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Posting when complete comment for a dt :)
✧*ೃ༄ - No this is not just a random post, this is a part of my new theme 😅😂 - Sorry for posting this late but I promised to post today and now I'm keeping my promise. I was at my friend so I wasn't able to post earlier - #qotd : What's ur fav movie? #aotd : Ugh i don't really know. I love too many like Twilight, Mortal instruments, Divergent... 😍😂
- Hey guys! - First of all, I wanna apologize for being so inactive. Gosh I didn't post for straight 4 months! 😩 I really feel so bad about it. I lost like 500+ followers and it's my fault so I don't blame anyone. I just wanna say thanks who those people who didn't unfollow me even tho I was sooo freaking inactive. Tbh yesterday I was thinking about just quitting this acc but then I thought about how many friends I'd leave then so I decided to stay. I'll try to make an edit now and even post it tonight if that's possible. I have to admit that I just became so lazy to do anything... One month ago I was thinking that when summer vacation starts I'll be like hella more active but I guess I was wrong. I'm just spending all day with my friends and I don't have time for editing or anything else but I'll try to find Time to edit and post. Not everyday maybe but at least a few days a week. Or maybe when I don't post edits I'll maybe post random pics just to make my followers active again. I remember Last summer how I used to post even twice a day... Gosh I want those days back... 🔙🔙 - Once again, a big THANK YOU to all those people and my friends who are still following me, who stayed by my side in my hardest times and who's never let me down. YOU guys are the reason why I didn't leave this acc long time ago. YOU are my biggest inspiration and motivation to keep doing what I love. Yeah I love editing and posting here and first of all, I love SUPPORTING my idol. It's just my fault that I became so inactive and so lazy but yeah I'll try to improve all that. - I promise this time I won't let you down ❤ xoxo,Martha
happy bday to this cutie cc; aesthete | dt ella + catarina
take several seats, bella. full offence to bella thorne:) crystal has her shOOk™ - dt; scalli bby gc + anyone who hates bella as well ac; @wowdaddies cc; mine (sorry for the ruined quality, I can never upload a video in HD ://) - hi guys it's rach, recently I've been having a lot of fun video editing so I'll be posting my video edits (that aren't for @storyofnaley ) here! I'm not the best at video editing so this is just for fun. I hope you guys will be supportive haha so I'm not going to strive for views or likes or followers I just want to post for fun:)) - (manip + meme creds to em)
i'm gay cc; aesthete | dt maggie + angus
Happy birthday to my beautiful client @bloosen_naturals Wishing you LLNP and more money into your bank account, Amen Age graceful honey 😘😘😘 Makeup by urs truly Phone camera For booking and enquires call 08036556865. #weddinggallery #WORKHARD #nigerianwedding #nigeriabrides #owanbenation #owambenaija #makeupartist #igbobride #hausabride #yorubabride #africabeauty #africabride #bellanaijawedding #bellathorneisoverparty #loveweddingsng #DREAMBIG #talkwedding #houseoftara
happy belated bday to my fav #moondustrc2 cc; darkest flame | ib; hybridqueens
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