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I just want to disappear. I dont want to be.. me.
sorry that I didn't post all that much yesterday. I ate way too fucking much yesterday. It was pretty much a binge day ugh. I also gained yesterday but I lost half of it after my workout. I'm doing a fruit and veg fast for the rest of the week hope to be 155 by Sunday
#morningsnack is 3 rice cakes and 6 jelly beans. Mum is so angry at me..she is calling me evil, selfish, deceitful! She is screaming at me telling me I may think she is stupid but she isn't.. She said she was just trying to be kind and help me and I was just throwing it back in her face. She has taken me to uni and given me a packed lunch and said she doesn't care anymore if I eat it or throw it away. She said she is finished with me. That she can't believe she gave up her job for me. She said she feels so cheated. She said she hates my behaviour. I can't believe I'm so evil
Heart pounding from my chest Brought back to be stabbed again Isolated in a well Trapped in, I fell Words echoe from the walls I never imagined I'd soon fall Even iron breaks apart all there's left is my heart I take away the pain with suffering I wear it and the pains still hovering A heart can beat a thousand beats and grow no older A mind can conjure a million words and not understand If the tears falter Don't say it's the end These are words I've been called and called myself, i needed to let them out #losethestigma #loser #weird #worthless #bitch #anxious #anorexic #fat #alone #bravery #words #names #understanding #confusion #strength #noshame #honesty
#tb to this amazing fruit and bread platter i had a few days ago for afternoon snack (my two babes united in one plate omg 😻) || just to tell you that even though i was feeling very very low, i didn't do anything bad and my mom understood that today was really important for me for multiple reasons because it's my sister's birthday so even though my doctor wanted me to go she said i could stay home today exceptionally and i went to school for one hour and it's carnival today so everyone is dressed up and i was dressed up in Karl Lagerfeld 😛😛
Après l'activité mosaïque à l'hôpital de jour j'avais un bon petit creux et oh surprise des beignets en dessert. Miam ! #anorexic #anorexia #anorexie #ed #edfighter #edfam #edfamiliy #tca #edrecovery #edwarrior #fucktca #eatingdisorderrecovery #depression #eatingdisorder #realrecovery #depressed #recovery #fearfood #recovering #yummy
Good morning, beautiful. I tried throwing up yesterday and it didn't work so I cried in the shower. I'm going to make today a good eating day. I'll try to fast maybe
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