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hello !🌻 - breakfast: - oatmeal 🍲 made with REAL milk 🍶+ almond milk 🌰with strawberries 🍓 & whipped cream on top 🍦 - [ last picture taken after eating it halfway !] 💌 this was super delicious omgg ☺️! this was my first time trying these toppings on top of my oats & it was super super yummy 🌟! i was so happy when my mom bought whipped ream bc it's one of my favs ! 💟 something that's been in my mind a lot is how similar my sister tries to be with me...😣ahh it's just that whenever i say that i like something, she'll suddenly start saying that she " liked it first " ( ex: whipped cream, mustard, rice, apples, shrimp, that she loves it ⛈ 👀🏃🏻‍♀️ - what ?! & she even uses the same emojis as me & ever since i turned off my caps on my keyboard, she did too + she even uses the same symbols as me 🙄 ; i'm trying to be different than her bc there's so much pressure to compete when you're twins & she's not making it easy at all 🎌 can you guys please stop reporting everything that i say, to my sister ?? that's an invasion of privacy ; we avoid & blocked each other's pages for a reason 😿 💞xoxo, ; kayley - #prorecovery #ed #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #anorexic #food #edrecovery #foodisfuel #fuckana #eatingdisorderrecovery #beatana #healthynothungry #edfighter #fitness #edwarrior #breakfast #weightgain #foodie #foodporn #ana #anarecovery #edfamily #strawberry #oatmeal #whippedcream #porridge #prorecovery #oats #recoverywin #fearfood
I'm having trouble accepting food from my parents and the process of eating makes my nauseated. I don't know what to do. 》photo not mine《
These are not good days for me, I'm really bad, I feel really #sad , what I see in the mirror is a real #monster , I'm also in my period and so I'm losing #control , I'm crap, my weight is dropped (good news) but I still do not go well so today I'll spend all of the afternoon on the cyclette and doing #exercises tonight I will come out and I will only move on foot, I need to burn as many #calories as possible and stop being this #fat monster #wannaseemybones #wanttobeskinny #anorexianervosa #skinnymint #skinny #thinner #thin #wanttobeperfect #wanttobethin #ana #anorexia #anorexic #anoressiaitalia #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #sadness #badday #fatgirl #hatefood #hatemyself
/not me/ Salut, je présent j'ai 16 ans bientôt 17 et je suis gross!! En se moment je fais 60.2 kg pour environ 167 cm, je veux absolument perdre je me sens mal dans ma peau, je veux faire 45kg.
Efter så mycket jobb är det färdigt. VÅR ALLDELES EGEN HEMSIDA 💥💥💥 Där finns stöd, blogg, podd och fakta. Föreläsningar och kunskap. EN MASSA PEPP 🙌🏻 Vi är så jäkla stolta och glada över att Vi vågar! Är en plattform som är igång på riktigt nu!! 👊🏻👊🏻 Hemsidan kommer uppdateras ständigt med nya volontärer, blogginlägg och stödtider. Klicka dig runt ☀️ Hemsidan är bäst via en dator men vi har gjort vårt bästa i att mobil anpassa den 🙏🏻 LET'S GO 💥💥 vivagar.com ❣️
Two rings and i hear your voice. “Yeah” “Tell me that i didn’t just read that. Tell me that you are not breaking up with me like that. Through a fucking message. Through a message that says that you suggest we stay good friends.” “No, i said that. If there is no other option and that’s the only solution, then that’s what we are gonna do.”
“You didn’t even search for another solution! And solution to what? To you getting bored?!”
Silence. You don’t talk. You knew i was right. All these months and you ending this just like that. Making me feel like all of this was nothing, like i was nothing, to you. And maybe it was, maybe i was. But i don’t know that for sure, cause you never told me where i was wrong, i asked you and you didn’t. So i don’t know that for sure. But what i do know, is that it wasn’t that i was too little for you, but that you aren’t for too much. You can’t handle big things, you play by safe staying in your comfort zone. And baby, i was so out of it
Such a perfect little body 😍
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