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{fc;268} hey guys this is a new acc giveaway acc we are giving our first acc away at 275 followers it's a 300+ acc ☺️💕 - m #dancemoms #dancemoms1
Japan just looks so beautiful 😍
Secrets and Lies 3 Chapter Twelve Henry's POV: I stared up at the ceiling, not sure if I felt guilty or if I was just upset. The more I thought about what just happened, the less I felt guilty. How could Kendall expect me to take her side when she was mad at me for hanging out with a friend? It's stupid. I shut my eyes, needing to relax a little bit, but as my eyes closed, the emergency alarm went off. I sat up and groaned. Captain Man was already figuring out what was happening as I was getting to my feet. "What happened," I asked. "Fire, downtown, near Kendall's place," he replied, looking at me. I sighed, using my gum to get into uniform. Captain Man and I left the Man Cave, and headed to the fire. With the help of the Swellview fire department, we were able to get the flames put out. As we were walking back towards the Man Cave, I saw Kendall who came up to us. "Woah, what just happened? Why didn't you call me?" She asked, looking back and forth between Captain Man and me. I didn't say a word, but Captain Man did. "Kendall, listen to me, you're a nice girl. I like you. Henry likes you. But until you can learn to control your emotions and your fire, I'm sorry, but you're not allowed back at the Man Cave. I mean, today, you've burned Henry's hands, caught the Man Cave on fire, practically burned down a whole building! How can you be a hero if you're doing that?" He went on. "Woah, burned down a building? I didn't do that! And you can't be serious that I can't come back! Henry's messed up before. Why is this only happening to me!" Kendall yelled, getting red. "Because I wasn't a villain before, that's why! I'm not going to deny it, I do mess up, but nobody's perfect," I shot back. Kendall rolled her eyes at me, getting red again. 'C'mon Kid Danger, let's go," Captain Man started walking towards the Man Cave. I gave Kendall one last look, and started walking with Captain Man. It was a pretty silent walk back until Captain Man spoke. "Kid, I know you like Kendall, but what I said to her has something to do with you too. You were right, she was a villain before, and you and I have both learned that they don't just change overnight," he said.
Natalie, she ran away with all my money. And she did it for fuuuuuuunnn. Natalie, she's probably out there thinkin' it's funny, tellin' everyonnnneeeee 🎶
— 5 secs [ kenzie x idk ] i lied when i said that was going to be a theme oops i'm back to my video star roots :) ac: @dancemomsedits dt: @kenzieziegler
💐 Hellooooo Scroll right on the picture to see different versions/ colours The 2nd one looks like the first one but isn't actually the background has purple/blue in it💙💟😂 Hope you like them Comment if using If reposting please give credit🌸 Other acc: @aldcifb #aldc #dancemoms #dancemoms1
JoJo filmed YouTube videos with Rebecca Zamolo and Shawn Johnson yesterday • #dancemoms1 #dancemoms #spoilers #dmos_siwa
EVERYONE GO VOTE FOR JOJO "Favorite Viral Music Artist 🎶" @itsjojosiwa SHE DESERVES THIS SM🎀🎀🎀 @jessalynnsiwa #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #kca2017
— ♡ queen maesi💃🏼 tags | #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #aldc #aldcla #dmeoriginalcon #maesicaes @maesicaesofficial tag her pls!
Good Morning/Night. . . Tag her Below? @maddieziegler . . #dancemoms #dancemoms1
storyline: Kendall dream about her and maddie being best friends but when she woke up she realize that kalani and maddie are besties. Then, Maddie started to be depressive because she have to much pression so Kalani become kendall besties. Then, You see them now having fun and being bestfriends😊 request are open❤️ lysm all😽 Lau xx (Goals of THE DAY IS 2515) #dmfanbase #dmfandom #aldc #aldcla #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #aldcstorybase_kalani #aldcstorybase_kendall #aldcstorybase_maddie
{swipe} Hi guys! Late post but Lains and kendall are absolute best friend goals Should I start posting like this? I had bacon this morning yummm I don't think I'm doing anything today. Should I go live today? I also may do a contest where the winners get a dm with kendall and Kenzie I'm still amazed that I won the contest. If I could I would copy the image and send it to all of y'all but that would take forever I found a bounce ball! _________________________________ QOTD: how do you like your bacon AOTD: crispy Tag Lains kendall and Jill? @lains19 @kendallvertes @dancemom_jill22
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