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Your name is y/n. You are currently 9 years old, and you live in Florida. You will be moving to Virginia with your family this summer, because your parents got offered a better job deal. The thing is, you've moved almost every year because of that same reason. You've never really made friends because of that. You are hoping that this time it will be different, that you will make many friends. That you will find the best friend you've always wanted.. - More? #jacobsartorius #fanfics
Chapter 7 He left *Jacob POV* I'm gonna ask her out but I'm scared how I break up with Maddie.i hope she'll understand it *Jacob calls Maddie* M:Hi babe 😊 J:hey.... M:Something wrong baby??? J:Listen I don't wanna break your heart but... M:WAIT:are you breaking up with me 😱 J:I'm sorry Maddie M:But..but...why???? J:it's not you,it's me M:Are you dating someone else? J:no but I'll ask today her out because I think I love her more but don't be sad 😢 there are Ofcourse better guys then my M: Ho is it? J:Y/n M:WHAT!I thought you hate her J:but she forgive me M:but you are to handsome for this little Slut J:DON'T TALK LIKE THIS ABOUT Y/N AND BYE *Jacob hung up* It's already 6:00pm so you get ready.You wore a pink Adidas Hoddie and a stone washed ripped Jeans and Jordan's.You also did a natural make-up and then it was 6:55pm.Then the Jacob came in J:You look beautiful 😍 U:Thanks,you look handsome J:so close your eyes 👀 U:ohhhhh noooooouuuuu J:pls for me U:no 😂 J:Okay then I will close your eyes 👀 U:okiiiiii J:We are going to my favorite place U:I'm kinda scared but also excited J:Okay we're here You opened your eyes and saw a beautiful park with bird's 🐦 and a Shiny sea because the sun was going down U:OMG Jacob this is so beautiful J:Sit with me on the grass U:okay J:I have to tell you something.... U:Go ahead J:I......I U:You what??? J:I l...l....o....v...e you U:Woah...... J:Do you hate me no- You cut him off by a KISS 💋 J:Will you be my girlfriend??? U:Didn't I already said yes? J:Awwwwww😍 U:I love you too baby J:I'LL call you my little princess U:And you are my prince J:wanna go eat by- U:Chipotle right? I told you I literally know everything about you 😂😍 J:Okay lets go *Skip back to the hotel* U:Aren't you tired???😫 J:Actually yes U:So lets sleep okay? J:okay You put on your Pajama J:Woah... U:What? J:I didn't know that I have so a hot girlfriend U:ughhhhh I didn't know I have a so stunning boyfriend 😂 J:gn8 Babygurl or princess U:gn8 prince You both feel asleep 😫 ------------------------------------------- Sorry for the late chapter and my bad English 😂 comment for more @jacobsartorius #fansquad #fanfics #Jacob #cutestboyonearth
The Good Girl's Bad Boys A Wattpad book by an amazing author, Rubix.. Who here has Wattpad? 🙋🙋🙋
Chapter 10 You get a text from Jacob *via texts* Jacob: hey y/n I'm vvvv sorry about the other night Jacob: y/n pls forgive me Jacob: y/n plssss 😩 Jacob:😭😭😪😪 Me and y/n we cuddleing then y/ns phone starts to blow up she looks at it then puts it away Brandon: y/n who is it Y/n: nobody Brandon: Y/N Y/n hands you get phone and u see Jacob blowing up her phone u text him back *via texts* Brandon: stop texting y/n delete her number she doesn't want u and she never will so leave y/n tf alone before we fight Jacob: wow Brandon stfu u can't fight Brandon: bitch cash me outside then Jacob: tomorrow I will Brandon: pussy ass bitch *End of convo* *End of pov* Brandon hands u back your phone u read what he wrote your really gunna fight him you said yah he said o gosh u say you and Brandon lay back down and cuddle Brandon whispers in your ear don't worry baby you both then fall asleep 😴 -comment 4 more gn😘 #fanfics #jacobsartorius #rolf #rowlandtour #arii #wes10 #1k
Brandie's POV : . . Hmmm, Carl is really obsessed with that chick. I have to do something before he propose or something. Well I know I'm prettier than her I can easily get Carl. I have to plan something. Maybe I should ask him out. yes it is a good idea. I need to wear something tight and sexy. Which will attract him. Carl is mine and red can't have him. . . [ #simmers #simming #thesims #ts4 #gaming #love #simstagram #instagram #romance #fanfics #stories ]
