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[au: hold my hand, 15/?] _______ Draco wanted to tell Harry how he feels, but he couldn't. He holded his hand for a moment and runs away. ____________ # q: Your favourite social networks? 📲 # a: WhatsApp & Instagram _____________ Comment "🐱" if you want to be tagged. ______________ extra tags: @_simod_ @braelyn.25 @jungterra @thelovelydark_ @paulap_dmiholjac ____________ #harrypotter #jkrowling #hermionegranger #emmawatson #danielradcliffe #dracomalfoy #tomfelton #drarry #drarryship #story #fanfic #fanfiction #fanfics #harrypotterworld #harrypotterfan #harrypottership #harryanddraco #dracoandharry #drarryismyotp #dracoxharry #drarryship #drarryfeels #hinny #romoine #ronweasley #hermionegranger #au #imagine #lavanderbrown #albusdumbledore #harmione #drarryau
Ive been working on another commission.. its been a while since i last posted again. well anyway, this is a cover for a fanfic of RWBY. :D #fanfiction #fanfic #fanart #commission #commissionsopen #commissionedart #digitalart #digitalsketch #digitaldrawing #digitalpainting #digitalillustration #illustration #sketch #wip #jhincxfaust #anime #rwby
I really didn't expect to love this book as much as I do. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Cath and Levi are so cute. I don't like Wren though. It's a very cute contemporary. The fanfiction bits were a delight too and really convinced me to buy Carry On 'cause I absolutely need to read more about Simon and Baz. The writing was also very smooth and pleasing. 5/5 🌟 #rainbowrowell #book #reading #bookreview #library #quotes #fangirl #fanfiction #bookworm #finishedbook #anxiety #contemporary #youngadultbook #review #opinion #levi #cath #simonandbaz #bookinenglish #rating #bookrating #bookish #teenagers #bookaddict #writer #bookstagram #bibliophile #booklovers #story #livres 📘
Ashely pov ?: "I'm jack, and this is corbyn,Jonah,Zach, and Daniel, and we are the why don't we boys." He says introducing them. Me:" well nice to meet you." You saw blushing at jack. David: "ok so Ashely you are gonna be staying here with the boys ok?" He says and I nod. David leaves and all my stuff is already. I look around nervously. Me: "so what do you guys wanna do?" I question as a smirk comes on their faces. Daniel: " lets go outside in the pool and play around." He says while heading upstairs. Me: "where is my room?" I ask as jack stands up and jesters me to follow him, so I do.we go upstairs and my room is next to Jack's. Jack: " Here is your room, next to mine😀" he says with a big smile. Me: "thanks." I says slowly closing the door. Jack nods and walks to his room. I find my bathing suit and put it on. It was black and neon green. I grabbed my towel and put it around me, while walking downstairs​. I see the boys all sitting down on their phones. Me: "ok let's go." Jack looks up then elbows Daniel. They all stand up and we go out side. I'm sitting on a chair away from the pool. All the boys were in the pool except jack. I look around then I hear foot steps, I turn around and see jack behind me, I go back to looking at the pool then I feel arms lift me up and throw me into the pool. I swim up and look at jack. Me: "really!? Imma get you back, just watch! I decided to stay in the pool. We played chicken fight and other pool games. It was 7:48 at night and I got out the pool and took a shower and got to bed. ///Next morning// I woke up and screamed. Tbc... This is horrible 😂😂 gonna make another later. @jackaverymusic @jackaverymusic #fanfiction #bored #jackavery #like #follow
I didn't even recognize her at first but then I realized while looking at her hrwur, holy crap, what happened to that little girl who had a massive crush on konohamaru? • • • • •#qotd did you think moei and konohamaru were gonna be like naruto and hinata? • •have a great day/night 🌕☀️ • • •follow my clan account @isbaeclan dm me to join it • • • • #aotd yeah, I though they'd be almost exactly like them tbh • • •don't forget to wave that rainbow flag all month I know I will🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 • • • • • • • TAGS
