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Boiler with no flue terminal = Dangerous. Apparently it had been serviced annually but no one had ever stepped outside to do a visual check. #gassafe #boiler #gas #dangerous #cowboys
TON ON!!!🔫🔫🔫 When you dont want to stop your combo!! During our training in Down Town LA, shots went in our direction and around us. You could hear it clearly already at the beginning of my combo, at this time no one could assign it, I continued to go through my combo, as I mentioned in the beginning haha! Then the others around me realized whats going on and saw guys shooting out of the car!!Do you know the game San Andreas? I felt like I was a part of it! To be honest... When everyone else started to run I still didnt know whats going on.. I felt very quick that I should RUN!!! My knees were so trembling & yes Alex, the hiding place of us was not the best haha! Now its easy to laugh about the reaction, my eyes say everything. Even people who have lived in LA for years have not experienced this yet.I am happy nothing happened to us! 🙏🏻I can say I know both sides of Los Angeles. It didnt stop us from our training, we changed the training spot as you can see in my video before!! Thats #FreestyleLife ! #losangeles #dangerous
I can do both well it depends on my #mood sometimes #light and #girly but most of the time #dark and #isolated and #dangerous lolXD i miss being a man lol
Parts of Tintagel Castle - people actually lived in this windy place😍😍😍 #how #hoedan #windy #stormy #almostgotblownaway #cliffs #edges #dangerous #tintagel #castle #ruins #cornwall #uk
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