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Changing your diet can change your lifestyle
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We all have excuses as to why we can’t reach our goals because it’s the easy way out. Once you catch yourself making the excuses and push them aside, amazing things will happen. 😀😀😀😀
Incredible Transformation Carmen has lost over 34 pounds and tons of inches. She has participated in 2 of our Fit-beauty Challenges and has giving her self the biggest gift of life, health.
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IF NOT NOW, WHEN? What are you waiting for?! You've heard the rumors about CrossFit changing lives and giving results you've always dreamed of and guess what...they're TRUE! Here is our amazing badass 6am crew this morning ready to kill the workout! They set personal records all over the place today!!! I'm so proud of you all this morning!! Way to set the bar high for the day! 💪
This was last night. Antonella was active and awake most of the day. It was raining so I didn't want to take her out of the house. No problem, I can do it all from home. It was a busyyyy and productive day. All this happened while carrying her most of the time. I was on a call here; I had my notes on the side and the computer in front of me. She was in the swing for a little bit but I had to pick her up as she was a little fussy. Looking at this picture I just love what it represents. I truly have a lot of passion for what I do. It goes beyond recommending our amazing nutrition. It's about that life changing decision and watching people transform in front of my eyes. The biggest blessing is to be able to enjoy my kids all while building a business that I can do at all times, and that I can take with me everywhere. There're no limitations. Other type of work, I'd sure use her as an excuse not to do what I needed to do. I'm enjoying every growth spurt, every smile, every milestone, and for that I will be forever grateful that I said yes to this opportunity. . If you are a mom and are looking to get some results postpartum you have an opportunity to make some extra money looking and feeling better than ever. I can teach you all, just send me a DM and let's get you started. Lets get it ☺️
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