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Chapter 10 When u finished stopping your head bleeding you went back downstairs and adym wasn't there and you decided to clean up the mess before Colby came back When Colby came back ask he asked about adym and Colby:where's adym and what happened to your head? Y/n:uhhhh adym said his friend called him and I fell and hit my head... Colby:ok.is your head ok Y/n:yea I'm fine let's just watch Netflix Colby:ok babygirl You and Colby pick a comedie moive and ate your in and out after finishing the moive Colby said Colby:do you now what? Y/n:what babe Colby:your so beautiful Colby leans in a kisses you and that kiss slowly turns out to a makeout one thing lead to another your both topless Colby start to kiss your neck leaving some hickeys and when he hit your sweet spot you let little moans escape.Colby reached around your back and unhook your bra and start to leave hickeys on your boobs he slowly made his way down to your waist line and.....(sorry cliffhanger opps😈😏)#lastfam #last_mann #colbybrock #lastfamfanfics #fanfics #colbybrockfanfic
Title: Succinct, Persuasive By: ossapher Genre: AU (college) Plot: Expecting to get an A, Alexander hands in a 26 page essay for a 12 page prompt. Instead, it gets him sent to the writing center. Ships (if any): Hamgelica Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/10750071 #hamilton #hamgelica #alexanderhamilton #angelicaschuyler #fanfiction #fanfics #fics #besthamiltonfanfictions #bestfanfictions #hamiltonfandom #hamiltonfanfiction
PART 40 •Jack’s POV• I could see that she was getting a bit better. She was smiling more, laughing more and mostly she wasn’t looking at me with disgust anymore. It has been a week since I first offered her my help for the removal. Since then I’ve been crashing every night on her couch. It was just the two of us and it felt nice. When I woke up this morning I had this absolutely insane idea but I thought that I had nothing to lose and went for it. When she got out of the shower I asked her carefully “Hey Y/n, listen you don’t have to say yes and I’m probably out of line but would you like to go to the fairground in town with me tonight?” she remained silent for a moment “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked that, would you please forget about..” “Yes sure, why not, it could be fun” she replied with a gentle smile. Wait what? I was surprised. “R-really?” I said stuttering “Really” She replied. I left her flat all smiling and excited and went to my place to get ready. I picked her up at 7 and we left for the fairground. •Your POV• Yes I accepted. I thought that I had the right to be happy too since Joe was moving on. I could see how surprised and pleased he was. We arrived at the fairground we started to make some rides. Jack’s was crying with laughter as I was screaming of terror on the roller coaster. I hate those bloody things. After I almost died of fear we went to buy some silly things to eat. I was looking at the candy floss when Jack noticed it “Do you want one?” “I don’t know” I said laughing “Would it looked childish” “Absolutely” He said winking at me. “Two of this delicacy please” he asked the salesman handing him five pounds. We ate them laughing when we bumped into two people that I knew very well. One especially that used to mean a lot to me. No one was talking as we stared at each other with embarrassment.[...] #fanfics #youtubefanfiction #buttercreamsquad #fanfiction #fanfic #buttercreamsquad
What emoji(s) best represent Mrs. Hudson? ~ Rating: Mature Archive Warning: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Category: M/M Fandom: Sherlock (TV) Relationship: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson Characters: Sherlock HolmesJohn WatsonMycroft HolmesGreg LestradeMolly HooperMary MorstanMrs. Hudson (Sherlock Holmes)Rosamund Mary "Rosie" Watson Additional Tags: Hurt/ComfortFamilyFluff and AngstParentlockDrugsFix-ItIdiots in Love Language: English Stats: Published:2017-02-04Words:10679Chapters:1/1Comments:186Kudos:840Bookmarks:232Hits:5628 ~ #sherlockholmes #sherlockandjohn #johnandsherlock #johnwatson #johnhamishwatson #mycroft #johnlock #parentlock #fanfiction #fanfic #fanfics #fic #fics #johnlockfanfiction #johnlockfanfic #johnlockfanfics #fanficrecs #gayships #gayship #otp #otps #feels #fandoms #multifandom #tumblr #ao3 #archiveofourown
