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Hey you, medicine man, you know what the broken need. Hey you, I'll give you a dollar to take this pain away from me.
I'm a goth, but also a #makeupaddict so tell me. What's your favorite color? Mine is purple <3 I have new #Eyeshadows and I want go crazy!! Let me know in the coments ~ . . See my firt video! The link is in my bio! Please gift me a like if you want <3
Hey girls. I really want to improve my insta page and I want to make it better. So I thought what would be the best way to find out what I can do to improve it? Asking you ofcourse!πŸ’ž So I really want to know what I must or can do to make my page better. Any tips are welcome, and I would love to hear your honest opinion! πŸ’ž So if you could comment any tips or something I would love that!😘😘 (No i'm not going to post looks or something, my front camera is terrible, and my skills are terrible tooπŸ˜‚) tomorrow begins my vacantion and in my vacantion am I going to try different things for my page and make lots and lots of New pictures. #motd #makeup #makeupoftheday #makeupartist #makeuptutorial #eyeshadow #eyelineronpoint #eyeliner #lipstick #lipbalsem #lipsticks #lipliners #lipliner #eyeshadowpalette #eyeshadows #mascara #mascaras #blush #bronzer #highlighter
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