zu merken, und bricht ab. O:" es tut mir leid, aber ich kann an nichts anderes als an diese Sache denken. " L:" kein Problem aber du musst dich ablenken. Wie wärs wir holen unsere Badesachen und treffen uns mit den anderen beim Badesee. " Süß das er versucht mich abzulenken. Ich nicke und zwanzig Minuten später sitze ich auch schon auf meinem Handtuch zusammen mit Lukas, Mike und Zoe. Es ist ziemlich voll hier. O:" Leute? Ich will ein Eis, wer kommt mit zum Kiosk? " Z:" ich. Jungs wollt ihr auch eins?" M:" ja gerne." Nachdem sie uns gesagt haben welches Eis sie wollen, laufen Zoe und ich zum Kiosk. Dort angekommen stellen wir uns an der Schlange an bis ich jemanden meinen Namen rufen höre. Ich drehe mich um und sehe Tyler der lächelnd auf mich zu kommt. T:" hey, lange nicht mehr gesehen, wie geht's dir?" O:" Gut und dir? Mit wem bist da?" T:" auch. Ein paar Freunde sind mit mir hier. Wir sitzen dort hinten. " er zeigt in eine Richtung und ich erkenne, dass er mit Jason, Liam und Nora hier ist. Nora ist eines der schönsten und beliebtesten Mädchen der Schule. Aber sie ist nicht diese typische bitch, sondern echt nett. Ich hab schon öfters mit ihr geredet und ich verstehe wieso fast jeder Junge in sie verliebt ist. ******************** in den Kommentaren geht's Weiter.
shameless self promotion here: you don't have to read it but I'd like it if you did, I need inspiration for oneshots as well #cashby #fanfiction #wattpad
Dan pada akhirnya, yang coba aku pertahankan denganmu akan sirna, seiring berjalannya waktu. Dan pada saatnya seseorang akan menarikku untuk menjauh darimu, menjauh diantara kamu dan dia, seperti sebelumnya, seperti saat memang aku tak berada diantara kalian dengan posisiku yang salah. Mungkin suatu hari kita akan bertemu dalam keadaan dan waktu yang tak salah, dan mungkin ketika seseorang tak membawaku untuk benar-benar melupakanmu~ Good bye~ Saranghae~ ❤ #Fanfiction
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ---Skip one day--- ~Kaitlyn's POV~ I woke up and it's Tuesday and Sam texted me to come to her house at 3pm.So I got up,got dressed,showered and went downstairs to take breakfast : K/m: Hi ! Me:Hi mom ! Can I go to Sam's house at 3pm ? K/m:Of course but be back at 6pm we have to pack all the other things in the house. Me: Okay😊 I finished my breakfast and went upstairs to my room and chilled on my phone. ---skip 3pm--- It's 3pm I go to Sam's house and I knock on the door 🚪 she opened and we go up to her room. Then 5mins later Marion came and she say: S:So I have to tell you something... M&K:We have to tell you something too ! But go ahead ! S: Okay so I'm moving... M&Me: Where ?! S:Virginia. M&Me: Yessss !!!😄 S:You two are moving there too ? M&Me: Yessssss!!😂😁 S:Omg I'm so happy but I am leaving Freddie...😞 M:You will find someone else😊 Me:There are lots of boys in Virginia 😏😂 S:Haha yeah I hope so. M:When are you moving ? S:On Wednesday. Me:Like me !😁 S: Yay we will travelled together !😁and you Marion ? M:I have to go now girls see You tomorrow 😊 S&Me:Okay bye see you tomorrow!😊 *Marion left* Me:I have to go too I have lots of stuff to do before I go. S:Okay bye. Me:Bye. I left Sam's house and go to mine. I called my cousin,Aurélie she lives in Virginia: ---conversation--- A(aurélie): Hi ! How are you ? Me: I'm good and you ? A:me too. Me:Guess what ? A:What ???? Me:I'm moving to Virginia tomorrow !!!! A:No way !!!! Me:Yessssss A: Why didn't you tell me before ? Me:I was so excited and surprised! A:Oh okay we are gonna see each other every days !!!! Me:Yesssss !!! I have to hang up now I have to pack some things for tomorrow. A:Okay bye see you tomorrow! Me:Byeee ---end of conversation--- ---to be continued--- ~I hope you enjoyed 😊❤~ #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfiction #fanfiction
Саске полицейский:D Когда в аниме маленький Саске говорил,что станет полицейским в будущем - я пытался представить его таким,но у меня никогда не выходил его идеальный образ,ахах. Но смотря на эту картину,мне вновь захотелось прочитать что-то именно на эту тему. Ну,может про серьезного и примерного Саске,рядом с хулиганом Наруто:D Хорошего дня) #narusasu #sasunaru #naruto #sasuke #uzumaki #uchiha #anime #manga #narutoshippuden #narutogaiden #narutofan #yaoi #love #yaoilove #sexy #slash #ship #shipping #fanfiction #gay #gayboys #gayloving #art #drawing #draw #sketch #sketching
*Ashley's P.O.V* Today was pretty humid for a winter day! I had literally nothing to do so I decided to scroll through my Instagram. I felt like I was Rihanna's number 1 fan! Hopefully I am.. I looked at Rihanna's page and saw that she was going on some tours. O.M.G!!!! She's coming to Boston!! I got really excited that I rolled off my bed. I screenshot the photo and sent Vanessa the screenshot. I also texted: 'VANESSAAAAAA' at 5:36 in the afternoon. Then I started to spam her texts. She finally answered at 6:00!! As always, she'd say: 'WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT'. I FaceTimed her and she answered. "ASHLEY WHY WERE YOU SPAMMING ME!?", she said as if someone died. "RIHANANNAAAAAA RIHANNAAAAAA!!!!", I yelled. "What do you mean?? I know you love Rihanna but WHAT DA FRICK DO YA MEAN?!!?", Vanessa yelled. "SHES COMING TO BOSTON YAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAA", I said excitingly. "But Ashley... that day she's coming to Boston is on March 23rd... we have school that day..", she said rather sad. I then let out one of my cries I usually do. "CALL ME OUT SICK WAAHHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHH", I cried. "Ya know, there's a chance we can ask Rihanna 😏", smirked Vanessa. Hey guysssss! This fanfic is about @badgalriri and it's for @miesesashley ! This is only part 1 don't freak out! 😂😂😂 I need to get some more ideas so this might be chapter one sooo yea... This is actually not my first book! I have this app that I make books on so yea 😂😂 keep calm and request me stories to make! #chapter1 #fanfiction #fanfic #rihanna #rihannafandemonium #riri #stories #story
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