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@leanydanse is so incredible😍😍
Me and @hayleys.universe announce the #shootingcrescentgrp ! - Rules: Must be following me and @hayleys.universe 💙 enter video edits by august 20 on #shootingcrescentrct Tag us in your edits You can only enter up to 3 edits We are letting 7 people join! You have to be in the bratayley fandom Good luck! Comment any questions you have down below!💙 - #bratayley #celebratelife #hannie #kayden #jenzie #brenzie #annieleblanc #hayleyleblanc #caleblogan #maddieziegler #mackenzieziegler #kenzieziegler #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #slime #youtube #haydensummerall #johnnyorlando #laurenorlando #usa
can't wait for the weekend. school really gets me exhausted and sleepy😴💤it's only the second week! 📸photo by @hey.candace #TopKidModelsInternational
Wow man throwback miss you these days. But love everyone I have now on this account 💖💖💖 #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #aldc #aldcla #maddieziegler #kenzieziegler #chloelukasiak #kendallvertes #kalanihilliker #niasioux
-//; i've literally used this lyric png like 17 times but it's whatever lmao bUT i'm so excited tho because i'm on my way to busch gardens!! i'm scared as hell but i can't wait to ride the roller coasters. @maddieziegler @maddieziegler
Make sure to view and comment CWD (If you ask me to like more than one post I won't)#dancemoms #aldc #dancemom #dancemoms1 #fandom #dmfanbase
hey y'all!!! it's been so long since i last logged in but i had some downtime and i missed editing!! how have you guys been?? i've been keeping up with mia and mckenna on my personal account, and they've both grown into such lovely young ladies, i'm so proud of them! i can't believe that it's been 3 years with this account (in june) and since then they've done so much and i'm so proud of them. especially mckenna's recent trip to japan, i went there in april and loved it so i'm happy she did too!!💞 this edit sucks but i made it quickly hope you understand lol
💜guide to: getting straight As💜 ••• [👾] intro: here are some tips and tricks to get better grades. these tricks work for me but may not work for everyone • [😈] keep organized: organizing your work will always help. keep a planner, a binder, and folders to help organize will make it easier to find papers and notes • [🌂] color code: studies have shown that taking notes in different colors helps you remember things. your brain starts to associate colors with different notes and facts and it will stick better in you brain • [☂️] never miss class: try to attend every single class so you don't miss any important information. more often then not, when you miss a class you have to catch up by yourself, without a teacher. this makes it even harder • [☮️] review notes everyday: even when you don't know when the quiz or test will be, it's always good to review before and after class. it will help refresh your memory • [🔮] ask questions: asking questions will keep you more engaged in the lesson and it will help with any confusion ••• qotd: what's your favorite subject aotd: science #dancemoms1 #dancemoms #ateengirlsguide #tips #tricks #backtoschool
After an incredible night with friends its only fitting that i start an incredible morning with mom. . She is the Laverne to my Sherley lol ❤️ . Good morning! #grateful for these moments. . What are u grateful for?
Forgot to ask yesterday - what did we all make of Tuesday's episode of Dance Moms? Did we like Laurieann or do we miss Abby? Are you excited for chloe to be with MDP? Let me know I like reading everyone's feedback! #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #spoilers
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