PART 39 •Your POV• It felt nice to laugh again like nothing mattered. Sometimes I thought of forgiving him but then I would remember how he destroyed everything. It was a constant battle in my mind. Should I forgive him or not. I decided not to think about it too much and just live the moment. After dinner he stood up and took his jacket “I should go”. I don’t know why but I replied “You don’t have to”. Maybe it was because I didn’t want to be alone.. again. He turned around and looked at me, I could see the confusion on his face. “Y/n are you sure?” I thought for a moment. “Yes but don’t over think. I just don’t want to be alone.” I said. He sat next to me and we watched a film. {The next morning} I woke up in my bed. I went to the living room and found Jack, sleeping on the couch. I looked at him for a moment and went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. He woke up because of the smell of the eggs probably and joined me. “Hey” he said “Did you sleep well?” “Yes like a baby, but how did I end up in my bed I don’t remember walking to my room.” “You didn’t, you fell asleep so I carried you to your room, I’m sorry I should have woken you up maybe.. I wasn’t too sure because you seemed really peaceful.” “Thank you” I replied with a smile. “Anytime” he said smiling back at me. We ate our breakfast and he got back home to take a shower and change clothes. He was back at my place two hours later to help me finish the furnitures. It was nice to have him here. He showed loads of respect and didn’t attempt to do anything. Sometimes I could see him looking at me with loving eyes and a shy smile. I didn’t say anything but I could feel my heart getting a little bit warmer.[…] #buttercreamgang #buttercreamsquad #youtubefanfiction #fanfic #fanfiction #fanfics
FINALLY HE DYED HIS HAIR😍😍😍😍😍 DANG • • • #markthomas #duhitzmark #downforawhileEP #dyedhair #edit #markia #summer2017 #fanfics
//Part 11// *Wanna do a Collab?* U:"I do like him...." L:"OMG I knew it!" U:"But you can't tell him.." L:"Of course I won't because you will" U:"What? I'm not telling him now" L:"Why not?" U:"I met Caspar last year...and then we talked and now we are really great friends...I don't want to ruin that..." L:"How do you know if he doesn't want more either?" U:"I don't know" L:"Well it won't hurt for you to try" U:"I might then" L:"Good" And then the door opened.. C:"Y/N YOUR OKAY!!" U:"CASPPP!!" *Hugs him* J:"Y/n, Lilly how did this happen?" L:"We don't even know" And then a random person who is the owner of the place and dressing rooms came into the conversation. R:"I am so sorry about this" U:"What even happened?" R:"You see the door has been locked from the outside" L:"How?" R:"I sent people to go lock all the dressing rooms, I guess they didn't think anyone was here" L:"Ohh I guess cuz we turned the lights off and opened the window while we were chillin" R:"I am really sorry" U:"Nah don't sweat it, we good" R:"I can never understand what young people say" *Hahahahah* U:"Sorry" U:"You don't have to worry, it was sorta our fault in the beginning" L:"Ya, so you don't need to apologize" R:"Oh okay, well we hope to see you next year!" L:"Of course this was so much fun!" U:"Totally!" C:"This was so much fun!" J:"Yeah, I'm glad Caspar invited me!" And then we left and headed to the hotel. Before we went our separate ways. I decided to ask a question. U:"Do you guys wanna do a collab?" ------------------------ Okay so I hope 🤞 I will be on time now. ------------------------ #fanfiction #joefics #fanfics #joesugg #casperlee #lillysingh #iisuperwomanii #youtube ------------------------ Comment below 🌷 "How many lips does a flower how?" "Two-lips!" (tulip)😮😂🤣😂
Uma plataforma de publicação de livros que eu amo é o Spirit Fanfics e acredito que a maioria daqui conheça, principalmente aqueles que gostam de fanfics. Já encontrei muitas histórias boas que mereciam virar livros, ou melhor, que dão de 10x0 em alguns, principalmente se falarmos do estilo erótico. Ultimamente tenho lido mais fics do que livros, principalmente pela possibilidade de participar ativamente da construção de algumas fics. É tão bom comentar, dar dicas e ver o capítulo seguinte ainda melhor por causa disso. Enfim, fica a dica! #spiritfanfics #dicadeleitura #plataformadeleitura #fanfics
OMF YES DAD! 😤❤️❤️❤️ • • • #markthomas #duhitzmark #downforawhileEP #markia #summer2017 #fanfics #edit #dyedhair
Su Wattpadd, la mia prima Science Fiction! Se vi piace il genere, vi prego di dargli un'occhiata :) http://my.w.tt/UiNb/Bll6B7pGIC #sciencefiction #fantascienza #scifi #wattpad #wattpaditalia #wattpadita #originalstory #fanfics #fics #efp
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