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The time has come + it's time to plan a weekend of celebrations for my rising stars and leaders of TFTF. This is something I look forward to each year because my coaches deserve every minute of it. One of my love languages is QUALITY TIME so this fills up my cup too. Stay tuned for deets. 😇🙌🏽 #TeamFightToFinish
Nice work Trader Joe's! Very cool deal!!
Sensational! What a fun name!
Just a day in the life 😂✌🏻️ . Big brother is currently OBSESSED with brushing his teeth---so obviously little brother wants in too. . I am SO grateful I don't have to miss these small moments--because they get me through the hard ones. Being a stay at home is something I always dreamed of---but making it a reality never seemed possible. . Finding a business I can run in the cracks of my day AS A MOM has made this SAHM life a reality---one that I enjoying sharing with others out there--don't EVER let anyone tell you what you can & cannot do. YOU are the ONLY one in control of your life 💖#liveyourlife #boymomma #sahm
🌟⭐ TWO days left! You seriously do not want to miss this. If you have babies or children at home you definitely need this kit. I have these and let me tell you the convenience is astounding. Prediluted roller bottles are the easiest and safest way to use oils with little ones. Roman chamomile is so calming and relaxing perfect for bedtime. PLUS the amount of products that you will receive is astounding! Deep blue is a staple in my house because of all the different uses we get out of it! AND if you enroll with me, you'll receive a great a- z guide on how to use your oils as well as a wellness consult in which I will teach you how to address your own personal needs. Also you will gain access to private Facebook support groups. Don't hesitate this will go fast! #essentialoils #momlife #boymom #boymomma #wife #wifelife #health #healthy #happy #momma #mommy #changinglives
Don't give up if you're color isn't lasting or is flaking off. Your lips are going through the exfoliation process. Stay strong and keep glossing on! The exfoliation process is getting rid of dead skin and wax build up from other brands (chapstick and waxy lipsticks) Gloss before bed to help speed up the process. Gloss even when you're not wearing LipSense lip color. LipSense gloss has shea butter that will heal your lips. Use no other products to interfere with this process. After exfoliation process your lips will be softer and healthier 💋👄 #lipsense #lipsenselady #lipsensetexas #lipsenseboss #lipstickonpoint #lipsonfleek #lipstick #makeupgeek #makeuplover #lipglossboss #lipgloss #lotd #longlastinglips #momlife #boymom #boymomma #makeup #makeupmom #lipstickmom #everydaymakeup #bossmom
Thank you @eehardiman for sharing this with me today. Just a little something I needed to hear & believe. And now I share it with you, because maybe you need this today too ✨
Playing picnic and a few bugs showed up to crash the party. 😆
Thank you @eehardiman for sharing this with me today. Just a little something I needed to hear & believe. And now I share it with you, because maybe you need this today too ✨
This boy 😍 As the days of you being our only child slowly (quickly, rather) pass I can't help but feel all kinds of emotions. While I am so excited to give you a forever best friend, a playmate, a brother, I am also breaking on the inside. You made me a mother. You showed me a love I never knew was out there. A love like God loves us. The second we met you our entire worlds changed. Your personality is nothing short of awesome. You're so damn cute, you're silly, smart, helpful and also so loving. You absolutely love and adore your father and want to do everything like him. It makes my heart melt watching the two of you. You're stubborn like him also 😉 ok fine, you get your stubbornness from the both of us. 😜 There are times I feel guilty for wanting and giving you a sibling since now our love and attention will be divided between the both of you. I've even cried about it. I've cried picturing saying bye to you when I'm in labor knowing it was our last time as you are our only one. (Dear God please let my water break at night so I don't have to do that.) But I know you're going to be an amazing big brother and my lap has room for the both of you. I love you more than you'll ever know my "favorite first born" and thank you for making me a mommy! 💙
Just had to share.. Both of my morning devotionals spoke almost the same thing and it's quite profound.. Finding a sure path to live a happy and fulfilling life comes from the simple act of delaying gratification and conquering one self. This can be done through denying oneself daily, prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Through these actions, the fruits of the Holy Spirit become abundant in one's life.💖 ✨Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self-control.✨ In a society where the focus is so often about getting/being more, maybe 'going against the grain' and becoming more {selfless} Hey Claire! So good to hear from you! I actually began my journey when I was 6 months pregnant with Theodore so right about the same time 🙂 That's so awesome that you've been running up until this point, but could totally see how it might be getting a little uncomfortable! SO since you don't need the eating plan or supplements or anything of that nature, I'd say the best approach for you would be the All Access Pass to Beachbody on Demand. So what this consists of is a one time annual fee of $99 which gives you complete access to every workout program Beachbody has ever created plus any workouts they launch this year (on average 4-5 new/year)! So that's approximately 700 different workouts you can choose from that you can stream from anywhere as long as you have internet access so your computer, phone, or even smart TV. I think you having access to all of these workouts would be perfect for you to choose what is best for you now while you're pregnant and then can try out others postpartum! Then you would be a part of our accountability groups wherein you log your workouts daily through an app and have all of the support you need to stay on track! I know this is a lot, so after all that is said, what questions do you have for me?! where living a radical life becomes reality.💖💖#goagainstthegrain
Breakfast you are looking mighty fine this am lol, sautéed apples in coconut oil, pecans, cinnamon oatmeal! #breakfastawesomeness
If you don't think photos are important, just wait until they're all you have left. Please stop growing little boys - I love you so ! 😍😘❤#BoyMomma #Photos #Memories #Brothers
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