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"you suck at texting" first of all i don't even wanna talk to you
Cute lil spam morning xx
need money so I can fly of to Bora Bora or summin yk?
Gn guys #arianagrande
Love this so much😂
Qotd: Lmly or lmh? #arianagrande 💓
Idk about this.. does the brown hair look better or the silver ? (Swipe) #arianagrande I had this edit recorded but it didn’t save ughh 😠
. 🤙🏼 what’s your eye colour?
qotd // what’s your eye colour?
so tired of trying
Simple edit(: #arianagrande
gn bbs
: [ dαte: october 16th, 2017 ↞ ↠ fc: 165 ] ✦ hαı guys! ı’m home from school now so ı ✧ cαn post rn αnd ı‘m αlso so close to 200 ✦ followers yαy! αnywαys, ı hope you guys ✧ enjoy the rest of your dαy! :) bye guys !! — [ qotd: hαve you ever drαnk sunnyd? ] [ αotd: yes ] — tαgs: #gaintricks #dmandgain #goalhelper #tumblrquality #filter #savequality
do u like @selenagomez ?
why can’t periods just last for like an hour, like okay you’ve made your point, i'm not pregnant you can leave now
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