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Love this..❤❤❤ They are so cute, my heart is melting.😍😍😍🔥🔥😄😄😄 #brittrobertson #dylanobrien @brittlrobertson
#qotd who is your fav? 😜🔥❤️
I just watched a video where a girl in the Q&A screening asks indirectly through Dob's scars to get him to take his shirt off. This is messed up, and outrages me. First of all if you are a Dylan fan you know this is why he had anxiety, this is why he had doubts about coming back to the public eye. Wether the scar is real or not (and tbh i didnt even notice until this girl mentioned it) i hope people and younger fans get that Dylan was and is there to promote his freaking movie, what did you accomplish with that? You probably made the whole place, the people uncofortable and especially Dylan. For god's sake will everyone EVER make a smart question and dont make ALL the Dylan's fans look like horny teenagers? We arent all like that especially people who are older like me in the 20 - something. And plus you just watched the movie and you ask him to take off his shirt? Like wtf. Im done. Im sorry, well im not but i had to take this off. #DylanOBrien
- woo it's my birthday today!💖
Dylan in the intership😂 #dylanobrien
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