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A picture is worth a thousand words, i can't express my happiness and how proud i am in number of words but I'll say this: Yesterday our Dashing Prince became a King. I still remember his times with Ted in WWE and i had my eye on him since then to succeed. We saw him get mistreated in WWE then he joined the indy scene where he captivated everyone's attention. He's one of the best generation wrestlers today. The (Villain) club looking better than ever. Congrats Cody! It's your time to shine now, next is the battle for the IGWP title 🙆 #codyrhodes
Momo Hirai theme~🍥
archiekins #riverdale
ー the funniest best friends » drew & shane » cc scorchedstiles? » ac scilesstilinksi » dt the shane to my drew @xinveigle
I need a new model. Help me please 😭❤️
Kween!❤ {#Charlotteflair #wwe }
|06.24.17| God has given me a wonderful gift. You. My true one has finally asked me out & ofc I said yes. Why wouldn't I say yes to the guy I fell in love since day 1 ? Lemme tell you. You're such an incredible amazing guy. I'm truly blessed to have you in my life, you complete my life. You're my everything. You're such a cutie, I swear. I LOVE YOU SM!! :)💞 You've have always been by my side, never leaving me. As friends, you still cared for me & showed me how much I mean to you. Brayden, you're such a sweet guy, & that's what I like about you. Yeah, we dated before but like you said, it didn't work out. /: but this day, it's official. Look at us now, we're back together again & I'm so happy to be with you. You're mine. No one else's. ;) I love you, mi amor. 💕 @jrodriguecz10
does anybody actually get my bio or am i the only one that finds it funny
Aviana Grande ✨ - - 20|5'2|loves dogs and rainy days| weird and funny| curses a lot| nobody's girl| justin biebers babygirl| says daddy| says lame ass jokes| netflix| - - (Intro by @saintintros ) - - - - #dreamgainingtrain #like4like #gainpost #uglyfollowtrain #justinbieberrp #camerondallas #beliebers #selenagomezrp #single #selenators #openrp #selenagomez #justinbieber #arianagrande #jb #gaintrick #l4l #gaintrain #newopenrp #kidrauhl #bizzle #purposetour #believe #singlerp #justinbiebervideos #jariana #dirtyrp #daddyrp 🌸 #pörnöö
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