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"Même à distance, les amis sont reliés par leur affection mutuelle comme s'ils étaient reliés par un fil invisible" Et oui même la distance ne nous séparera pas ! #14ansAvecToi #MaQuiche 😘😍❤🌈 #TaréeBonjour #LittleGirlOf19yo #ForeverYoung #BestFriend #Selfie #Instamoments #Instagood #PickOfTheDay #Potterhead #Ravenclaw #Serdaigle #Kpop #5SOS #U2 #FantasticBeasts #HarryPotter #DylanOBrien #Guitar #Guitarist #Rock #Pop #Vans #Skate #BVB #Tatoo #GunNRoses #AndyBiersack #HeartBreakGirl
My cute little baby that's not so little because he is 10 years older than me but whatever #dylanobrien #stiles #stilesstilinski #teenwolf
Me:when ı see Dylan's New Photos #dylanobrien
"Ben ve seksi olmak mı?asosyal tipleri seviyorsanız aradığınız kişi benim" #dylanobrien #teenwolf #tylerposey
- [04x04] my last edit was so unpopular lmao rip - stiles 💫
Do it @withlovestiles I miss u guys
Pt. 365 Dinner with Ben and his family was quite slow compared to other times. In the last few months, I'd made a conscious decision to accompany their Saturday night family dinners. Though I hadn't mentioned my sickness to them, it felt nice to have a family surrounding me. Of course there was Harry's family, they were always wonderful to me, but these people were mine. For once I had a family and I reveled in it. Of course, Tessa still had a hard time with me, but I didn't let it bother me too much. Though she grew up pampered and surrounded by good parents and excellent siblings, I still didn't know what type of life she'd gone through to be so damn bitter. After all, she did share a kid with Zayn and I suppose a part of me sympathized with her. As the kids were sent off to play in the game room, the mood shifted between the adults. All eyes darting towards me, making me feel slightly afraid and had me shrinking in my seat to snuggle closer to Harry. "I guess we should address the elephant in the room," Grant snickered, annoying pretty much everyone. He pursed his lips and backed away, letting someone else take over. Ben then stood up, walking around the sofa he'd been on with his wife, Ella, leaning against the back, sorrow taking over. "Is it terminal?" He questioned and sighed, looking up at me for an answer. My mouth went dry and I simply shrugged. "The pregnancy has made it difficult to determine the situation properly," Harry spoke up, taking my hand, "but, we're confident that once the baby is born we can get a better picture of what we need to do." With those words, Ben shook his head and crossed his arms. "I have a few friends who are doctors, we can bring them in and-" "No," I found my voice to cut Ben off. "I've been to countless doctors and they all say the same thing." I wrapped my arms around my belly. "If I want to start treatments now, I'd have to give her up," I looked down at my stomach, caressing it as if I were caressing my actual child. "I'm not giving her up." For the first time since I'd met them, Ben, Ella and Grant grew furious, though Grant didn't show his displeasure the way the other two did. (Continues below).
'Some of us are human' Stiles Stilinski💝👼💍~Stiles #dylanobrien #stilesstilinski
O' Broden😍😍😍~Stiles #hollandroden #dylanobrien
---------------------------- ・ MAZE RUNNER 2 ・ キャスト皆素晴らしかった MAZE RUNNER 作った監督さん 素晴らしいと思う💭💖 ・ ---------------------------- #mazerunner #2 #砂漠の迷宮 #キャスト #dylanobrien brien #kayascodelario #thomassangster #kihonglee
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