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But then they both start to tickle me. Y/n: BOYS STOP!! They both look at me, Stop for a second then continue. It's so cute how they try to cheer me up. As they tickle me i keep squirming i end up kicking mark Y/n: Sorry! But thats what you get for tickling me. Your next Daniel Daniel: no thanks it looks hurty We all laugh. Y/n: Can i clean your room please! I look around and see mountains of empty take away boxes, cups, Starbucks things etc. Daniel: um i dont think you'll want to! Y/n: it'll be a piece of cake trust me! They both laugh Mark: Sure anything that makes you happy. I run out the room grab a sweeping pan and brush and hand them to Daniel and mark. Y/n: punishment for Tickling me and not buying me any starbucks! They both sigh and start to clean. I sit on The spare bed and play on my phone. When they've finished cleaning they both come up to me. Mark: Get up! Y/n: why? Daniel: we're taking you somewhere I look at them intrigued Y/n: carry me there i left my shoes in my room! Mark runs out the room and i see him go in to my room. He grabs a pair of red sneakers and throws them at me. Y/n: Are you... I put them on and walk out the room. Y/n: come on boys! ------------------------- Some fan fic i read makes me want to kms its so dirty!!! I give up😂
Watching netflix until Loren knocked on the door. Jacob: ill get it He opens the door and looks in disgust at Her. Jacob: what do you want Loren: to talk to y/n Y/n: no. Loren: what do you mean no?!? Y/n: you said you hated me.. i heard you last night Loren: WHAT THE HECK! no i didnt! Hunter: Stop lying babe... Jacob: Thank you hunter Jacob smiles at hunter and gives him a manly hug thing😂 Loren: Hunter! Urg guys so what it's true your a stuck up b¡tch! I tear up Hunter walks in and Jacob closes the door. Hunter: im so sorry about lor... She likes to be the centre of attention and you and Jacob just sorta took it away from her Jacob: yeah i know... i used to date Lor... Y/n: what?!? Jacob: never mind! Hunter: Bye guys ill go and Find lor and try to sort her out. Y/n: Thanks hunt! I hug hunter and Jacob must of got jealous so he literally pushes him out Jacob: byee He locks the door Y/n: what are you doing?.... Jacob: I want you... He takes his shirt off Y/n: Jacob no! We're only 14! Jacob: So? I unlock the door and run out. I go to Daniel and marks room Y/n: let me in!! Daniel opens the door i run in and close the door behind me Daniel: you ok girl? Y/n: no... Mark: What's wrong? Was it Jacob? I SWEAR TO GOD... Y/n: he tried to... Mark and Daniel: WTF! Y/n: guys chill luckily i got out quick enough. Mark: yeah I'm just happy your ok. Mark comes over to me and we hug Daniel joins in but then.... --------------- SEXY CLIFFHANGERS ARE REALL😂💆💗 I want food.
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- name- Stripe Off The Shoulder Sweater store- Pacsun price- $32.95 ___ This is from Kendall & Kylie Collection💞 ___ #llmtops #looklikemusers #babyariel #dresslikemuser #arielmartin #ariel #musically #musers #musersquad #muserwall #pacsun #kendallandkylie #outfitoftheday #zariel #blariel #musicallymadness #arielsbabies #baddestblonde
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All he gave her was happiness(ps to any of zachs future gfs treat him right zachs a keeper😌) #babyariel #babyarieledit #arielmartin #arielrebbecamartin #zachclayton #zachclaytonedits #zachclaytonedit #zariel #zarielforever 💍 #misszariel -arianna💓 btw I made this audio please tag/give credit I would love to see edits to this audio 😊
True😌 #babyariel #wes10
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