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Restock❕ NIKE AIR FORCE 1 '07 315122-001 ¥10,000-(+tax) #nike #airforce #airforce1 #af1 #ナイキ #エアフォース #エアフォース1
Toma de protesta de la primera generación del Capítulo Estudiantil 653 UV-PR. Felicidades y mucho éxito les desea Capítulo Estudiantil 763 ITSPR. #IISE #Chapter
About to turn off the last light in the place. Although I don't want to go to bed yet. Thinking about what my next chapter in life will be. The good thing is only I can write that chapter. #mylife #whatsnext ? #chapter ? #chicago #mood #livingroom #interiordesign #interiordecorating #picturecollage #moodlight
Chapter 7: hours pass by and it's lunch break. Me and Hannah head outside with our lunches and sit on the benches. Shawn comes toward our way and sits right next to Hannah. We eat our lunch and talk. Hanna "went to the bathroom" so it was just me and Shawn. Shawn grabs his cupcake and begins to eat. After his first bite, as he is about to take his second bit I shove the cupcake all over his face. I laugh for a few seconds until he grabbed it and whipped the rest of the frosting on my face. We both laughed. We wipe our faces off. Shawn left a little bit on his lower lip and i take it off with my thumb. I lick my thumb and we start to laugh aging like dorks. Hannah comes back and we head to our next classes. Later: Last period is over. Hannah gets in her ride and leaves. Shawn and I go walking. We stop by the waterfountain and sit in the benches. Shawn: You know? I want to come here every day after school, something about this place makes it seem so perfect. It should be our thing. I laugh and smile thinking about it. Me: yea.... Everyday We then went to the grass at the waterfountain and played there looking at the clouds like any other story. Time passes by quickly and the sun begins to set. Me:wanna come over to watch some movies or something. Shawn:sure I'd love that, I have some time. We head to my place and put on a movie. I known just met Shawn but it seemed like I met him like years ago. We were laying in bed with blankets and popcorn all comfortable. The stupid of me sleeps in his warm big hugs about half way through the movie. I wake up still on his arms with the beautiful scent he has on him. It's 8:15pm. Shawn was already awake. Shawn: (sarcastically) well about time you wake up. We laugh. Shaun's P.O.V: She looks so beautiful sleeping. How can a human being be this beautiful sleeping. Her curly brown hair, Light brown eyes, her beautiful scent of perfume, her light pink cheeks and freckles, her beautiful smile and laugh, her voice, she's wonderful. As she wakes up I look away pretending I wasn't looking at her while sleeping. Thinking about it made me laugh. End of chapter 7❤✨💕 @shawnmendes #shawnmendes #chapter #story #stories #fanfic
I am literally so obsessed with this song! It's been ok repeat all day. Everyone needs to check it out if you haven't already! 😍😍😍 @yunamusic #crush #chapter #yuna #usher #newfavsong
รีวิวจากลูกค้าเนยจ้า #Chapter #ไม ่มีอาการข้างเคียงนะคะ จะเสียงลูกค้าที่ทานจริงคะ ทานแค่ 1 กล่อง กางเกงก็หลวมแล้วจ้า 🌟เลขอย. 🌟>> 20-1-06358-1-0025 🌟 สั่งซื้อ•สอมถาม•สมัครตัวแทน 🆔 Line : Charlotte_nunoey 💋
New arrival!🍁🌀 UBIQ x THREE TIDES TATOO LONG SLEEVE UB17S-PL03 (WHT,BLK) UB17S-PL04 (WHT,BLK) ¥5,000-(+tax) #ubiq #threetidestatoo #ユービック #スリータイズタトゥー
restock!!! WMNS NIKE COURT ROYALE SL 844896-100 ¥5,500+tax #NIKE #nike #COURTROYALE #コートロイヤル
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New arrival!🐲🐈 UBIQ x THREE TIDES TATOO LONG SLEEVE UB17S-PL01 (WHT,BLK) UB17S-PL02 (WHT,BLK) ¥5,000-(+tax) #ubiq #threetidestatoo #ユービック #スリータイズタトゥー
"No quiero un amor perfecto, Quiero un verdadero amor, Un amor humano, Con los errores y la locura, Un amor en vivo" 1-12-17 💙 Siempre en mi mente Tu eres la música en mi -KM #writing #journal #chapter #understanding #locos #wordsofwisdom #learning #grow #heartandsoul #dailylife #nature #photography #travel #reminder
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