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Its really sad how the male species don't even give females  EQUAL respect when they deserve more than that. The same males that disrespect women ,exist today only because of a "female" who went through labour pain to get him to this world! When a girl is raped I often hear people ( sadly some women too) say why did she go alone at night, thats why she was raped. I don't understand why the womens character is questioned here. Clearly just because she was out late at night doesn't give men the right to rape her. Instead of asking the women to stay inside lock the men in! Instead of educating the women on how to stay safe ,EDUCATE THE MEN TO RESPECT WOMEN! And to all those men who respect women, truly you are the hope for a better future.  #metoo #men #equalrights #metoocampaign #togetherstronger
T-shirts given to Axil and Eigil Axgil, the first gay couple in the world to get married. Given as wedding presents when Denmark became the first country to pass a law on same sex partnerships in 1989. Quite a cool artefact! #denmark #equality #equalrights #copenhagen #nationalmuseum
#Truth ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🏳️‍🌈
Enough is enough!! How many more girls and women have to go through this before it stops?? Since I was a girl I realized that boys are allowed to do more compared to the girls which I didn’t think was fair because why are they allowed more freedom than us?? Because the world is not safe for girls and women?? Why not?? Instead of teaching girls that the world isn’t same for them, instead of making them grow smaller, instead of making them be afraid of the world, we should be teaching boys that they should treat girls with respect, we should teach boys that they do not have more rights than girls do, that we are all equal no matter our sex. Also girls need to be empowered and not held back. Because not all girls realize that this isn’t fair and they adhere to the status quo and even hold other women to these patriarchal standards by calling other women words like slut. This has to stop!!! Let’s be more aware how we can contribute to breaking this patriarchal stereotypes and let’s create a world where boys and girls have equal opportunities from day 1!! #metoo #endpatriarchy #equalrights #humanrights #boys #girls #startsathome #femenist #girlpower
Dm's are always open!🔴 ▪ Suicide hotlines: Argentina: +5402234930430 Australia: 131114 Austria: 017133374 Belgium: 106 Botswana: 3911270 Brazil: 212339191 Canada: 5147234000 (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal) China: 85223820000 Croatia: 014833888 Denmark: +4570201201 Egypt: 7621602 Finland: 040-5032199 France: 0145394000 Germany: 08001810771 Holland: 09000767 India: 8888817666 Ireland: +4408457909090 Italy: 800860022 Japan: +810352869090 Mexico: 5255102550 New Zealand: 045861048 Norway: +4781533300 Philippines: 028969191 Poland: 5270000 Russia: 0078202577577 Spain: 914590050 South Africa: 0514445691 Sweden: 46317112400 Switzerland: 143 United Kingdom: 08457909090 USA: 18002738255 ▪ #feminism #feminist #activism #equal #equalrights #lgbt #saga #love #pride #feminismisequality   #equalrightsforeveryone #equalrightsforall #equality #intersectionalfeminism #egalitarian
• Countless times. Countless. • Standing by a traffic light waiting for it to get green - passing man shoving his fingers up between my legs from behind. His friends laughing and high-five:ing him as they keep walking while I just stand there understanding nothing. Never asked for it. Didn’t want it. Waking up from sleep by fingers of a close friend having his way with my intimate parts. Never asked for it. Didn’t want it. At a house party, sitting in a couch when a man throws himself on me, grabs my neck hard, spreads my legs and spits between them and tells me “let’s go, pants off I’m horny”. Never ask for it. Didn’t want it. Chatting with an old colleague I haven’t spoken to in years, asking him how things are going. Getting a video of him masturbating, and a “I like showing myself to girls”. Never asked for it. Didn’t want it. Applying for an apartment, asking what the rent is. He “gives me a great deal” by offering to “swing by every now and then when he feels like it” to fuck me, instead of me paying rent. Never asked for it. Sure as hell didn’t want it. • It goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on. Verbally, physically, mentally. On, and on, and on. I was blessed with a loud ass mouth and a temper of fire, so I talked, screamed, kicked, hit and spat back. It saved me from getting more hurt (almost) every time. It always (yes, ALWAYS) makes them call me “whore” and “cunt”, but that’s good because it could be worse, right??? Right.....? • And no, you shameless, egoistic non-thinking fucking chicken shit; not all men. But EVERY, SINGLE, WOMAN. Does that math add up to you? • Countless times. Fucking countless. #metoo
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