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[au: hold my hand, 15/?] _______ Draco wanted to tell Harry how he feels, but he couldn't. He holded his hand for a moment and runs away. ____________ # q: Your favourite social networks? 📲 # a: WhatsApp & Instagram _____________ Comment "🐱" if you want to be tagged. ______________ extra tags: @_simod_ @braelyn.25 @jungterra @thelovelydark_ @paulap_dmiholjac ____________ #harrypotter #jkrowling #hermionegranger #emmawatson #danielradcliffe #dracomalfoy #tomfelton #drarry #drarryship #story #fanfic #fanfiction #fanfics #harrypotterworld #harrypotterfan #harrypottership #harryanddraco #dracoandharry #drarryismyotp #dracoxharry #drarryship #drarryfeels #hinny #romoine #ronweasley #hermionegranger #au #imagine #lavanderbrown #albusdumbledore #harmione #drarryau
first chapter from my new fanfic!😂 enjoy🙌 - Y/n's POV I wake up, it's 6am. I take off my pyjamas and put on my jeans, a white T-Shirt and my Nikes. Mom said she's going to make breakfast so I'm going downstairs. END OF POV - |downstairs in the kitchen| - Y/m: Hey sweetie, did you sleep well? Y/n: huh? Yeah,sorry, I was out of mind just thinking about...😅 Y/m: What were you thinking about? Y/n: Actually nothing important *actually it's this boy who I'm thinking about* Y/m: Ok, if you say so☺ Eat something before you go to school. - |Y/n ate breakfast, she sits on the sofa in the living room bc she had a few minutes left| - »doorbell rings« - Y/n: Mom? Who is this? Sara didn't call me so who's picking me up for school? Y/m: .... - AYYYY FIRST CHAPTER DONEE!!😂😂👌 I know it's boring now, but I promise it'll get better! just keep on reading☺ next chapter = 💬10+ & ❤+20 - #jacobsartorius #fanfiction #fanfics #sartoriusfanfics #sartoriusfanfictions
This is a "rare" (not really rare I have like 60 million pictures of us making stupid faces) representation of my relationship with my best friend😂💗 @jacobsartorius @jacobsartourius #jacob #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartoriusfanfiction #sartorius #sartoriusfanfic #sartoriusfanfiction #sartoriusfam #sartoriusfamily #sartoriusfamily4life #sartoriussquad #fanfic #fanfics #fanfiction
@jacobsartorius @jacobsartourius #jacob #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartoriusfanfiction #sartorius #sartoriusfanfic #sartoriusfanfiction #sartoriusfam #sartoriusfamily #sartoriusfamily4life #sartoriussquad #fanfic #fanfics #fanfiction Chapter 14: M-IT'S J!!! We took our seats. Some how we were able to sit up in the front by the V.I.P.S? Oh 🐳 Works for me! I cheered for him every song. His voice has changed, It's grown, and it sounds amazing! *After J was all done singing his songs* J-Hey guys, I want to thank every single one of you for coming out tonight. But there is someone I need to apologize to...Morgan...I know you are out in that crowd. I need to apologize to you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for leaving you on such short notice. But Morgan I need to tell you something...ILoveYou❤️. My face grew bright red. I felt like everyone was staring at me, probably because everyone was...thanks for making me noticeable🙃🙂. J-Morgan...I missed you so much. He signaled me to go up on stage...and I did. I jumped up on stage and hugged him. I thought I would knock him over but he is too strong. I can tell he has been working out. I wrapped my legs around his torso. He put his arms around my waist, then firmly kissed my cheek. Now I know this seems like I'm cheating but I'm not. I didn't say ILoveYou back to him...I wanted to but I'm not that kind of girl. After we were done hugging Jacob introduced me to the crowd. *After the concert* J and I are suppose to hang out when he is done getting changed. I went to go find Mark but he was gone...and so was everyone else. *End of chapter* Heyo my dudesss💗