CHAPTER 36 (It's not Marks pov) *You gave Mark a "death stare" Mark: Dont call her a brat.. Loren: Why it's the truth isn't it? Jacob: Why are you here Loren? Loren: I just wanted to say hiiiii Y/n: Well you said hi so, byeee Geo: Please dont tell me all of us are on digi tour *He was looking at Mark* Mark: Well we all are, so we better get used to it Loren:I guess... *After a while everyone gets all their stuff and you all go to the airport.* ~Skip the trip~ ~At the new hotel~ Unknown: I'm Kelly, I am the new manager for the digi tour. I have the room arrangements right here *She pulls out a sheet of paper and hands it to you* Kelly: If their are any questions, I'll be in the building next door *She leaves* Y/n: In room #1 it's Alex, Joey, and Tyler. In room #2 it is Nathan, Loren, and Geo. And in room #3 it is Mark, Jacob, and I Jacob: Good thing we're all in the same rooms, if not there would have been lots of drama Mark: True *Everyone goes into their rooms. Then you unpack and get settled in. * Mark: I'll be back in 15 minutes Y/n: Okay.. Jacob: bye *Mark leaves* Jacob: So uh, Y/n can I ask you something? Y/n: Sure Jacob: Are.. you hiding something from me....? Y/n: Nooo... Jacob: I just feel like you arent opening up to me.... ~Y/N POV~ ~Well.... I just think the only thing I want to keep hidden is the things about my family"... I really want to tell Jacob, but how will he react? Mark and him seem to get along... Maybe I can ask Mark if we should tell Jacob... ~END OF Y/NS POV~ Y/n: There is this one thing...but I just dont want to bring it up yet.. Jacob:It's okay, I understand *Jacob goes in and was going to kiss your forehead, but you didnt know. You accidentally turned your head, so your lips locked. But then someone came in... It was. . . ....?!?!? END OF CHAPTER 36 #JacObsessed #Jacobsessors #JacObsessers #JacobSartorius #JacobSartoriusFamily #JacobSartoriusFanfics #JacobSartoriusFanfiction #Muserfanfic #Rjs #Js #BingoMusicVideo #Jacum #JacobS #Fanfics #jacobsartoriussupporters #JacobSartoriusFandom
Brandie and Carl's POV : . . Carl : so it's been a while. Brandie : yes it has been. Carl : how are you been? Brandie : I have been good but I have missed you so much. Carl : well that's good to hear. And yeah I kinda missed having my bestie around. Brandie : awh! I love you Carl : so what do you think about red? *ignoring her conversation* Brandie : *ehh trying to play cool* she seems good. Carl : she is. I love her. Brandie : you do? Maybe it's just attraction, you think it's love. Carl : no I'm sure it's love. I love her. I really do. Brandie : *getting bit annoyed* well anyway as long as you're happy. Carl : Thank you! . . [ #simmers #simming #thesims #ts4 #gaming #love #simstagram #instagram #romance #fanfics #stories ]
Red's and Carl's POV : . . Carl : Oh love, you look crazy when you get jealous. Red : *rolling her eyes* Carl : I'm sorry love,I did not mean to hurt you. She is not a bad women. she was just wanted to hug that's all. It was just an accident. Red : I see. *not sure what to say* Carl : Red! Look into my eyes. Red : *carefully looking at him* Carl : don't your worry, I love you, only you. And I won't leave you for someone else. Red : *feeling little better* I hope so. Carl : you can trust me; you know? Red : I know. Carl : I love you, Red. Red : I love you, Carl. . . [ #simmers #simming #thesims #ts4 #gaming #love #simstagram #instagram #romance #fanfics #stories ]
☆Chapter 26☆ - //At my house// I went up to my room and the guys sat on the couch in the living room and I texted my mom. //Via text// Y/n: "mom where are you?" Y/m: "oh yeah I forgot me and dad went out of town we'll be back in a couple of days" Y/n: "okay but why do u guys always leave out of town?" //End of text// Wow she ignored me but I'm use to it I went downstairs and sat between hunter and Alex and Hunter put his arm around me and we were watching a movie and a few minutes Alex puts his hand on my thigh and went up and I pushed his hand which made me Jump and hunter looks at me. Hunter: "what's wrong?" Y/n: "N-nothing" Hunter: "are you sure" Y/n: "yeah I'm sure" I faked a smile and I looked at Alex and he smirked at me and I just look away and I cuddle on Hunter's chest and Carson looked at me smiling hard like he was gonna kill someone. Y/n: "Carson are you okay??" Carson: "aha yeah I'm fine I was just bored" Y/n: "aha, we'll I'm gonna go use the bathroom" I went upstairs to use mine and when I walked out.. _______________________________ SORRY I've been inactive I was traveling with my Fam.
