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I'm suddenly in a Meh May funk... so taking some time to do some serious personal development because my bad attitude needs an overhaul!!! 😬 . . . Snap by @shanleycox
You win some...you lose some. I saw real tears and heartbreak in this boys eyes tonight. His love for the game grew far beyond what I ever could have expected (MOM WIN!) and watching him transform has been one of my greatest joys over the last few months. You played with heart, kid, and I am so proud of you. . . . That's a wrap, Bub.
I am in the middle of Core De Force but decided to change things up tonight. I tried Leandro Carvalho's new workout program today - Youv2. I chose then workout called Sweat Sensations as the song was "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (took me back to high school!). It was fun, but I did giggle a bit.
Wow, it's been a hot minute since I posted. Do you ever feel like sometimes social media controls your life? 😅 We had a fabulous long weekend and I was glad for the break. I used that time to spend some extra quality time with my family. We did tons of yard work, played in the sunshine, and at times, enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. It was perfect! There really is something to be said about putting your phone away and just being in the moment. ❤️ . . . . . . . #InstaMom #FamilyGoals #MommaBear #MomsOfInstagram #MommyHood #MotherhoodRising #MommyMoments #FamilyDay #MomLifeIsTheBestLife #FamilyTime #LoveMyFamily #HappyFamily #LoveMySon #MommyBloggers #MomStyle #MomFashion #MommyStyle #HappyKiddos #BoyMom #JoyfulMamas #BoyMomLife #BoyMomma #ToddlerMom #ClickinMoms #Our_Everyday_Moments #UniteInMotherhood #IG_Motherhood #MotherhoodUnplugged #MotherhoodThroughInstagram #CandidChildhood
Ever wonder what this coaching thing is all about?? I'll be going live at 830 tonight to share a little more info. Click the link in my bio to join us! Hope to see you there ✌🏼
Healthy Momma Rose Tonight😀 #kombutcha #kombutchalove
Transformation Tuesday. This is 2 weeks complete of Shift Shop!!! This program is LEGIT plus the inspiration you get from Chris is beyond anything I've ever seen from a workout!!
Cheering on Hay-J at his baseball game! 👏🏻⚾️ Too bad It was raining and I couldn't find my ☔️umbrella! We made it through half the game, until we were soaked. 😬 #canneverfindanything #momproblems #baseballmomlife #boymomma
Don't grow up, it's a trap. Stay young. Have fun. Be silly. And show others how. . Just got back from an awesome time little family vacay, away and unplugged. . Thankful for this human and best friend who just by living his life, reminds me how I want to live mine ❤
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