MORNING!!! Yes im still BTR af. 😂 I'm babysitting today, and I want you guys to chose between 2 options. Either me posting 2 chapters today or just posting 1. After I'm done babysittig I'll update. Love you, stay safe. 💙💙💙
My Love From Another World 12 (Your POV) "I do agree, it seems as if though you have quite the problem at hand" Liv said as I had told her about what had happened last night, and the fact that I had to teach Brad how to dance. "You're telling me" I sighed as I ran a hand through my hair. "But, I'm sure you'll come up with something while we're working. And speaking of working, we should get ready" Liv stood up from where she sat beside me on the bed and walked over to the small closet we shared. She pulled two identical dresses out and handed me one of them. I held the dress up in front of me. It was similar as to the other dresses I had seen the servant girls wearing. The dress itself was bright green and looked like it would reach to just below my knees. The top part of the dress was slim while the skirt section of the dress was wide with several of layers. It almost resembled the dresses I had seen in movies taking place in the 18th century, the only difference being the length of the dress. I looked over at Liv only to see that she had already changed into hers, that looked just like the one I held in my hands. She looked over at me as she picked her brush up. "Well, hurry up and change" I looked at the dress again before I gave a small shrug and got ready to change {more in comments}
Özlüyorum!! Fazla değil işte her saniye ♥ #merkortumblr @merveakaydin @mehmetkorhan
(9:30AM) Johnny: hey.. whats up? You: um.. hi uh- Johnny: whats.. wrong? You: oh n-nothing's wrong ahha:') Johnny: o..kay- You: can you come here for a sec? Johnny: um, sure (he sat next to you) You: okay.. um. whatever im going to do. Dont freak out. Johnny: okay (he started looking at you seriously. And yeah. You started looking at him in the eye) Johnny's thoughts: w-what is she doing?😶 🌹you continued looking at him. But as you realized his stare turned into a gaze, you blushed and quickly looked away🌹 Your thoughts: huh.. i looked away. And blushed?! Johnny: so um. what are you wanting to do? You: oh uh. Nothing Johnny: mm.. cmon, lets go (he grabbed your hand) You: w-where are we going?😳 Johnny: to do our project- You: wait, what project? Johnny: we have to make this.. entertaining video thingy. remember? You: oh yea.. right. Johnny: so. A vlog to Disneyland? You: um.. sure i mean- Johnny: kay let's go- You: woah-okay (your driver drived you there | in the car) Johnny: (y/n), are you ok? You: yeah, im fine.. im just- Johnny: you can.. lie your head on my shoulder.. if you want-😶 You: um.. sure. thank you. I need it for now 🌹you were light-headed. And so you did. You were starting to fall asleep. And the last thing you felt was.. his head lying on yours. He too, fell asleep | John woke up🌹 Johnny: OH MY! 🌹boom. The car got crashed. He looked around and.. saw you bleeding. He was hurt. But he can barely even move🌹 Johnny: (y/n)!! -- Johnny: huh. (It was just dream. He woke up, seeing you lying on his shoulder. He was so relieved. He hugged you tight while your head's still lying on his shoulder | you woke up) You: h-hey.. what's wrong? Johnny: oh.. nothing😶 uh i had a horrible dream and i thought you were.. gone. because of me You: oh John.. why because of you? Johnny: car crash. I should've hold you tight or at least hold you close so that you wouldn't get hurt. You: it's not your fault.. (you held his hand. Cus he looked so nervous) forget it it's not true- Johnny: ... ☁next might be a bit.. lets hope romantic ooh 😝❤☁ #johnnyorlando #fanfics #fanfic #fanfiction
BTS SUGA CUTE-ish TEXTFIC ( song - 별이 된 이아 • • • • • • #BTS #jin #jungkook #jimin #suga #rapmon #jhope #v #fanfics #imagines #btsimagines
Thank you guys so much for five hundred! 😭💙
