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• this doesn't mean I lost my dream, it's just right now I got a really crazy mind to clean 💭 #tøp #twentyonepilots #twentyonepilotslyrics #anxiety #anxietyquotes @twentyonepilots
"To be self aware means a lot of things. It means knowing what your values are. It means knowing what your strengths are, and also your weaknesses. To be self aware means knowing that while something may work well for your brother, that same thing may put you in dangerous territory, mentally. It means knowing your limits and setting appropriate boundaries for yourself. It’s knowing when you should call it quits, and when you should persevere. It’s being able to audit your social life, and step away from relationships that are not mutually beneficial. It means knowing your capacity for work, and being able to rest when necessary. It’s knowing how you learn best. To be self aware means being able to concentrate your forces on what matters most, and will give you the greatest return on investment. It’s knowing the rules, and how and when to break them." #mindfulness #acceptance #knowthyself #Aristotle #philosophy #personaldevelopment #stoicism #stoic #selfhelp #anxiety #depression #shareyourstory #onesmallsecret #betruebeyou #selflove #bodypositive #wisdom #happiness
I had to take the opportunity to fan girl because Finch!!! Jennifer Niven is one of my all time favorites. Fan art and a little message for the human being that touched my heart.. "Do you know that you're amazing? That everything I want to say to you will never do you justice? Do you know how you made me feel, how you touched me, deep deep down, how no one has ever known what it's like, what the sleep is like, what anything is like, do you know that I'm forever grateful for you, your words, your books.. I can't get what I'm feeling through, I'm not you Just know that I live off of the power of kind words and that YOUR words gave me energy that could last me a lifetime. ❤️" #allthebrightplaces #finchday #iamhereTF #makeitlovely #youarenotalone #youarewanted #depressed #depression #anxiety #breakthestigma #bpd #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness
Been feeling extremely tired out lately and my duvet feels like its been glued to me. Hoping yet another good night's sleep will help me back in to the swing of things for the rest of the week. . . . . . . . . . . #tired #sleepyhead #anxiety #anxietysucks #tootired #notfeelinggood #notfeelingmyself #singleparent #mamaplusmadam
Redone my hair purple 💜
Do not be afraid of the dark. For at the end of a storm. There is a golden sky.
April's almost gone and I feel like I've back pedaled in life. Not productive. Not thinking well. Not acting well. Temptation lures with the thought to forget my remaining days. Count it all a loss and start fresh next month. . But something else lures and begs me forward even though these last couple weeks have been brutal. . Hope . Hope that God still sees value in me, in my words, in the work He's put in me to do, and in who he created me to be under all this hot mess. . Hope that I'm not the only one who might feel like they've been knocked over again. Or who needs to get back up again. Or who believes they can if only God gives them strength. . Hope that even if everything in life crumbles we have a God who never will. . We cry for mercy. Seek courage for confession and to ask for forgiveness. . So I'm here. Sitting. Pondering. Evaluating. Crying whilst God rips my fleshly self away so the real me can be seen with greater beauty. . I'm a wreck. Yet, I still believe God is faithful, good, and greater. . I still believe we can and should cultivate a life well-lived. Not perfect. Not giving up. Not tormented by the past or oppression. Life lived well by God, for God, because of a God. Even through #depression #anxiety #ptsd etc. . At the end of the day, I'm just a girl desperately in need of more Jesus. #riseupwriters #livewell #cultivatelife #daydesigner #writersofinstagram #christian #emotionalhealth #soulcare #thrivedontstrive
Never in a million years would I think we would lose you. But here I am writing this post. I will forever cherish the memories that only you and I hold, and remember the times we have shared. The hardest part of this all is I feel like everyday this is going to end and we are gonna see your big smile once again. You will forever be in our hearts we love you and we miss you. Rest In Peace @shyeanne_xoxo You were a spectacular friend and I'm blessed with the fact that I was able to be one of the many people that got to know you. XOXO 😘 -@kingsloann #restinpeace #rip #gaurdianangel
Meniere's Disease Awareness. #menieres #menieresdisease #vertigo #anxiety
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