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Well, this just made me smile big! ❤🙏 If there was ever a tribe that has meant more to me, it's those who I've found and come to know, who see a much bigger picture. To my vegan family ... ( 💚 They SEE a world where they believe in compassion for ALL. Where every breath matters. And an end to the evil that takes that breath away. They SEE a planet that is sick and tries hard to find ways to help her recover. They SEE the unfairness of world hunger around the world, while sadly watching so many others lack for nothing. A tribe that doesn't allow opinion or critics to stop them from doing what's right. They continue on, even on days they feel defeated. Because no matter what stones are thrown, who walks away from them, who laughs at them, ignores them. There are still innocent lives relying on them. A dying planet. And starving children. And that means so much more to them. So they get up. They get up and fight harder. And they WILL liberate the innocent one day. 💚 ) " To my beautiful tribe, I needed your voice to be where I am today. I hope mine is always there for you." ~ Shannon xo #untileverycageisfree #animalliberation #humanliberation #earthliberation #lovewins 💚
Until we know who we are (truly are ) not a fabricated version we wear for self protection, we will never reach our full potential in love and life. #gracegiver #brave #advocate #foodie #animalrescue #loyal #fortitude
The beautiful Maisie has been looking for a home together with her sister Polly for quite a while now. She is the less confident of the two but soon comes out of her shell to lap up the fuss! #maisie #rescue #catsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #bx #animalrescue #dreamjob #gladtobeback
He really wants to jump in but isn't quite brave enough #watersafetyisnojoke
Please help bring this love to MO! www.gentlebarn.org #stlouissix #gentlebarn #animalrescue #stlouis
Get a magnet help a rescue 🐾 Please consider a Gremmy magnet ♡ $1 from each $5 magnet is donated to the @nationalmilldogrescue Please share too link in bio --> art that gives back #🐶 #🐾 #nmdr #gremmy #adoreable #endpuppymills #rescue #ArtThatGivesBack #dogsofinstagram
Si gembil wow wow 🐄 #rescue #rescuecat #rescued #animalrescue
#Repost @livelikepoh ・・・ Special Art postcard GIVEAWAY for @thedogsofcuba !. - 📍To win your own Set of three Postcards which will be sent to you for FREE , you just have to do the following! : 🐶✔️❤️⭐️ 1) Follow us here at @livelikepoh 2) Follow @thedogsofcuba 3) Repost this first "postcard giveaway" picture 4) use hashtag #livelikpohCuba . - A few weeks ago @emmy_park , photographer extraordinaire behind the instagram account @stylepup had an exhibit for her new philanthropic dog project @thedogsofcuba - A CubaDogumentary . CubaDogumentary explores Cuba's landscape, culture and people, while focusing on the life of dogs and cats in a changing country. - She is a traveller and saw the state of Dogs and Cats in Cuba first hand. Currently there are no animal protection laws. Therefore, there is rampant animal abandonment and abuse. There are no shelters in Cuba either—instead, the Cuban government will euthanize the animals. - @Emmy_park has created the @thedogsofcuba to help two cuban rescue organizations PAC Cuba & CeDA in Havana with much needed financial help. She has been selling her pictures as large format prints, as well as postcards. 100% of donations collected will be used to purchase medicine that is severely needed as well as other medicinal supplies. - Recently @goumada & @djneilarstrong , the parents of @pohthedogsbigaventure visited cuba and also saw what was happening with their own eyes, and wanted to help bring some awareness to their project. - We are having a postcard giveaway! We will be giving away @thedogsofcuba high quality postcards, adorned with various pictures that were part of the Cuba Dogumentary exhibition a few weeks ago. - That's it! We have 11 giftsets from the exhibition to giveaway, winners will be chosen at random :) Thank you so much for helping us bring awareness to other dogs who deserve to #livelikpoh !
También cabe acotar, que aunque la situación país no lo permita, ellos bajo ningún concepto deben ser abandonados #Repost @crueldad_y_maltrato (@get_repost ) ・・・ El abandono de mascotas: El atractivo de las tiendas de mascotas Desafortunadamente, muchas personas no se dan cuenta de que con la compra de cachorros recién nacidos de tiendas de animales (que son casi siempre suministrados por granjas de cachorros increíblemente crueles, donde los perros de cría son terriblemente abusados hasta que mueren o son asesinados), están financiando la crueldad de granjas de cachorros. Las personas, a menudo, se sienten mal por los perritos de la tienda de mascotas, y se sienten como si lo estuvieran rescatando mediante su compra. Lo que en realidad están haciendo es la financiación de la cruel industria de cachorros, la que puede entonces  seguir abusando y matando a los animales, al tiempo que gana grandes cantidades de dinero. Abandono de mascotas: No es Eutanasia, es asesinato Los refugios y perreras que llevan a millones de animales adoptables y sanos a la muerte cada año en todo el mundo, a menudo utilizan la palabra "Eutanasia" para lo que hacen. **Los diferentes países poseen diferentes formas de poner fin a la vida de las  mascotas no adoptadas. Algunos de los métodos utilizados pueden causar terror dolor y inimaginable. Estas prácticas incluyen causarle a las mascotas una muerte prolongada y dolorosa por envenenamiento, matarlos de hambre (por ejemplo, Rumania, Bulgaria), quemarlos vivos (Ucrania), electrocutándolos (México), gasificándolos (EE.UU.) y una inyección letal (Reino Unido).** #helps #help #share #sos #animalhelp #animalvegan #vegans #cats 🐱 #cats #rescue #save #zootopia #zoo #alabama #bobcats #bobcatstrongmovement #animalrescue #rescue #animals #cows #vegans #help #share #fur #fuckfur #industry
All set up at the @hamiltonburlingtonspca Spring Market! Come get your pets and yourself some goodies! We're here till 4pm 😻
Nothing better than seeing your foster kittens happy, healthy, and content! It's been a long road to fostering and after just 2 weeks, I truly and finally understand how selfless these stellar humans are. I've always had a profound amount of respect for foster parents but now it's a bottomless well @fostercatsandkittens @fosterkittenlove @foster_kittens @jessies_foster_kittens @my_foster_babies @whiskersnpurrs - thank you for sharing your wisdom, opening up your homes, hearts, and scooping endless kitten poo. I don't think we as the public really understand the hours of worry, scratches, meds, and endless laundry you do! I can attest the litter goes so much faster than you can believe!! If you enjoy cute animals please consider donating to any of their amazon wishlists - just a friendly PSA. PLEASD SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS! #adoptdontshop #catsofinstagram #rescue #animalrescue #kittens #cutecats #cute #animals #fostering #caturday #happy #cats #volunteering
Parents got a new dog BOAZ! #animalrescue #shelter #shelterdog #gold #eyes #family
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