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okay but why only 8.3m?
in case u havent noticed (i really hope u havent because otherwise it would mean that ur a creep and keep stalking me) i only follow meme pages ran by girls which i would call powerful femmes because they are somehow; they just dont have certain aspects of their life together which i love because that's what their material is based upon (plus extensive vocabulary i indulge in) and i also love it because future me connects to it. #openrp #halseyrp
comment something for a tbh. ROSIE ๐ŸŒน 9teen / boy n' girl kisser / single / adores everyone / is actually nice / awkward af / always tired / hit her up!
{{Open Roleplay}} there had been an... incident... well, it was several years ago and the word incident implies that it was an accident... but this was no accident, just an unfinished job.... Felicity was a no leman's daughter and quite loved by all who laid eyes on her but after she an attempted assassination, nothing was ever the same... Felicity escaped with her life that day but the killer slashed her throats in an attempt to make her bleed out before they fled... but she loved and she always wondered if she was better off left dead... now mute, a year passed before the bandages were removed to reveal the scar on her neck. And so quickly, no one seemed to even want to be near her... she spent many months just locked away then after that long year of isolation, her father found a piece of hope-a fabled herb which could heal muteness-magic even! That night, a year since the assassination, she and her father got into a carriage and rode down the dirt road in hoped that this healer may really be able to help them... but havoc struck again as the horse's were freed and the assassin returned with blade in hand to finish his work... for good. She and her father die for a pretty penny... the two looked for he assassignin shock and were practically preparing for their deaths at any moment... then... #openrp #openroleplay #openrpforguys #openrpforboys #pleaserp #pleaseroleplay #anyrp #animerp #actionrp #animeroleplay #rp #romancerp #royalrp #roleplay #fantasyrp
This song is something I can't explain #openrp #anyrp
โ€”all I gave you is gone.
My lover forever ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿ’‹โ€๐Ÿ‘ฉ #bisexualrp #singlerp #anyrp #openrp
Ur a puppy and I want u to feel betterrrrrrr
smile! ๐Ÿ˜Š
befriend me pls
Plz vote for a rate because I'm so indecisive
I hate this shit, fuck my life!!! #newopenrp #anyrp #openrp
comment for a rate.
โ™ก. [comment for a tbh & rate + fop] madelynn estelle zaveri. ๐Ÿท 1996. troublesome. misunderstood. bloody minded. virgo. unattached. nicotine addict. submissive. 70's and 80's enthusiast. has a passion for music, art, and poetry. enjoys drinking lilac wine while looking up at the night sky. anywho, talk to the girl, she's not that bad.
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