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The tears he had been holding back flowed readily now, streaking his face. “So, she tried to make me... um... ‘interested’. She started to... oh God... she was sucking me off and it was just... it was awful... I wanted her to stop but... fuck... she was already being rough and I knew what she’d do if I resisted. But I couldn’t and, when she realised that, she bit me. Hard. And I was already feeling sick because of what... because of what she was doing... and I threw up.” He couldn’t continue speaking and wept into his free hand; Rob moved to the bed and held him until he was calmer. He flashed Rob a weak but grateful smile. “Sorry. Um... that was when I saw this new... fury, I guess. It was different. It’s hard to describe, but it was like I’d flipped a switch. She grabbed the poker again and I knew she was going to kill me. I can’t explain how. I just... knew. I... I don’t really remember anything after that. I vaguely recall running – the pain was unbearable. And then Rob was talking to me, but I couldn’t speak. And then I was here, today. But they said I’d been out for a week?” Rob nodded, completely oblivious to the tears flowing in rivulets down his own face. How had Rich survived this? And how was he going to survive everything that was still to come?
Can we talk about the look he gives her?
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~the girl~ •chapter 5• \Ages/ Hayden- 15 Annie- 16 Jayden- 16 Kenzie- 17 Brennan- 17 Katie-16 Hayley-12 Annie: Jayden what's going on??! Jayden: I need u to listen to everything I say this may be crazy but it's for u safety Annie: um ok? Jayden: you need to go pack for a month Annie: UM WHAT? Jayden: Hayden will explain later but u need to leave now Annie! You need to trust me ok? Annie: ok *5 minutes later* Hayden: ANNIE WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW! Annie: I'm coming I'm coming! *Hayden grabs Annie's bags before she can even make it down the stairs* Annie: what about Hayley?! Hayden: we need to go come on! Annie: I can't just leave her! Hayden: Annie I know we just met but you need to trust me ok? This is for your safety Annie: ok.... Hayden's POV. I have been driving for two hours, I still have no clue where we're going I just know I had to leave. Annie is asleep with the chair leaned all the way back. As long as Annie is safe that's all that matters to me. I know we just met but there's something special about her, something that makes me feel like she needs all my love and protection. I don't know what this feeling is but I'm just going to keep driving until the sun goes down.
Chapter 2 Jaxson pov I decided to go to Busch gardens today. Hopefully I meet some fans. Before I leave, I'm going to go through my tags and like some posts and then leave. ---20mins later--- We are abt to leave so I'm going to tweet it out. Y/n pov We are almost there! I'm so happy like, who knew one person could make me so happy. ---10mins--- We are here, time to go look for jax. We've looked for a bit but haven't seen him yet. He should be around here somewhere. That's when I saw him, standing,smiling, and greeting fans. Jaxsons pov There are so many people here. I didn't know so many of my fans lived in Florida. I've been talking to a group of fans for abt 5mins when I saw her.... {tag jax?} @jaxsonandersonn @jaxsonandersonn #jaxsonanderson #fanfiction pic creds to @its.daddy.ashley
Part 6 Your POV He wasn't there. Grayson wasn't in his EE. "ASHTON! ASHTON! ASHTON WHERE ARE YOU?!" I yelled frozen to the spot as Ashton ran up to me. "Y/n? Y/n what is it....." he trailed of seeing Grayson not in his bed and the curtains and window wide open. "He could still be in the house. GRAYSON WHERE ARE YOU? THIS ISN'T FUNNY LITTLE MAN WHERE ARE YOU?" "The window is wide open ok! It's never like that because it makes a draft which makes it too cold for Grayson." I cried as Ashton yelled. "What has that fucker done with my son?" "I know I shouldn't of gone to work today. You needed to keep a constant eye on him." "Y/n there is no need for blame. This isn't helping. How was either us expecting to know that he'd break in and take Grayson." I nodded and cried, "we need to phone the police and try and track him down." He nodded as well just as my phone went of with a text and a few pictures. It read: "He is my son. I want full custody." Then I looked at the pictures of Grayson with him. Looking slightly confused and sad. My poor baby, who could do this to him? "Where is my son?" I text back. "Our y/n. Come to 26 oak street then we can discuss all this.." I read his text out to Ashton. "I'm calling the police." "Ok but we have to go. I need my son. He nodded ringing the police in the passenger seat and I drove with tears streaming down my face. 🖤for @dani.hood also feel like this imagine is going to be super long
Original PR/ idea update: I kinda got the aesthetic of the suit down...FINALLY. now to do the rest of the team...I might do the helmet less busts sketches first, idk. #powerrangers #supersentai #Dragonsoul #itsmorphintime #red #fanmade #fanfiction
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