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Fuck me up, Helbig. Fuck me up.
Really though If anyone wants to co-own my clevver account then hmu??
Is it socially acceptable to post this now that Jenn was on NTD??
"She didn't realize that the darkness the girl brought into her life was exactly what she wanted."
Kate Feilds stole my heart with that smile.
Her smile truly does mean the world. Also,thank you guys for 200!😁😊
Happy St.Patrick's day!!🍀
Happy 6th Hannaversery!
The end was cut off for some reason?¿
Who you gonna call?!? Me... a doctor because my whole body hurts.
⠀⠀⠀ do yourself a favor & watch ew&dg
Nofiltergrace on Tumblr posted this and I can't stop laughing.
It's very fitting that the three woman I love and appreciate the most post collab videos on #nationalwomensday . I can't say how much they've effected my life. I just wanted to thank them for every thing.
I don't know😂
Me and @peternew throwing down the intimidation card with @gracehelbig and @harto ! #Clip from #ewdg #comedy #superheros @legendary
Okay, but hear me out... Mace is rising.
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