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Part.18 y/n: "hah?" ahjumma: "melihat kalian aku jd ingat masa muda ku dulu" y/n: 'pasti karna baju kita sama' katamu dalam hati. "ohh haha i..iyaya" ahjumma: "nih buburnya silahkan menikmati" y/n: "kamsahamnida..." kamu membawa pesanan itu ke meja kalian. jimin: "wahh harum sekali!" y/n: "sudah cepat dimakan!" jimin: "sepertinya kau dendam sekali padaku" y/n: "memang!" jimin: "kkkkk" *tertawa sambil mengelus rambutmu* sambil memakan bubur. kamu tidak bisa berhenti memeperhatikan jimin, walaupun begitu jimin menengok kamu langsung buang muka. [y/n pov]: hhh aku jadi ingat saat kita minum kopi untuk pertama kalinya, aku berhadapan sperti ini dengan jimin. semakin hari rasa sukaku terus bertambah, aku mencoba menutupinya dengan pura22 tidak peduli atau menunjukan rasa kesal didepannya tp tetap saja aku tidak bisa menahannya. dia memang benar22 seorang yg sangat perhatian ya walaupun terkadang dia memang menyebalkan sekali! [y/n pov end] jimin: "yak y/n... kau ini kebiasaan ya. dari pertama kali kita bertemu sampai sekarang kau sering sekali melamun, apa kau sedang punya masalah? ceritakan saja semuanya padaku" y/n: "aah t..tidak kok" jimin: "jawabanmu selalu saja begitu" y/n: "mwo?sudah jam segini! bukankah kita harus pulang?" jimin: "ah iya betul! ayo kita harus cepat masih ada setengah jam sebelum keberangkatan terakhir" kalian bergegas pergi karena kalian akan pulang pada jam terakhir keberangkatan kereta. sesampainya di stasiun kerta tiba22...... y/n: "ASTAGA!!! HP KU TIDAK ADA DI TAS!!!" . . . next/end?comment! yang mau di tag juga silahkan, comment aja😊 #imaginebts #imaginebtsina #armyina #fanfiction #fanfictionbts #bantanboys #fanfictionindonesia
"So today I will be assigning your music partner. You both are required to find a song to play, on any instrument. That is all. So here are the partners. Kai and Krystal, Baekhyun and Taeyeon, Jimin and Seulgi, Jungkook and Y/N, ......." you zoned off after she said your name. You were happy, because he was your friend and crush. He has been your crush for five years already. After she called everyone's name, he came to you. "Hey, Y/N!! I already have an idea for this, so why don't you come to my house? You already know my address," he chuckled. "Sure," you replied. The next day, you went to his house. He showed you the paper with all his plans on it, and you agreed. You and Jungkook will both be playing two different pianos, across from each other. You both started to practice your part on Jungkook's piano, and then it was time for you to leave. Everyday, this routine kept going on, until the day of your performance. You both sat opposite of each other, and got ready to play your part. You had the melody, and Jungkook had the harmony. When you both started playing, everyone went quiet. It was beautiful. After you finished playing, everyone stood up, and gave you a round of applause. Jungkook stood up, walked to you, grabbed your hand, and bowed. He then told everyone to be quiet, as he had a question to ask you. "Hey, Y/N, we have been best friends for a while, and I want to change that. Will you go out with me?" You were surprised, and then you became extremely happy. "Yes!"
first chapter from my new fanfic!😂 enjoy🙌 - Y/n's POV I wake up, it's 6am. I take off my pyjamas and put on my jeans, a white T-Shirt and my Nikes. Mom said she's going to make breakfast so I'm going downstairs. END OF POV - |downstairs in the kitchen| - Y/m: Hey sweetie, did you sleep well? Y/n: huh? Yeah,sorry, I was out of mind just thinking about...😅 Y/m: What were you thinking about? Y/n: Actually nothing important *actually it's this boy who I'm thinking about* Y/m: Ok, if you say so☺ Eat something before you go to school. - |Y/n ate breakfast, she sits on the sofa in the living room bc she had a few minutes left| - »doorbell rings« - Y/n: Mom? Who is this? Sara didn't call me so who's picking me up for school? Y/m: .... - AYYYY FIRST CHAPTER DONEE!!😂😂👌 I know it's boring now, but I promise it'll get better! just keep on reading☺ next chapter = 💬10+ & ❤+20 - #jacobsartorius #fanfiction #fanfics #sartoriusfanfics #sartoriusfanfictions
3 Part :) ---------- ,,Darf ich mich vielleicht neben dich setzen?'' Fragst du unsicher. ,,J-Ja klar'' lächelt er dich an. Du setzt dich neben ihn und stellst deinen Ordner auf den Tisch. Maurice widmet sich seinem Block und kritzelt. Als du erkennen kannst wie er zeichnet bist du überrascht. ,,Er zeichnet so schön!'' Denkst du dir. Als er zu dir schaut, schaust du schnell weg. Mit einem Augenwinkel siehst du wie er anfängt zu Lächeln. Die Vorlesung beginnt. Du klappst deinen Ordner auf und bemerkst nicht dass auch die Chibi Zeichnung von Maurice drin ist. ,,bin ich das?'' Fragt er dich mit seiner süßen Stimme und lächelt. Du läufst sofort rot an und antwortest unsicher ,,Ja eheh''. ,,Süß...'' spricht er. --------------- #Maudado #FF #fanfiction
