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Another Grayson photo WTF
Eid Mobarak Said to everyone celebrating it!! and mayb allay bless you all and may all your dreams come real. Love y'all ❤️ #zaynmalik • • • . #Pillowtalk #BestMusicVideo #iheartawards . . #zayn #zaynmalik #mindofmine #perfect #love #idol #my #everything #zquad #zaynie #zigi #amazayn #zaynie #cute #adorable #hot #perfect #love #idol #my #everything
Happy birthday QUEEN!🌙😘 @arianagrande #ArianaGrande #AIIINNGBPHOTOS
[26/06/2017] + on this day 24 years ago, ariana grande-butera was born in boca raton, florida. i didn't become an arianator until 2014 when i first heard problem, however, i had always liked ariana, as i loved victorious, sam and cat and swindle when i was growing up, and i'd heard and liked a few of her songs, but i was never really an arianator or a tiny elephant until the start of the my everything era. i became obsessed with her taste in fashion, her music, her hair and make-up style, and just her in general. she made my life better through her music, her tweets, her posts and her videos. when i feel sad, anxious or stressed, listening to her music always makes me feel better. i love her because of what she stands for, how she tells us that we're loved and we're worthy, and how she cares about us just as much as we care about her. i also love her because of this fandom - without ariana, there would not be any arianators. i have made so many amazing friends because of ari, and i'm so grateful for that, and thankful i made this account and met all of you lovely people. the last thing that i wanted to say is, even though i may not have been an arianator from the start, but i will sure as hell be an arianator until the end. i love you ari. happy birthday to my everything, my moonlight and my dangerous woman, ariana grande. ♡ --> qotd: comment below why you love ariana. 🏹💭
[dwt countdown: 79 days] + hi babes. last post of this theme. i'm posting a second time today so that i can end this theme and post my birthday message for ari a little later. i'm going to post it with a picture of a white square, that way i can leave it up even if i want to restart my feed or whatever, as it will just look like a divider. my next theme will either be another feed theme or an edit theme, i'm not sure yet, but i'll probably post something by sometime a little later this week. 💜 --> qotd: first song of ari's you ever heard? --> aotd: put your hearts up.
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