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I'm literally such an old lady on weeknights, like what is staying up?? Anyways, gn🙇🏻‍♀️
gn, i love finn #finnbalor
Goodnight ilyg 💜
Seth looked like he was about to fuck up Triple H and Samoa Joe with the crutch he should of whacked Trips in the nose #sethrollins #wwe
had to post before i got dragged but hi #rihanna #rihannanavy #drake
fuck y'all. 😛
THIS DOESNT MATCH MY THEME I WANT TO DIE I HATE THRMES RN. Buttt anyways im getting ae on friday so soon i wont be posting that much screencaps so bless i prolly wont even have a theme but idkkk. -
; ♡ these two made history, on this exact day. i'm so happy to support them, still to this day. i need them to feud & also team up, when paigey gets back. 😤
Can you see how passionate we are about Canada? We're even being a lame matching couple and wearing their flag on our shirts! Also, yes, I am choking him until I know he can't breathe. What other way would I show my love to him!? Pft, there is no other way! - #OpenRp
slim thick. 😋
i made this and the wm is from my main acc but i loved how this came out so i had to post here ;)
I made eye contact with my crush today haha yay 🙌😫
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