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"Ich kenne viele Leute in der Nacht. Aber ich weiß oft gar nicht, was die meisten von ihnen tagsüber machen. Das ist so eine Parallelwelt." Seit zwölf Jahren lebt und arbeitet Robert Wimpory in Berlin, geht bis zu viermal die Woche feiern. Der Physik-Doktor kennt jeden Berliner Club, in dem du noch nie warst. Dieses Mal war THUMP mit dabei. (Fotos: Hella Wittenberg) #Berlin #Club #Culture #Clubbing #DoorPolicy
If you don't know something read it and learn #culture #exploring #cyprus #gods
Salam #borneo #kalimantan Love your #etnic and love your #culture
📍奇美博物館 - Chimei Museum, Tainan city, Taiwan. Thanks a lot @__r.chen______ !! We really enjoyed watching your photographies. Stop by his gallery, you’ll be amazed by the composition of his gallery! 😜 He took this shot at the Chimei Museum located in Tainan’s Rende district. Though the museum’s impressive art collection may focus on seeing the western world, the museum’s scope extends well beyond fine arts to include a truly international selection of antiquities, furniture, musical instruments, arms and armor, fossils, meteorites, and taxidermy.  It’s motto is “See the world while living in Taiwan” The musical instruments exhibit is brilliant so definitely check it out. At every hour there is a 5-minute recorded performance (different song each time) so we’d recommend you to check the schedule. The whole site is gorgeous. There are usually a lot of couples taking their wedding photos outside. A nice place to spend part of your  weekend if you are into museums. This is one the best in Taiwan!😉
"The drummer is the back bone of the band and is the real underrated one" - Bernard Summer #drumfestival #drum #drummerboy #Ogunstate #Nigeria #festival #culture #Tradition #storyteller #Ingathering17 #tobioyedokun
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