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Simpósio "Viva a Diferença" sobre BULLYING na Escola Municipal Tereza Barbosa. Orientação aos alunos e funcionários com palestras, vídeos e dinâmicas através da parceria entre Secretaria Municipal de Saúde (NASF e Academia da Saúde) e Secretaria Municipal de Educação. As equipes de Vigilância Sanitária e Endemias também participaram do evento, orientando sobre o combate ao Aedes Aegypti e as doenças a ele relacionadas. #bullying #educacao #nasf #lifestyle #livewhatyoulove #fono
I miss you so much it hurts! 😘 @sarahaawwad #nightcrawlers #bullying 😂
@m_mitchell23 thought it would be so funny to post a video of this woman trying her hardest to workout. This wonderful Woman is doing absolutely nothing wrong but trying her hardest and you are going to critize her Marcel? As someone who lacked confidence in the gym this was my nightmare. I was terrified to think I would do something wrong and end up on social media just like this Woman who did nothing wrong but try her best. A moment like this would have collapsed my fitness journey instantly and I absolutely hate to think it could do the same to hers. I'm usually a peaceful dude and don't start things but Marcel, you more than crossed the line. I asked Marcel to delete the video and his response was "bruh its a joke lmfaooo do u even know who she is" No I dont Marcel, but im still going to stand up for someone in the fitness community over a BULLY. Marcel then told me he would take the video down but he didn't think I approched the manor "Man to Man" Marcel, I don't think you're a man, I think you're a little boy. A Man stands up for others Marcel, he doesn't take videos of them and make fun of them. You're the farthest thing from a man and I hope someone spots you in LA Fitness and takes a video of you because I know your workouts are far from perfect. Don't mess with my #fitfam #takethisbullydown
So grateful to be offering these classes and collaborating with @melbourne.zen.space ✨✌🏼 . #Repost @melbourne.zen.space with @repostapp ・・・ KIDS YOGA 🦄 This deserves 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 How amazing!!!! Kids Yoga every Tuesday 4pm - 4.45pm with the creative, beautiful @flowwithart We believe expressing yourself, being a free spirit & becoming strong within is so important and yoga is here to help our children. Kids Yoga will assist with the mind & body. It is one of the most powerful ways in reducing anxiety, bullying, depression and to manage classroom behaviours. Help create balance & overall wellbeing by building confidence in our kids with the power of yoga. Parents while your children are upstairs feel free to get fit downstairs at @melbfitperformance || School holiday events to be released soon || 📚 #kidsyoga #yogis ##health #wellness #education #school #holidays #events #build #confidence #family #creativity #freespirit #stop #anxiety #bullying #control #peace #light #love #openheart #calm #sooth #energy #beatywithin #acceptance #loveyoga
You are amazing and beautiful! #cuts #cutting #bullying #pain #hatemyself #hate #fucklife #dark
Repost @thedisneyprincesses ••••••••••••• Is very easy for people to judge you just for the way you look, a few weeks ago I was brave enough to stand in front of hundreds of people to tell my story with overweight. Over coming bullying my whole childhood was not easy but I was able to turn my biggest insecurity into my greatest asset! This wednesday I will be sharing with you an inspirational video where I share my story of how I have overcome my biggest fears to make my dreams come true ❤Today I'm able to speak openly about bullying and be an ambassador to create awareness! ❤ Thank you @thedisneyprincesses for this amazing oportunity #dreambigprincess @weallgrowlatina #bullying #bullyingawareness #overweight #overweightproblems #youtuber #latina #disney #lasrecetasdelaura
Hoy quiero hablar de algo pedido por un seguidor en la anterior publicación. El bullying o acoso escolar: (voy a hablar desde mi experiencia sobre el tema) Quiero dejar claro que si te pasa, a ti, persona que está leyendo esto, lo primero que has de hacer es hablar, sin pensar en lo que esas otras personas te han dicho si le decías a alguien, solo díselo a una persona adulta, a las autoridades, da igual pero, dilo. Da igual cómo seas, eres perfectx, tal y como eres y no te tienes que dejar llevar por los comentarios de otrxs. Esas otras personas solo buscan hacerte daño, ellxs quizás tengan más problemas pero, su manera de sentirse bien es haciéndole daño a otra persona. Si tu ves que a alguien le está pasando esto, habla, de decir ya, hasta aquí, no me voy a callar más, si no lo dices tu lo voy a decir yo. Quiero hablaros de mi experiencia personal con el tema: Aguanté muchos años golpes, me marginaron, me decían miles de cosas, siempre por atrás y por lo bajo, un día empezaron a llegarme mensajes, mensajes ofensivos de un compañero de mi clase, yo he llegado a faltar 15 días laborales a clase por culpa de mucha gente. Pasado un tiempo empecé a hablarlo, yo estaba cansadx. Todo se solucionó mas o menos. Todo vino a raíz de algo sencillo, mi forma de vestir, mi forma de ser, mi orientación sexual, mi vida personal. Los golpes realmente fue "poco" tiempo, lo de hablar fueron 2 años y algo, lo de marginarme 4 años, lo de los mensajes un año. Yo, siendo sincerx, por culpa de ello he cometido muchos errores que me llevaron a mi al peligro. Por favor, os lo pido, si algo os está pasando, o si conocéis a alguien a quién le pase, hablar, contactar con gente. #bullying #larealidaddelasociedad #notecalles #acosoescolar #acoso #cansadxs #todxspodemos #ayudemonos CHILLY~FYAH
te quiero areco 🐄💗 #bullying
Police at their finest.. moments after my husband was already detained this bully Officer Spaid uses the house keys and unlocks 4 different locks to get into my house. He was very angry at my presence and pulls a gun points it at Little Lee's (in red) head finger on the trigger then rips me by my hair and throws me to the side all while trying to intimidate my son. He was there to protect and did not do that in traumatizing a family for what he referred to "as a rush". #916 ,#Sacramento ,#CityOfTrees ,#bullying #policebrutality #police
not much can make me happier than seeing my best friends🏵💛
~Sra.Malfoy #noalbullying #bullying
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