Well fuck it has happened! I made myself a Wattpad with this name.⬆️ I will be writing Danny fanfics(mostly x readers). There not gonna be that good, but what can you do... Link to my Wattpad in my bio! When I will have a new story I will post about it here and(once again) put a link to it in my bio!❤️ #wattpad #danavidan #dannysexbang #gamegrumps #gg #fanfics #xreader
Camping; Chapter 6 ⛔️ THIS IS NOT REAL ⛔️ Repost 😆 — Brennan's POV The game started ... A : Me first! Katie! Truth or dare? K : Truth. A : Do you have a crush on any of these boys? K : Mmm... Yes. A : OoOh, interesting. Okay, Katie your turn. K : Hayden, truth or dare? H : Truth. K : Who's your crush? H : In here? Well because i have to tell the truth. Its Annie. All : OHH! We all laughed then continued, we play many other games untill midnight. And then, we went back to our tent and sleep. == The Next Day == Caleb's POV I woke up because i heard some voices. I thought i was just dreaming but i hear it again. I decided to go out then i saw two girls. C : Why are you screaming? And who are you? V : I'm Via, this is Arden and we're searching for our friend. They have been lost for two days. Have you seen them? C : What does she look like? AR : Well one of them has dark brown hair with light brown ombre, one of them has the same but blonde ombre, and one of them has light brown hair. C : I don't think i see– Annie came out from her tent. V : Omg ANNIE! A : Via! They hugged. Oh yeah, i forgot the have the same hair as Arden said. Annie's POV Via and Arden found us. A : How did you guys found us? V : Well, we're about to go home with the bus. The others are still getting ready then me and Arden decided to search you guys for the last time. You're coming right? A : Of course! Uh.. Caleb, we might have to go. C : Aw shut. I'll miss you guys so much! We hugged, i woke Katie and Liv up and we got ready. Liv's POV Via and Arden found us! But we have to say goodbye to the boys. I'll miss them so much! Especially Brennan. I hugged them all. K : Wait wait wait. Before that, we should tell our numbers so we can meet again! C : Yess! We tell our numbers then we went to the bus. L : Bye everyone! B : Bye Liv! *whispers* i love you. — WELP! This will be the shortest fanfic because it will only have 9 chapters 😂 #Bratayley #FlippinKatie #SimplyLiv #Hannie #RipCaleb #BratayleyFanpage #BratayleyFanfics #Fanfics #Like #Follow
15 parts up at Wattpad: sebbystan1 🚨ADULT CONTENT🚨 #imsebastianstan #sebastianstan #sebbystan #fanfics #fanfiction #fanfictions
Çaktırmadan bakmak isterken göz göze gelinen anın tatlılığı...❤ #merkortumblr @merveakaydin @mehmetkorhan
This... happens to me more often that I'd like to admit 😅 • • • • • • #tumblr #fanfiction #fanfic #fanfics #fanfictions #tumblrposts #fangirlmode #fanboy #fangirlfeels #fandomlife #fandom #fangirlsymptoms #fangirlproblems #fandoms
Morning🌞 Making apple cider muffins for breakfast! I know it's gonna turn out pretty horrible since I'm literally using no reference. I learnt the recipe but still, this is the first time I'm baking a muffin- No I'm serious. My cousins know it so their making their own sandwiches😂 Their so rude really- I'm loosing my motivation already! But you know since it's pretty boring at home I thought I could try out some new things. And oh! |Stay tuned if you wanna see how the muffins turn out. About approximately an hour or so, please check your stories. | Yas lmao I'm sponsoring my muffins 😂 ||Credits to artist💕 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 💫Tags💫 #HinataHyuga #Naruhina #Sunshinefamily #NarutoUzumaki #Hinata #Naruto #OTP #Team8 #Boruto #Himawari #couple #ship #Canon #Anime #Manga #Love #otaku #Japan #narutoshippuuden #Kunoichi #Fangirl #weebtoon #fanfics #Cosplay #Byakugan #twinlionfists #rasengan #jutsu
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