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Decided to come to the park anyways not going to get defeated by this rain...it's after 8 but still came. #health #fit #lifestyle #striveforgreatness #betterhealth #betterchoices #workinprogress #workinginme #motivation #juicelife #juicing #exercise #fitness
Don't ever go with the flow. Be the flow.
I watched "That Sugar Movie" last weekend where a guy conducts an experiment of eating the same amount of calories a day but switches his "good fat" foods to non-fat (fat free yogourt, etc). The guy ends up gaining 16kg in two months ! That's 35lbs !!! That's how bad the fat free industry is !! It replaces all the fat by sugar. I'm not saying I won't ever eat sugar again but after watching this, I went through my cupboard and threw out every kind of sugar I had. Only kept honey (natural sugar). I'm going to try to detox as much as I can from it. Not going to be easy, I am well aware. But that documentary blew me away ! I've had a sweet tooth for way too long now and it's only caused me problems. So here's to hoping I get to kick that addiction as much as possible ! 🙌🏻 • #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #healthy #healthylifechange #lifestylechange #goals #myfitnesspal #fitnessmotivation #fattofit #fitfam #fitness #gettingfit #fitnessjourney #healthyliving #gettinghealthy #iifym #nutrition #gym #workout #exercise #loseweight #weightlossinspiration #gymlife #sugar #thatsugarmovie #sugaraddict #sweettooth
I have always prided myself with setting a positive example for my clients. I work out daily. Eat 90% healthy. Live a full and positive life, or at least I try hehe. Something I am AWFUL at though is taking time to rest. Taking time to recover. My "rest" days always are days full of activity whether landscaping or organizing the house for our move NOT actually resting. Again today I took a "rest" day. It is 8pm and it is the first time I have sat down. All day I was go go go cleaning, packing and organizing even though my left hip flexor is beyond messed up. It takes me forever to get upright due to whatever this strain is. I almost went downstairs and did my workout since my sick boys are in bed BUT then I saw some old pics in my phone and realized at 35 weeks pregnant I may be doing more harm then good by pushing myself. We don't want baby bean arriving TOO early 🤣🤣 So tonight I will rest and tomorrow morning I'll be back at it!!!!! Tomorrow is listing day!!!!! I am so damn excited!!!! Big changes for the Stehlik family are to come ❤❤
I want to share my experience with #mentalillness in hopes I can help people who suffer with this horrible illness. 11 months ago I was diagnosed with #anxiety & #depression ...it was something I was suffering with for a long time, but I was afraid to tell anyone until one day it was just too hard to suffer in silence. I seen a psychiatrist & I was put on several medication. For the first 5 months all I did was go to my psychiatrist, take my medications & hate my life. On that 6th month, my mom told me to try exercise, of course being in the negative mind frame I was in, I thought how in the world will exercising help me?? My mom kept pushing me, so finally I just went for it. The first week was tough... until I discovered fitness classes, I hesitantly did the first class (the idea of working out in front of a room full of people scared me) & I fell in love, I was hooked! The fitness classes gave me a sense of being part of something & gave me the biggest #endorphin high... they gave me all the #feelgoods . I am now the happiest I have ever been... i highly suggest you give #exercise a good try! Taking medications and getting therapy helps, but you cannot truly get past it until you do something for yourself other that feeling bad about yourself. For me, fitness will be a life long thing, as if I slack, I can feel the anxiety & depression sinking back in. I truly think you never get fully better, but you do learn how to manage it, you just have to find out what helps you manage yours #thepoweroffitness #fitnessjourney #myjourney
Maquina hammer de pecho acostado, fabricada en tuberia 40x80 calibre 2.5 mm tubería estructural para tráfico pesado, Multiflex Sport. Fábrica de máquinas de gimnasios profesionales y para el hogar, con más de 20 años de tradición en el mercado; 6 años de garantía en nuestros productos, ventas a nivel nacional. #gym #sport #fitness #exercise #workout #fitmotivation #health #training #bodybuilding #getstrong #gymtime #multiflexsport #gym #salud #empresacolombiana #cali #medellin #bogota #colombia @multiflexsport
On this week's Movement Monday, I go over the the idea of a good posterior weight shift (aka loading the hips) to be able to touch your toes. #Repost @championptp (@get_repost ) ・・・ An alternative to stretching for improving your toe touch. . In this week’s #MovementMonday , @diweshpoudyal talks about an alternative to static stretching that you can use to improve your toe touch.. . Comment below if you have any questions, and be sure to follow 👉 @championptp for more great content, and catch up on our past posts: . ✅ Monday: Movement Monday 🏃 ✅ Tuesday: Technique Tuesday 🏋 ✅ Wednesday: Weekly Champion Challenge 🏆 ✅ Thursday: Team Champion Thursday 💪 ✅ Friday: New Champion TV episodes 🎬 . WANT TO TRAIN WITH CHAMPION? 💪 . You can now train with us at Champion or online! Near Waltham, MA? Great. Nope? No problem, our new online training programs are amazing. Join #teamchampion and get ready to look, feel, move, and perform like a Champion. . Click here 👉 @championptp 👈 to visit our link in bio or contact us from our profile for more info about our online or in-person training. . . . #boston #waltham #watertown #belmont #newton #lexington #strength #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #strengthcoach #conditioning #training #gym #weightlifting #sportsperformance #fitness #exercise #personaltraining #performbetter #fitfam
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