CHAPTER 36 ~END OF JACOBS POV~ Jacob: So Mark are you packed for tomorrow? Mark: Yeah I have everything ready Y/n: Well we should get some rest... Jacob: Right *After a few minutes Jacob goes to his bed and Y/n & Mark share a bed* ~The Next Morning~ *You get up, take a shower, put on clothes & do your hair.* Mark: Morning Sis Y/n: Morning Bro Jacob: Sibling goalssss *You and Mark laugh* *Then someone knocks* Mark: I'll get it Y/n: Noo I will- *Both of you guys ran to the door, but Mark got their first. You go back and lay down on the bed, getting ready to leave* ~MARKS POV~ -I opened the door and when I did I saw someone I did not like. .. Geo: Mark? Why are you here? Mark: Because I can be. Why are you here? Geo: Because I am here to talk to Y/n.... And Jacob Mark: Stay away from my sister Geo: Your sister...? Mark: Y/n's my sister! Y/n: Whats all this yelling about? Geo: Your brother is this douche bag??!? Mark: Dont push my limits. Geo: Why didnt you tell me he was your brother??? Y/n:Maybe because I just meet you! Like, yesterday....! Jacob: Guysss stop fighting? We're leaving in like 1 hour Mark: Anywaysss, Geo. Why are you here? Geo: Just to tell you guys that the digi tour manager called and said to be at the airport in less than a hour! Y/n: Y- Loren: Geo???? Geo: Loren??? Mark: Loren!??? Loren: Mark??? Jacob: Whats happening??? Y/n: I have no clue??? *Loren and Mark hug* Y/n: *Fake coughs* Loren: What? Y/n: Don't touch my brother Loren: Your brother? Y/n: My brother is Mark Loren: Mark, your sister is this brat? Mark:.......... END OF CHAPTER 35 #JacobS #JacobSartorius #JacobSartoriusFanfics #JacobSartoriusFanfiction #JacobSartoriusFamily #JacObsessed #jacobsessors #JacObsessers #Fanfics #muserfanfic #Fanfiction #MarkThomas #Macob
:) early update for the weekend. More coming tomorrow. 💙
Chapter 2~ (Recap y:i need to tell you something...) I wanted to know if u could come with me to a birthday party my family is having on today at 5:00pm?😻 J:yea i'll be there.😀 Y:ok great *excited* *bus arrives at school* *kids get off bus* ~jocobs pov: so i was talking to summer about stuff and she asked me if i wanted to go to a party that her family is going to have today at 5:00pm and of course i said yes.so we get off the bus and we go to math together. I asked summer if she could ask loren out for me in her science class since she is in the same class as her.~ J:hey,summer you think u could ask loren out for me pls in science class? Y:what? You want me to ask her *sad voice with face down*😰😪😭 J:yea,whats wrong?😱 Y:nt J:okay can u then? Y:yea *all sad* J:thx,love u *gives u a hug* *end of math* Y:hey i need to tell u something L=[loren] L:yea what is it Y: jacob asked u if u could go out with him? *fell tears comeing out of her eyes*💦 L:tell him i said yea a million times. Y:okay😧 *end of convo* *day over* ~summers pov: so i walk home instead of taking the bus and i start crying cause of earlier and i fall on the ground.~💥💥 Jacobs pov: so i hope...🙏 ---------------?---------------?-------- Thx for the idea @multi.ariiel I will definitely need your help for chapter 3 pls i would appreciate it 🙏🙏🙏❤❤ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SORRY IF ITS LONG BUT YEA PLS LIKE @jacobsartorius #fanfics #fanfictions #jacobfanfics #jacobsartorius #lasttextworldtour #lasttext #everything
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