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Walk with CONFIDENCE💫 • • #Tbt to practicing my themewear cat walk back in London with the British Travelers Purse💋🇬🇧 • • Stage Coach @toby.harrison Themewear Designers @renata.fabhats_10 @davey_massaccesi • • #WBFFpro #WorldChampion #fitness #fashion #glamour #model #physique #bestofthebest #bossbabe #OnAMission #NeverGiveup #PositiveVibes #Lifestyle #Motivation #Inspiration #Dedication @n8fitness @paul_dillett @allisondillett @wbff_official
Dont Believe In Luck 🙏🙏Believe In Never Giving Up🙌🙌 #BossBabe 💛💛
⭕️IN STOCK ⭕️BANDS SEASON! ⭕️GET YOUR SET! ⭕️LINK IN BIO ⭕️BUY WITH TRUST . . . . . . . . - - #bossbabe #inspire #fashion #beauty #fitness #motivation #love #inspo #stronggirls #wbffpro #WBFF #wonderwoman #summer #fashion #beauty #powerlifting #powerlifter #travel #summer #miami
Visiting the homeland 👌🏻
DESIGN THINKING TO DESIGN YOUR LIFE?// In 2014-15 I had a over a decade non-profit career behind me. At the moment I had been working in mental health as a public policy advocate on behalf of community clinicians and social workers serving ethnic communities and communities of color. I was in the midst of substantial research projects and a fight against the zero sum game policies of county mental directors and legislative regulations. (I.e.) What money goes where, and to who, and for what. But I hated playing politics and the clinical mental health world (the world of diagnosing and treating illness) was not the side of the wellness spectrum I felt called to work. __ So I traded the state capital for a design strategy fellowship for social impact in San Francisco. __ That's when it all fell apart and I scrapped everything. __ I knew I was done with the non-profit world. But I didn't know what was next. Ironically it was Design Thinking 💭 that shifted the obstacle I was facing into an opportunity. To start from scratch and redesign everything. Aka. My life. __ My journey started simply with drawing bubbles of possibilities--- what in life was I most passionate about? and most skilled at? Personal development at my top, working with space as my second. Then I played with how I could combined these elements into a career and a lifestyle. "What If" being the golden question. Really, I wanted to design a meaningful way of life that I innately and intuitively felt most in alignment with. The journey went from thinking, to then feeling in body and then knowing. I was facing my calling. ___ When Heart Centered Home landed, I surveyed people, storyboarded personal services, interviewed people, then when out and trailed my MVP (minimal viable product) and iterated continuously. I'm still iterating as dig deeply in. ___ While Design Thinking (a method of creating systems and things) is not by any means the ONLY tool set, it is quite a tool set for problem solving for real life. I can't imagine a more complex, and at times ambiguous environment then our personal lives. It offers us an opportunity to be conscious problem solvers, and architects of our lives.🌿
It's Ball Skirt Season!!! Paired here with the new pocket Pullover absolute love!!!!😍😍😍#ballskirt #pockets #pullover #fallfashion
Playtime 🐶
🍂 Happy 1st day of Fall yall!!! 🍂 Today I'm celebrating by sharing a huge decision I recently made: For the next year (maybe forever) I'll be wearing the same thing every day. #linkinbio for part 1 on the blog. Now before you give me a side eye. Give me one moment. If you would have told me last year that I would be wearing the same thing every single day… HA! I would have laughed so hard and told you that you had lost your everlasting mind. For real? The same thing? Me? The person who opens Vogue's newsletter every week? And plans every outfit in her head? No mam. Not happening. But then I got really busy. 3 kids. Husband. A growing business. I was exhausted and desperate for a simple and easy way to always look chic and stylish. I started researching and reading different articles about successful entrepreneurs who wear the same thing every day. A life uniform per say. For example: 1 👕@marthastewart and @inagarten multi color button downs with slacks 2 🕶@annawintour Anna Wintour's oversized shades, statement necklace, crew neck, and power coat 3 💄Vera Wang's black on black leggings and top 4 👕 Carolina Herrera’s white dress shirt If you want to learn more, check out my blog! In part 1 I'm breaking it all down, how I did, why I did it, and more. Also special huge thank you to Stina @bystinafaye who helped me find the right clothing to flatter my body shape, Stass @theidentitecollective who literally shared all of her secret shopping spots with me, and 📸: @andersonwilson27 ___ #linkinbio to check out my blog, Busy & Chic, a business and lifestyle blog for women entrepreneurs. Featuring beautiful content developed to help women business owners live stylish and profitable lives
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