He asked you if you wanted to go eat with him. You agreed, because who doesn't like free food? So here you are in your room, trying to decide which dress to wear. This sparkly, cute one? Or this casual, sexy one? You decided to go for the sparkly one, and put on your shoes. You grabbed your purse, and waited outside. After a couple of minutes, Taehyung pulled up with his car. He walked out the car, went to the other side, and opened it up for you. He smiled, and you smiled back. You got in the car, and waited for him to start driving. On the way to the restaurant, you both sang and danced to the best of your ability, and laughed so hard you thought you were going to explode. When you finally arrived, you checked in. "Taehyung for 2?" the waitress asked. Taehyung stood up, grabbed your hand, and walked to her. She smiled at you both, and said,"You two are a cute couple,". "Oh no no, we-" "Thank you ma'am" Taehyung cut you off and smiled to the waitress. He smirked at you, and then went to sit down in the booth you both were assigned. You both weren't very hungry, so you both decided to share some pasta. When the food came, you grabbed a fork, and started to dig in. Taehyung laughed at you, and then started to dig in as well. You didn't know what was going to happen next. You went in for another bite, at the same time as Taehyung and something shiny caught your eye. You were about to bite off the noodle to look at it when your lips came in contact with another person's. You looked up, eyes wide, and saw Taehyung staring back at you. He pulled away, and looked away, blushing. You decided to ask him about this later, after you looked at the shiny thing. You picked it up, and saw it was a little bag. You opened it up, and two objects came out. A necklace and a letter. You took the letter and read it.
My story // wattpad @donat_apple #puteraarnabputih ... What!!? What the... putera katak aq tau lahh... seriously?? aq klu jumpa arnab mmg aq mkn buat sate weh! seyes arr... - park Haera Gila babeng arr ko!! aq bkn tuk ko jdikn mknn ko tu lah!! aq kne sumpah!! si babeng ue sumph aq... Ada ke patot dia jdikn aq arnab?!! Kn best jdi batu ke cawan ke...? -Jeon jungkook Aq xde kne mengena dgn sumpahn tu!! percaya lah kt aq!! aq syg ko cm adik aq lah gila!! -Park Jimin jeng jeng jeng ~ WARNING!! 18+ 😂😂😂😈 . #bangtanboys #bts #ulzzang #baekjaeah #jungkook #jimin #wattpad #mystory #fanfiction #artbyme #editan #vote #followme #comment
This will be the only time I will post about the passing of Robin Twist . Please everyone do not invade . Please remember that it's okay to mourn but don't overstep the boundaries . We have no idea what Harry and his family are going through and we shouldn't pretend that we do . Pay respects , nothing more , nothing less . My thoughts , prayers , and heart goes out to the Styles and Twist family . May Robin rest in peace and that his beloved family not wallow in despair but find peace and happiness in the future . ❤❤❤ . . . . . . . . . . #stripthatdown #slowhands #justholdon #signsofthetimes #larrystylinson #larryaf #larryisreal #louistomlinson #harrystyles #larry #houis #fanfiction #onedirection #fangirling #love #aimhto3million #larryvideos #larryfanfiction #liampayne #niallhoran #zaynmalik #littlemix #perrieedwards #jadethirlwall #jesynelson #leighannepinnock
Chapitre 54: PDV Drago Je repris connaissance mais je ne pus ouvrir les yeux. Mes paupières étaient trop lourdes. Les portes s'ouvrirent. Je m'attendais à entendre arriver l'infirmière mais reconnu la démarche assurée d'Hermione. Elle s'approcha, m'embrassa le front et s'assit. Je m'endormis sa main sur la mienne. Je me réveilla pendant la journée. Je pus ouvrir les yeux, parler et bouger. L'infirmière me remarqua et vont me voir. -Comment vous sentez vous M.Malefoy ? -Bien. Juste un peu soif. Pendant l'après midi, Dumbledore m'appris qu'Hermione avait vu mes pensées. Cela me réchauffa le cœur. Le soir je demandai à Mme Pomfresh de sortir. -Vous n'êtes pas encore rétabli... -Je vous en prie madame. Je me sens vraiment bien. -D'accord... venez... mais le repas à déjà commencé. -Aucun problème. Nous sortîmes et partîmes en direction de la Grande Salle. #fanfictionharrypotter #harrypotter #fanfiction #dramione
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