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this row looked odd without it being finished (this theme is odd either way) so i'm spamming this one pic i love u all πŸ’‹
i'm siiiiickjj and im@tired toooo
realising jugheads dad on riverdale played billy loomis from scream.
I just got my eyes dilated and it hurts like a fucking bitch
name a more iconic duo, i will wait πŸ‘„
I still listen to Greenlight like 24/7 oops
The part 4 will be for tomorrow because today I'm tired and busy so I can't make my edit for tonight, sorry :(
im sad & want cuddles
vinny the queen of piece of shits ❀️ #finnbalor
β€” im an inactive jerk im sorry. 😢😢😢but my job is seriously kicking my ass rn. 😩 β€” { #braywyatt #wwe #wrestling #gainpost }
Giving this acc to @accsbutiera bye guys ilysm spread happiness
Summertime queen βœ¨πŸ‘‘πŸŒ΄ who tryna go swimming??
comment for a tbh+fop because i'm a bored sad shit thanks #openrp #tvdrp #ahsrp
I wanted to spread my wisdom so you may not realise you are in a toxic relationship while you are with this person because of feelings clouding it and all that jaz but even if you have the slightest itchy feeling that you aren't being treated right or respected than get tf out of that it's only going to end up hurting you more in the outcome.
Talking about the Paris robbery 😭 follow me @kimkardashiaen for more ❀️
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