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Looks like Kylie! Agree? Like !
I shouldn't have but I did 🤦🏽‍♀️I needed my top up of all nighters setting spray and I fell in love with purgatory online and the glass is just a lovely summery gloss, I couldn't resist, money well spent in my opinion 🙆🏻 -- I have been doing exams so my posts haven't been as frequent (I sorry😢) but I shall be back on track soon when's they're over🙌🏼 going to do a review on the lip products as I can already say as I always have all nighters setting spray is outstanding -- will be coming back at ya soon with some juicy uploads 💋💋
Güzelleşmenin yeni yüzü #güzellik #merkez #ciltbakım #ruj #fondoten #dudak
Teşekkürler😊💞 #Köprücük #köprücükkemiği #dudak
Evet beyler canlanın😊 teşekkürler #Köprücük #Köprücükbeyi #köprücükkemiği #dudak
i'm stating to post the same look 3 times in a row at different angles cause i want my feed to look good😂 products used are in my first post of this look and brands are tagged in this one💥✨
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