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Please comment! I'm going bed now ❤❤ also I won't get offended if you just say "your edits look like shit" 😂
good morning! restarting feed for the millionth time whoops -- 💧qotd- your name? 🌸aotd- maria :)) -- feb 27, 2017
*cries* wish I could've gone
— Datherine hottest power couple to ever exist! Sorry this is shit 🙃 Omg She is the fucking ruler of fucking hell !!! I'm so excited Ac: @desiredelena Cc: @cephcus
Heyy everyone! 💘 How are youu? - I feel this quote so much rn... Anyway here's my one old edit again 😂 i can't be that active at all bcz I'll go to history competition next Sunday and i have to study a lot 😪 - And yeah, one more thing. Please go & like @martina.dreams last post 😍😎 - #qotd : Would you rather be able to see the future or change something in past? #aotd : definitely be able to change the past
Hey, guys! What's up? - #tbt my old theme and old username and old good times. Omg i just miss it all. 😭😂 - Anyway the reason I'm posting this is just bcz i wanna post smth and i don't have any edits made so I found some of my old ones... 😂 i'll Deleted it when i post a normal edit of my current theme 👌😂 - #qotd : What do you think about Tini's "Finders keepers" dance video? #aotd : I LOVE IT 😍 - *tagged some random ppl*
▪ ~ tinkerbell was always there for him, and peter? he chose wendy. - fc; 167 cc; keephopealive ( edited ) ib; 100% @aestheticdelena dt; my babies @woahales and @deerstiles - [ @hybridqueens #couplesconw1 ]
My baby stef 😍 Pan/crop is being really glitchy on my SVP so I had to use S_swish3D 🙃 Dt: @mystic.gods Cc: idk sorry Ac: me
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